Illusions from Jann's veil

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  1. bitefiends Elder

    HI all

    Just got our Jann's veil from completion of Paragon of TBL and I have a question about the illusion effects

    When previewing the reward from the achievement it shows a blue bearded djinn how ever after claiming the reward our healer (cleric female frogluk) clicked and got the illusion Djinn emissary the tank (dwarf paladin) has the blue one and our casters (High elf mage and human wizard) have illusion duende scholar. Our ranger has the red one not sure of the name.

    Are the illusions based on class gender or race ?

    If not how do we change from say duende scholar to djinn emissary or efreeti diviner ?
  2. yepmetoo Augur

    There are 2 male and 2 female illusions. IIRC it is just complete randomness which of the two you get (does match your gender). Luck of the draw.
  3. Riou Augur

    Yes, based on Gender + Class

    Male toon + Plate user = Djinn Soldier
    Male toon + druid, shaman or int caster = Duende Scholar
    Male toon + monk, bst or chain dps user = Efreeti Amir

    Female toon + Plate user = Djinn Emissary
    Female toon + druid, shaman or int caster = Ondine Wavefront
    Female toon + monk, bst or chain dps user = Efreeti Diviner
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  4. ZenMaster Augur

    If you have an Enchanter and want the Efreeti Amir or Diviner look, you can Project Illusion: Palace Efreeti with the very rare Scroll: Palace Efreeti.

    I wish the Palace Efreet spell casted 'Efreeti Soldier' or 'Fluttering Ruby Prince' instead of 'Efreeti Amir' and 'Heart of Flawless Brass' instead of 'Efreeti Diviner.' One can dream....



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