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  1. Danicia New Member

    Seven years ago today, Keith Parkinson lost his battle with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). Keith was an amazing artist, friend, mentor, father and husband, and he is still greatly missed. He continues to inspire those who knew him every day. Keith touched so many lives and it is important that we all remember his great spirit and how he loved life.

    Keith painted the artwork for the original EverQuest box and the first three expansion packs. In painting the box art, he also created Firiona Vie.


    Although he was unable to finish the box art for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, he did create the art for Jeric, Eila and Idara. During his life, Keith traveled the world many times over. He explored castles across Europe, camped in the deserts of Kenya and wandered the busy streets of Hong Kong but his favorite place to be was always at home surrounded by friends, family, and of course, lots of paint. Keith fought every step of the way while battling Leukemia and never gave up hope, but in the end it was more than his body could handle.
    To see more of Keith’s great works and how his spirit lives on today, please visit:
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  2. Mary Poppins Augur

    Can't believe it's been that long. Seeing his work always brings back fond memories for me.
  3. Whim Augur

  4. Samatman Augur

    His art is on most of the EQ boxes I own. His imagery will always be part of my link to this timeless game.
  5. Forroden New Member

    Has it really been 7 years? Jeez, I remember the day I heard about this, felt pretty sad. He was an amazing artist.
  6. Leerah Augur

    FV had a real woman's body then.
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  7. Ironwall Journeyman

    I remember first reading an in remembrance some time ago for Keith Parkinson. At the time i didnt realize who that was, but then i followed the link and looked and what google showed for his artwork. amazed at the shear amount of nostalgia that assaulted me. Dragon magazine covers, book arts, and even the dividers in the old white bound dungeons & dragons monstrous compendium binders which in particularly used to influence a great many campaigns back in the day and in fact drew my minds eye's image of some of my favorite book characters (specifically one knight of the black rose).

    a heartfelt /salute to artist whose been with me longer than i ever knew.
  8. CocoaNut Elder

    I actually knew Keith Parkinson more for the Sword of Truth covers than for the EQ box art, but I was not surprised when I found out that he did them. No artist I've ever seen has been able to convey the qualities of "epic" quite so well as he did. And I don't mean "epic" as in the watered down version most people seem to love to use today. I mean that word in the way it was meant to be used, inside the games and books for which he painted that word to utter perfection.

    I really wish I could have had a chance to meet him. It seems so shallow to only be discussing his work, however wonderful it was, when I know that there was so much more to him than that.
  9. Renja New Member

    I feel so proud to own a signed Shadows of Luclin lithograph poster. I treasure it so much that it has only been out of the cardboard tube once.

    A part of the EQ website used to feature all concept and original EQ artwork as well as a working concept of EQ and various other media.. could we have this back? :)

    RIP Keith
  10. Fenthen Augur

    So many great memories with the original games... ;)
    Keith's artwork captured each expansion's summary wonderfully.
  11. Reht Augur

    I hadn't realized he was responsible for the artwork on so many of my favorite books. He was such a talented artist. Thanks for posting this.
  12. Cakvala Augur

    I would love to see a Timeline of Everquest with Keiths work and then transition into the new current work, that be great!

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