Fixed Internally I Guess This Is Growing Up (21st anni) quest bugged

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Nanakk, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Nanakk New Member

    I cannot get the "Pay Discuit a visit in Crescent Reach" step to update. I went through his text in Crescent Reach and got no update. I then went to meet him in Hollowshade Moor and he gives the same text as he did in CR, still no update. A few other people on my server (FV) have also tried this and encountered the same bug.
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  2. Yinla Augur

    Can't get this to work on AB either, sends you to Hollowshade Moor but no update.

    He mentions a brooch, but I thought I was talking to him about the Iksars daughter....
  3. Yinla Augur

    Process of doing stuff in old school mode.

    Its not Fireheart Tavern its Travellers Nook. :rolleyes:
  4. Yinla Augur

    Quest also gave no reward. No exp, no coin, nothing.

    Big waste of time.
  5. svann Augur

    At crescent reach he tells me to meet him in hollowshade moor, but quest still says find him in crescent reach. If I ask him about the brooch in crescent reach he calls for his bodyguard to attack but his bodyguard isnt there. If I meet him in hollowshade moor he goes through his old text from crescent reach. If I ask him about the brooch he gets his bodyguard to attack. Killed bodyguard but no update and his text remains the same as what he said in CR. Asking about brooch results in him telling his bodyguard to attack but he's dead now.
  6. Pip Developer

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'll look into it asap.
  7. Yinla Augur

    There are 2 other new NPCs on find go to them and talk to them one is shan ? or something the other begins with E. One is supposted to be in a tavern, but they aren't they are in the Nook. :rolleyes: very badly implemented.
  8. svann Augur

    look up the quest on eqr. Its the only way you will get through it. You just need to know the correct words to type, which you would never ever guess based on the text given by Discuit.
  9. Schadenfreude Augur

    The quest is working 100% minus one missing [text] prompt and DOES have a reward if you carefully read the instructions listed rather than rushing through the steps as quickly as possible.
  10. Koryu Augur

    The Crescent Reach version of Discuit has a dialog chain that suddenly jumps to what the Shar Vahl version of Discuit should be saying.
    The quest is also missing a reward on completion. Even the Fancy Feast quest still offers XP and coin, but Growing Up does not.
  11. Schadenfreude Augur

    There is a reward, you just missed it because you didn't read the hint in the quest text about how someone might appreciate being shown one of the items.
  12. Koryu Augur

    I did not miss it, I have it.
    The clicky is a bonus item for figuring out the extra step. Bonus.
    Fancy Feast awards XP and coin, regardless of earning the bonus item. This quest awards nothing.
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  13. Froglok Elder

    It appears the problem is that Dacuit in CR is spamming the narrative of Dacuit in Shar Vahl.

    In CR he makes no mention of ESERA (the needed key phrase) and the quest details / spam to that point, never names Esera, that I saw,
  14. Grabatz Journeyman

  15. svann Augur

    - Fixed issues with Discuit's dialogues that allowed players to skip parts of his quest.

    Say what?
  16. Prathun Developer

    Tested this quest from start to finish on Beta and Live, post-update.
    Quest has rewards, updates properly, and I was unable to skip parts.
  17. Cragzop Augur

    Can report the bonus reward was earned and the quest gave money and xp (no idea how much) at the end.

    Also can report Friend spawned much faster after death which was a needed change.

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