I got a Berserker question?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Angre, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Angre Augur

    I believe that Shared Ruthlessness should be running 24/7 during a raid by at least 1 Zerker. Its a little dps to add to the raid total and every little bit counts.

    I've got a mash key (#3), that consist of the necessary disciplines we use, and AA's as well, and I am certain it is very much like yours.

    The second mash key (#2), is Shared Ruthlessness, Binding Axe, Bloodfury, Bolstered Frenzy (Which I prefer), and since one of these seems to pull agro (I think it's Binding Axe). I put Silent Strikes at the end of the line. It is a 2nd Mash Key. I find conflicts with this Shared Ruthlessness popping open while the other keys are still down, and I using Bloodfury in the same bind key and sometimes find myself lol, low on hp's :).

    My intentions are too put Shared Ruthlessness in my #3 Mash Key, so it fires every time I am mashing that key! Which is repeatedly. :) At the end of my #3 Key is Dichotomic Rage, Sapping Strikes, Shared Ruthlessness, then finally Jarring Jolt to make him not so angry at me.

    With the addition of Dicho (reducing some agro) and Jarring Jolt I rarely take agro off a decent Raid Tank from my #3 key or my #2 key.

    I would like feedback about this, specifically concerning binding Shared Ruthlessness to my main mash key. I thought some of you might have an opinion to add about it. I did kill a few mobs with it, and it seemed to work fine.

    What do you think?
  2. Angre Augur

    I am gonna just do it.

  3. Brohg Augur

    my main mash key is my only mash key. it includes

    Mangling Frenzy
    Mangling Axe Throw
    Mangling Volley
    Binding Axe
    Axe of Aeons
    Phantom Assailant
    Shared Ruthlessness
    Smoldering Rage
    and Sapping Strikes

    I have Bloodfury separate, for triggering Bolstered Frenzy
    I have Sucker Punch, Arcslice, and Rampage separate due to usability limitations
    I have Braxi separate, to lead Dicho each time
  4. Daedly Augur

    Remove jarring strike and replace with axe throw, remove silent strikes and save for burns. There is next to no reason you should be pulling aggro off the tank, no matter if its a pally, sk, or war. Sounds like something you need to talk to them about. That being said, dont get yourself killed either :p.

    I am also a bigger fan of ritual scarification and the HP lock it provides. One reason being, is the HP lock bypass's such things as runes. If you have a rune/glyph spray, using bloodfury you have to eat through that to get your hp low enough. Then hope you dont catch a heal at just the wrong time.

    Like Brohg said, hitting braxi just before dicho can really help. However, braxi applys debuff to the mob with a hit counter of only 50 of which can be used by anyone. So in a raid setting, it probably unlikely that you can garuntee that your dicho hits will be able to use the counters before they are gone.

    I like to lead with mangling frenzy, dicho, axe of aeons, volley, axe throw. I do that because in terms of DPS Dicho>Aeons>volley>axe throw. Or at least they used to be in that order. I noticed axe throw is no longer spell damage, so that might have changed. Assuming you have max synergy, hitting mangling frenzy will give you an increased chance to cripple for about 18seconds. Since Aeons, volley, and axe throw reuse times wont allow you to get a second round of any if them, it would make sense just to go ahead and use your highest DPS ones first so that they are the first to refresh.

    Something to note, if you were to switch to ritual scarification, it would need to be at the end of any combat discs and preferably before AA. Since its recast is instant, it will block anything after it in a keybind situation, with the exception of AA's. I recommend not putting it into a keybind though. I used to, but since it is never on cool down, it would keep being activated and I ate through enduranace way faster than I should have been.

    I think you could get almost everything you are looking to do, in terms of always on lockout stuff, on one key btw.

    Disclaimer, I am not going to guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness of anything i have posted. I am not the best zerker, but i think i do alright. Its also from my phone and contains all kinds of errors.
  5. Angre Augur

    Thanks guys!

  6. Tiggold Augur

    My mash bar is as follows and in order:

    -Smoldering Rage
    -Mangling Frenzy
    -Frenzy:Auto Skilled now
    -Mangling Volley
    -Axe Throw
    -Binding Axe

    I use Braxxi every time its up because damage mods need to be up when they are refreshed. I use Dicho when my special attacks are up-the attacks on your mash bar, Rampage, etc. You dont want Dicho going to regular swings if you can help it.
  7. Daedly Augur

    I hope i have not been missing this the whole time, but what is the dot that you reference in your mash key?
    Also, i am still trying to understand what you mean when you say you are holding back dicho to ensure special attacks. Can you elaborate a little more on that?
  8. Tiggold Augur

    Blood Brand - Timer 1, 468 damage every tick@1min

    I hold Dicho until a few of my specials are up like Rampage, any Axe Throw, Volleys, etc. You want your added damage from Dicho to hit the specials and boost them if possible. I'm not great at this but it's a thing.

