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  1. Lockdown Elder

    I think I might object to any hybrid being given a mana recovery ability. Even if you're out of mana, you can still fight. Technically, a caster or priest can also melee, but their effectiveness drops to about nil. Too many classes have made the Enchanter mana regeneration buffs obsolete as is. Wizards have the Harvest line. They don't even notice (or care) if our mana regeneration buffs are on them. Clerics have also gotten a mana recovery ability and they no longer need our mana regeneration.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm glad at least the Clerics got it. Too many Enchanters back then were arguing for the ridiculous idea that Enchanters should have the ability to give away their mana. And every single argument for this horrible idea was because of Clerics. "Oh, we can give our mana to Clerics!"

    Thankfully, the Devs didn't like this idea and gave the Clerics their own mana recovery tool. And I was awash in relief that this stupid idea that so many Enchanters argued for never saw the light of day. The very existence of this ability would mean that I would be required to get it and use it. No, my mana is mine. I'll use the auras, the spires, the clickies, the buffs, whatever, to help someone regenerate theirs, but I'm not giving mine away. If Clerics find themselves useless and without mana when they get killed, then they had best not get killed.

    Ironically, the class that has the mana regeneration buffs that were once considered indispensable are now the most dependent on them.
  2. Mazame Augur

    Bst & Brd= Hybrid. and they both have Mana regen/ feeding skills

    And Enchanters were not the only go to for mana back in the day. Necro were mana feeders for along time.
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  3. Derka Power Ranger

    You'd be surprised at how much of a Ranger's DPS comes from mana based spells.
    Ballparkin 40-60% without looking at a parse.
  4. Sissruukk Rogue One

    I know you are secretly wishing you were a rogue...
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  5. Sakuraba Elder

    I am maining a druid right now, so a Warrior's level of defensive skills would be nice.
  6. ShadowMan Augur

    As a dps class I would like to tank as effectively as tanks currently get to dps.
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  7. Lockdown Elder

    For the group. Not self-only.
  8. Nniki Augur

  9. Szilent Augur

    also Consumption of Spirit

    pal Marr's Gift

    sk Thought Leech (and group regen)

    tank things could be seen as more about recovering from deaths incurred in the tanking role? kinda doesn't matter why they're there, though, depending on one's perspective on their existence.
  10. sojuu Augur

    If anything they need to pull abilities they farmed out to others away. I mean really giving everyone a way to drop agro? Other instances like that too but thats just one.

    But jumping on the band wagon, I have always wondered why monks do not get a taunt. They would be a perfect evasive tank.
  11. sojuu Augur

    Reverse CotH always fit a monk in my opinion too. Would make an awesome pulling tool.
  12. Nadisia Augur

    No, I don't want to be a rogue, I want to be a Sturmere !!!.
    The 1st dwarven Shadow Rogue, just to be able to do parkours ;)

    And I want your chop board, but not for cute wabbits. Just to slice some gnomes ... because, well you know, gnomes. :D
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  13. Lockdown Elder

    Since mana regen doesn't work on Bards for the most part, I have no problem with them having this ability.

    Beastlord Paragon is one too many.
  14. Mazame Augur

    I simply wanted to point out that hybrids were given those abilities. Before you go off trying to defend your post that was incorrect maybe spend some time learning about the other classes.

    Bst have a Self Only werewolf buff that gives mana regen.
    Bst have a Self only cani to give mana regen
    We also had weapons in the past that proc mana regen (Drakkel Wolf Claws)

    Hybrid have always need mana regen and the source for that regen has come from many different means, not just enchanters.
  15. Mazame Augur

    I play an Enchanter as well but if you think enchanter are the end all be all to mana regen your missing out on the true power of the class. The mana regen they offer is not self only mana. They are an Assisting class. The main source of mana regen is Group focused and is much greater when used in a group setting.

    When EQ was new Chanters were not the main class with Mana regen. Necro were the Main source of mana. Often they would Dot mobs and then use the rest of thier mana to feed other classes. Enchanter mana regen back then was ok but no where near what a necro could feed people. This was latter changed and "breeze" and a number of other spells to help Mana regen and Mana pool were added with kunark and velious.

    Nerco were unhappy with being mana batteries and pushed to get away from that roll.

    Bst were born with Paragon / SE they were made as a mana regen support. So to say adding it was "one too many" is wrong.

    As for bards they do have a self only mana regen and guess what it WORKS ON THEM.

    If you lock at the list of mana regen classes you will see that most every class that uses mana has a regen. most of those spell stack so when used together it is much greater. It not just an enchanter thing but a caster thing and hybrids are casters.
  16. Makma New Member

    Being able to DPS at least 50% of what any other class can (Yes im a cleric) I know its wishful thinking :)
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  17. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    I want Act of Valor.

    Wait, my class already has that. My class is now perfect.
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  18. Lockdown Elder

    I'm not even going to bother. First, I expressed an opinion, which, by nature, cannot be wrong. Second I never said nor expressed the opinion that you attributed to me with your long and tiresome response.

    Learn to read the posts you're replying to, instead of reading into them.

    The time was when I would respond to crap like yours in kind, explaining and reiterating my expressed opinions, but I came to realize that people like you intentionally misquote and mischaracterize for your own gratification and I simply refuse to feed into it.

  19. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    Oh boy. This has got to be the quote of the year at least.
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  20. Questoften32 Augur

    Not monk kick, but basic kick, low/low to mid low scale (1-5 and 1 point damage added ever ten level stopping at 10-13 points damage at lvl 100....or a set kick. would help to enjoy lower levels for us that do. like with sk, should be less than bash start at 1 point then 2 points at 20...and so on.

    No downsides: There could be a intent to double that so at max level it would be like kicking something with over 100k health for 20 points, hardly a game breaker, mostly for those to enjoy low level or kick some npc/mob almost dead where anything could work...at low Endurance./or realistically a kobald or rat early on.

    DK's could get at level 8/10. So cool to like it with macro to disarm for a cool imagined MMO''RPG"" sword fight move. In feel, not all out rp. Just Stuff for you to enjoy your game experience more.Keep new players having fun in the unique experience they sought while coming here.

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