Infusion / Destruction Recourse working as intended? [CLR]

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Fullwin, Feb 27, 2020.

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    A minor question in the scheme of things, but playing around recently I noticed "Your Infusion of Holy Light VI spell did not take hold on [X]. (Blocked by Obliterate Destruction.)"

    Infusion of Holy Light VI (spell ID 7246) has a 15% chance to trigger from Turn Undead rank 42 and hits for base 200000 damage, and even though it hits instantly this lands as a debuff on the NPC for 2 ticks. It's marked as Stacking Group: Infusion / Destruction Recourse, with Stacking Group Rank: 13.

    Obliterate Destruction (spell ID 58575) has a 10%-12% chance to trigger from Obliterate the Undead ranks I-III (spell IDs 58572-58574) and hits for base 180000 damage, with the 2 tick recourse debuff sharing a stacking group but as Rank: 17.

    My initial questions are (for anyone who knows, dev or otherwise): does the first recourse always block the second (regardless of their respective potential damage amounts) or is there an order of casting where each bonus damage could land? Also, if there is another cleric in my group, will their recourse block my bonus damage and vice versa, or is the stacking group personal to what I cast?

    My other question is, does it make sense for clerics to have this limitation? The bonus damage from Obliterate the Undead (which crits around a million) is the main advantage of using this spell and given the relatively low chance of bonus damage occuring, to have one bonus block another seems unnecessary.
  2. Nylrem Augur

    It is crappy...

    Even lower recourses block higher ones...

    Even the recourse from, say level 101 Eradicate Undead will block any higher recourse. (Undead nukes don't share timers)

    So, DPSing, you could (should?) be doing Sermon > Obliterate > Repudiate > Eradicate. And yes, if you don't get a Destruction proc from the first 2, a destruction proc from Eradicate will block even Obliterate's Destruction proc, for 12s.

    And, yes, they do block any other cleric's destruction procs.

    Yes, it's crap. Even against undead, clerics cannot do 1/3 the DPS a shaman or druid can.
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