    The only reason I put Braxxi on mash is most of my groups do 2-4 pulls, so when they com e in I immediately mash all my power ups, hit Braxxi and Dicho the tanks target and then immediately Rampage and Arcslice-avoides breaking mezz(most of the time I disregard the mezz and just apologize later, if you have to Shield yourself and use Blood to lifetap).

    BETA:Been inside Beta tonight and you will most likely replace Aeons with a new attack and there is a new group buff/target debuff you'll add as well. New Dicho ability, looks like rank 1 is equal to rank 3 of TBM Dicho.
  9. Daedly Augur

    Ok, i see what youre saying. Though Dicho effect only has a 10 hit limit however. If mangling frenzy is used before dicho with their respective reuse timers and given that Mangling frenzy synergy proc will give you a 20% increase in cripple chance for 18sec, that would actually give Dicho the chance to cripple as well. And as such, I can't imagine waiting to use Dicho for your actived hit abilities would increase dps. Especially given the fact that you cant garuntee those 10 hit counters wont be used up with mainhand swings and frenzy.

    Albeit that is my feeling and i havent actually done any kind of testing.
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  10. Tiggold Augur

    You won't get it every time, but I try. It's better to boost Rampage or another special, and that's a lot of swings there instead of just regular axe swings. Holding it isn't such a problem as you're thinking imo. I mean if you're not using at the start of a fight when you're powered up from self buffs and Killing Spree, then you wait for the best opp. I'm not going to hit Dicho when a mob is at 37% when I know my Dicho can sink 50% of that mobs health. It's a waste of accumulated dps to me. There's so many more things I can click to speed up the current targets death to move onto the next-especially if Killing Spree is going.

    Additionally, I feel you may be putting to much stock into Crippling Blows. All it is, is a crit hit with a chance to land a small stun. I crit basically every hit, I'm not worried about crit rate, or stuns for that matter.
  11. Daedly Augur

    Wow, i am a noob. For some reason i was thinking crippling blow was a double crit. I wonder where i got that dumb idea stuck in my head from. Man i feel dumb now, as i think back i remember wondering why i wasnt seeing a much larger max hit with cleaving running and then i just ignored that.
  12. Tiggold Augur

    As far as I know it's not a double, maybe double the chance to crit with the stun component? I'm not 100% but I will try to get clarity for both of us. I am however, taking another look at my mash bar. I think one or two simple shuffles I could get more DPS out. If you like you can email me in game and we can start exchanging some parse data and see if we can't improve both of our outputs.

    http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/spell.html?spell=27259 =It's the 285% crit chance mod for all skills is why you're using CA.
  13. Derresh Augur

    Crippling blows have an increased critical dmg modifier, any form of crit dmg stacking is good for a class with high crit chance.
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  14. Behelit Augur

    I hope you're not using Blood Brand on raids or your going to be very hated lol.

    As for holding Dicho for Rampage, as Daedly said, Dicho Bloodsplash only has 10 hit counters on it so at best you could get 1.5-2 of the 5 combat rounds in Rampage to be crippling blows.

    but crippling blows is the "added dmg" from Dicho Bloodsplash, the same as with Synergy from M.Frenzy like Daedly pointed out.

    And Crippling Blows aren't just a crit+stun, it has a built in crit dmg mod which is why crippling blows are always higher than critical hits of the same kind/attack.

    edit: Derresh beat me to it!
  15. Tiggold Augur

    I know it has a crit damage mod but it doesn't double crit, that was my point. I use CA but not because its giving me double crits. I'll take the advice of not holding and see what I can spin out of it.

    What disc goes in your main burn?
  16. Behelit Augur

    depends on the event, sometimes Mangling but most of the time Brutal.
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  17. Brohg Augur

    I think Mangling (née Disconcerting) has been relegated to a ridiculous luxury very few berserkers get to deploy. Nearly everyone is compelled by event durations to use that timer for the sustained contribution of New Disconcerting
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  18. Tiggold Augur

    Mangling has always been an end of night thing for me. I could not* see being locked out of a Disc timer for that long. I also do not sit and wait on loot anymore though. Time is everything for us. Clearing all events in one night in under 3 hours is a trade-off I'm willing to have to not get to use it. I would like to use it if they would make it realistic in use. Twenty minute cool-downs is crazy for us.
  19. Daedly Augur


    When you use Mangling in your main burn, do you save your epic and keep it lined up with Brutal?

    I have been trying to figure out if between cry carnage, chanter haste, and ranger auspice's +crit chance, if the epic wouldn't be better off being used with F.resolve. Just havent gotten around to doing the parses as i still have a lot to accomplish in game.
  20. Derresh Augur

    1) Ask for new bp focus to be mangling 16 minute timer reduction
    2) swap BP's before using each disc
    3) ????
    4) Profit!