I am a very old player and have a account problem

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by yalash, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. yalash New Member

    i had over 10 years no return to this game.

    i don't ask what account name or password because i remember that.
    but my question is why my all characters in The Nameless server( i know it emerged to Erollisi Marr), gone?

    before i decide to return, i think you should give me the answer.
    oh, do not expect i will recreate character and restart, i don't have so much time and money for this.

    another problem is my e-mail address changed to another one, old one is no longer exist, and i don't know why my secret answer is different with my memory. the odd point is that i am very sure i born in Taipei(the secret question), but the secret answer in your database seems different....
    then i can't fix my e-mail address because my answer can't fit to yours! and for that i can't verify my e-mail address!!(like i said my old e-mail address is no longer exist, over ten years now!!)
  2. CrazyLarth Augur

  3. moogs Augur

    This remains the most incredibly ridiculous requirement I have ever seen anywhere. Who in the hell can remember a credit card number from 10 years ago?

    OP, good luck. Usually they are able to help you if you provide your real name, the old e-mail address (even if like me you no longer have access to it), the years that you were a subscriber (example: 2001-2005), your character names, races, classes, approximate levels and your old server name.
  4. justasub Journeyman

    DBG support is so stupid it isnt even funny...i wanted to get an old box account back..so i go to send in a ticket on my main account...(subbed and everythings good)...wait a sec...my email account hasnt been verified (odd since i have used it for about 10 years and they send me crap notices on it)...so ok i go to verify....i need the answer to my secret question...i put it in and bam...wrong...i try everything i could say about where i live...wrong...FFS where the hell was i born?...now the fricken kicker is to fix this problem i would have to start a new account to send in a ticket for my paid account so i can get things fixxed so i can send in a ticket to retrieve info on my old lost account...are you fricken KIDDING me???!!! wth are they smoking over there?
  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Emails have to be verified on each account so getting emails/notices from them from other accounts has nothing to do with the old box account that uses the same email.
  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I would probably also add if it has been ten years since you played it wouldn't take much to catch up to and pass wherever you were when you stopped playing.
  7. justasub Journeyman

    im not talking about verifying the email on the old account...it doesnt use the same one and i have no access to it anymore. i am talking about my main account i have used with them since the beginning. it is fine and i have used it consistently with no problems. YET they suddenly want my email verified on it. so i cant use my "working fine" account to send in a ticket for the old account i want back. i can pay, use, change anything, on my main account i want to but since i apparently "forgot" where i was born...i cant verify my email on it so cant access support...tell me thats not stupid
  8. yalash New Member

    it seems we have the same situation here...
    but i think you didn't forget the city of your birth, possibly it happened some problem on their data base and caused our secret question's answer can't match to their.

    it has possibility happened because we are too old players, maybe our account data corrupted when they change all players' account data format or something.

    of course i know my account name and password because i am using my origin account here!!

    i can tell them my character's information that's no problem but hey, did you see my last post? my all characters gone missing!! wtf they maybe will tell me they found my characters' names did not matched(how to match a non-existence character?).

    another point.
    if i tell you i am living another city now and all the old stuff almost gone, you tell me how could i remember my CD key?
    if i tell you my credit card is different one(from another bank, old one abandoned long time ago), you tell me how could i remember my payment detail?

    i can remember my account name and password is a miracle now, how could you expect i can tell you more? daXn it.

    ok, if i can at least use my old characters to play this game i won't complain here.
    who can tell me what god daXn happened on them?

    final, i did not asking for recovering my account name or password, my first problem is how could i fix the problem i can't change my new e-mail address.
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Yeah that sounds strange that they are sending you emails to your unverified email account. I had an account that that was apparently had an unverified email but I don't recall if I got emails from Daybreak on it.
  10. CatsPaws Augur

    So to understand correctly if you sign into your account from the Everquest main page (not thru the game or these forums) and go to account management then look down to email preferences and click that there is not a button to change email? Cause mine shows that button to the right of current email I am using.
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  12. Janakin Augur

    Any characters under level 10 were deleted when the servers merged. That is if they had not been played in I think 6 months prior to the merge. If you have characters missing level 10 do you have the character names? They should be able to tell you about them with the names. I even had under level 10 characters restored from a merge since I knew their names. If you still have your original EQ directory you should be able to search log files or *.ini files to find the names.
  13. yalash New Member

    Thanks for your ignored to other's post content.

    My main character was level 63 high elf magician.
    i also have a level 12 or 13 ogre shadow knight.
    all gone missing.
    when i left this game, the level cap still only level 65.
    i played this game over 4 years and won't spend another 4 years on this situation, you know what is my feeling.
  14. CatsPaws Augur

    So were you able to log into account management?

    Many of us who have returned were able to recover high level (65 at the time) fully raid geared characters but found the game changes are so huge and the old characters so lacking that a quick run through the tutorial again was needed.

    "oh, do not expect i will recreate character and restart, i don't have so much time and money for this."
    Make a free account and see. Takes less than the time you spent here to get higher than your old character was and better geared and costs nothing.;)
  15. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    As the poster above said:
    Even if you "have to" recreate your characters, it won't take you 4years to get them to 64.
    Not even if you are solo on your own.
    They have introduced quite a few perks for new/returning players - and if you are gold (subscribed) member, you even get the AAs you had (and more) "for free", which overwhelms you perhaps but reduces the time to catch up even more.

    Once near or at max level again (105) it is rather easy to churn out the AAs.
    You want to keep the old account though, even if it is only silver now, if for nothing else but the veteran AAs

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