Insidious Hereos forge Ornaments

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Siddar, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. Siddar Augur

    These raid only ornaments should have never been added to marketplace and if you had to do it they should have cost more then 350sc.
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  2. Kurayami Augur

    Indeed, put a lot of effort into getting 2 full suits of insidious plate for my main (SHD) and box cleric. Now it is just a market place special for near nothing, guess I'll have to consider finding a new look....
  3. Edrick Augur

    I'm confused too. Not angry or upset, but I thought those were meant to signify that you could beat group content (valiant) or raid content (insidious.)

    On the other hand, you can always buy them through the bazaar. Oh well, no big deal.
  4. Yinnie the Pink Elder

    These aren't special anymore. :( The robe for this set has only been out a couple of weeks and it is on sale already. *sigh*

    WTB some raid only Hero's Forge so we can show off what we have achieved.

    Can we actually get some in game rewards which aren't sold in the marketplace, you know rewards for playing the game.
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  5. Sinestra Augur

    I warned everyone that something like this was about to happen.
  6. Yinla Augur

    Not happy this set has been added to the market place. Starting to wonder why I bother putting effort into obtaining items which end up on sale there.
  7. Insaneox Augur

    This was bad idea!
  8. Ringkeeper Journeyman

    Now they have added Valiant armor. This is the slippery slope of Station Cash. I suppose it is beating a dead horse with your buyable bard speed mounts. I fear they will include actual levels and AAs (not cap increases) and raid gear in the near future. Milk the game before EQ Next release.
  9. 1andOnly Journeyman

    The raid only forge sets should have stayed raid only, period.

    IMO the marketplace does seem to be way too opportunistic lately, if the future forecast is to keep allowing these unique power or status items go to anyone with SC instead of other criteria.

    Slippery slope indeed. This reminds me too much of the Cliffhangers Game.

    If they do want to start being nicer about purchasing power, I wouldn't object to a No Drop and Lore version of the MM ring or SolB cloak appearing in marketplace, or better yet stick it on the loyalty vendor (for maybe 5000+ crowns) as a way of "throwing a little bone" to the veteran players that have stuck in there long enough to earn that many crowns, but have had craptastic luck with the RNG. :D
  10. Falos Augur

    I don't see a big deal to this I mean I understand the need for "prestige' or things that show off that you are a raider (this has been part of eq since the old days with certain robe or armor graphics) That being said, Insidious armor dropped like candy in sepulcher raids and lead to many servers mass selling insidious armor dirt cheap.

    It's actually significantly cheaper to get insidious sets on my server from the baz (a few k plat per a piece) compared to buying a station cash card with plat and buying sets of insidious on the marketplace. If insidious were in fact a rare drop / not overfarmed from certain events then i can see cause for complaint but there is absolutely no prestige to it. I do not raid *at all* in eq and i have like 6 full sets of insidious armor and none of them were bought from the marketplace.
  11. FVPirate New Member

    Did you ever consider that CoTF is going to have new group / raid ornaments, in possibly 2-3 weeks from now, that are not in the marketplace? Something new for you to work towards? New prestigious items above and beyond the ones that just went on marketplace?
  12. Poepoepoe Journeyman


    Look, I'm NOT upset that anyone can buy something I spent considerable time farming for (missions for valiant plate).

    I'm mad because I would NOT have wasted all those hours getting it, if I knew I'd be able to simply purchase it later on. I would have waited and bought it.
  13. krozman Augur

    Everquest has always been a game where rare items have maintained value over years. Paladins have dozens of clickies that have stood the test of time in many ways. To work very hard to obtain the chase item for that year, only to see it given away to every dill weed who logs on, diminishes the hard work.

    Of course i'm not talking about Insidious, but the HH Breastplate which is the same as the Grelleth's royal Seal. SAME expansion no less. Shameful.
  14. serverhelper Journeyman

    How is all of this different then the nerf on the tear... but that was ok?
  15. Sinestra Augur

    I tried to get people to speak out on this, but most seemed to not be bothered, I even specifically used Insidious as an example.
  16. Edrick Augur

    How long ago did you try to get people to speak out on it?

    Because I agree, it's a poor idea. It isn't the end of the world, but those armor ornaments meant someone had to raid or do a group mission to get them (or put them on the bazaar.) Now they're meaningless.
  17. Sinestra Augur

    This thread here had the first set of HF gear that was buyable in the Marketplace in the patch notes...

    Because it's kind of long I'll just copy my posts, most people seemed to think I was overreacting and that buying these was fine even though we already paid to us HF.

    Now admittedly I am more concerned with them moving toward being able to purchase sets only available in the Marketplace, but specialty sets seem to mean nothing to them and they will eventually offer all of them for sale this way.
  18. pewpewpewkittens New Member

    yeah heaven forbid group players get access to a clicky line that hasn't been updated since potime, SO shameful
  19. krozman Augur

    Yes, actually. If you're not a raider you don't deserve it, period. If the HH clicky was a lesser version of the raid version, an argument can be made. But equal to a CHASE item? If you destroy the value of the highest valued items by giving them to everyone, the game will have no meaning. The average Joe casual gamer will never reach the full potential of that clicky anyway. So ya, things like that are troubling.
  20. pewpewpewkittens New Member


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