How to get a Naggy or Vox kill in Classic non instanced without kunark open challenge!

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  1. Storytimebros Elder

    After reading all these threads about complaining on how to fix the said issues and trying to get the GM's involved, no one has come up with a non GM solution. Let's see if someone can come up with a non GM solution without instancing. Since DPS Racing is the official GM supported method without them having to intervene, I have some pro tips for all you casuals out there that want to see these raids in era pre kunark.

    1. Someone needs to create 2 channels something along the lines of Casualnaggy and Casualvox.
    2. Recruit 800 lvl 50 DPS classes mage and sk preferred.
    3. Get them all online at the same time preferably in the 12 hour windows of said spawns.
    4. Sit on there spawns and wait for them to pop and boom.
    5. Congratulations you have now zerg killed the 2 most contested spawns on the server.

    The challenge is obviously recruiting 800 dps classes though that might just be the toughest part of this challenge. So I ask who out there is willing to actually try something like this instead of just coming to the forums and complaining for GM intervention. If you would just get together in game instead of coming here to write endless books of solutions involving GM's, maybe you could organize in game and get something killed of value. If you liked this idea here it is free of charge no RMT or Krono required. If this idea sounds too hard for you casuals, then obviously you never want to see these dragons fall on a progression server in era. I mean what can you loose except trying right? You have a server population of over 5k. If 500 of those are in TL it's a no brainer to get more numbers then them. How many people are willing to give up their selfishness over pixel loot to get these kills just to prove a point? The challenge has been given. GO PLAY!
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  2. Sinzz Augur

    mobs hp divided by dps per toon =deadmob , don't take 800 btw can easily be done with 6
    you guys think that mages are op wait till folks break out the wizard 5mans and annihilate named before your eyes lol this is how it always played out nerf mages in classic by luclin it shifts to wizards by pop its chanters and wizards after that its sk and rangers for there solo ability's then once folks realize how badassed zerkers are later its nerf zerkers, ohh but mages come back later once mercenaries come along ... and meanwhile since classic the good ole necro has secretly been taking out raid zones by himself :)
  3. Storytimebros Elder

    Idea is to flood the zones with people to block another guild from trying to compete. Or do these zones allow unlimited people?
  4. Gregolo Augur

  5. Storytimebros Elder

    Since the guild lobby doesn't exist don't think the ogre wall would work quite well yet. That sounds like a good strat for blocking any banner zerging guilds when TBS is released. Until then the max zone capacity flooding would be best. Just need to outnumber the other guild until they decide to open the zone caps.
  6. Mezrah Augur


    I certainly believe that a pooled raid comprised of many of the more casual players / guilds could be viable on a socked target, especially if multiple raid target windows overlapped. However I believe that would just hasten the advent of the SK M.Q.2 wars and it would be similar to kunark on Fippy, when the deciding factor was not number of toons present at a sock, but who had the best network connection / ping to the EQ servers. The combination of M.Q.2, [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] to replicate keystrokes and a fast network connection, would automatically detect the spawn of the raid target and fire the HT off before a human could even respond.
  7. Banuvan Augur

    Ogre wall has worked since classic as there are many tight spaces you can pile in a crapload of ogres to stop people from being able to move to the intended raid target. Think about the small halls in sol b.
  8. Zublak Augur

    As much as it probably doesn't matter, but blocking with Ogres is against ToS. But I'm sure a few days suspension may be worth it anyway.
  9. Fallfyres Augur

    Since players know that trajectory of class op-ness, I am pretty certain the devs do also. There is never truly class balance anyhow but with every change it is approximate and some specific class reigns supreme.

    SO why shouldn't the devs make adjustments to whatever the fotm op class is in each expansion, incrementally? It would retain thousands of players who will absolutely oggle at the kind of gameplay that would be present if such a thing were done in an MMO, old grand daddy EQ or newer released mega server games either one?

    And fock mercenary babysitters, really:D. If this were done early and ahead of each expansion, there would be population, and one of the major reasons supposedly that mercs were put in was to 'help' solo centric players and players who would NOT be solo centric at all IF there were actual humans to play on their characters with.
  10. Storytimebros Elder

    Once those zones reach a certain threshold of players (it varies based on the size of the zone), it will spawn another version of itself. You will be able to choose which version of the zone you want to enter upon zoning in, or you will be able to use the /pickzone command to choose another version of the zone you are in. This should let people group up with friends but still be able to find things to kill and see plenty of other players.

    We are talking about zone cap numbers. What are they specifically for the top end raid zones? 400 or unlimited. This is about having more casuals in top end raid zones once they hit 45+. Since the pickzone command doesn't work for high end zones does that mean unlimited amounts are allowed to be in these zones? If casuals really wanted to raid they would just outnumber any raiding guild by sitting in the top end zones either afk or xping waiting for a spawn. So far only one guild has shown up to contest content and they are low numbers. This is about coordinating more people to stay in these zones to keep others from being able to zone in. Socking something that is not accessible is not possible if the destination zone denied entry. Casuals outweigh the hardcore they just need to coordinate better instead of splitting themselves into smaller numbers. Since we are all together on the same server and the hardcore think they own the rights to all content on lockdown what better way then for everyone else to come together and deny any and all relevant raid content. This probably will not happen anyways since most just want to log in do something for a few hours and leave. There is a reason why casual means casual. They want some fast food version of the game to cater to there play style and get upset when content is on lockdown. The only hope is to just vote no forever and continue to make 100 alts to 50 since raiding is more of a hardcore then casual thing anyways. Stop giving your kronos for these groupable items as well your just feeding there bots.
  11. Goobles Elder

    Most of the issues on Ragefire are non-existent on Lockjaw
  12. Oakenn Tigerspirit Augur

    Truth. Necros have somehow flown under the radar for 15 years and are just as strong as ever lol. They have a GREAT PR guy apparently. They get a small nerf and you hear the cries of the damned about how totally inviable they are now.. yet they are still rocking. Smoke and mirrors I say
  13. Oakenn Tigerspirit Augur

    And with no promises of a merger chances are Lockjaw will be a dead husk in 2 years.
  14. Hexaholic Augur

    This is already how raiding is, yet no one else wants to put in the time / or be put on a phone roster. That's the problem is people just want to be able to sign on for an hour after work, and raid, and on top of it, want loot from it. Not going to make the certain whiners happy, no matter what they do, so no reason to appease them now.
  15. Hateseeker Augur

    There is no connection between only playing an hour and not being on a phone roster. Someone could play 3 hours, 6 or even 8 every single day and you're going to define them as a carebear for not signing up for a phone roster.
  16. Hexaholic Augur

    Not true. There are plenty of other guilds that have put up fights, shoot Rosenguard (spelling) even got a kill. Rather than come on the forums crying, they fight it out. The Carebears / Casuals, are the ones that are in the single groups, crying they aren't being allowed kills, and coming on here asking for their own instance.
  17. Scaramanga New Member

    I've been raiding since 2000 in various games, never was on a phone roster, never raced to a target, although we killed all the raid targets we went after.

    But that doesn't fit your definition of a raider since we didn't bother contesting targets?
  18. Dark_Intentions Augur

    Dividing gear between 800 people sounds like a great way to get gear within the next decade. I hope you have a lot of krono.
  19. Hexaholic Augur

    2000? I've been doing it since there were computers. I used to get batphoned for Space Commander. Anyways, now that the measuring has been done, I'll get to the real post.

    I didn't state that you had to be on a batphone to be a raider. To be a raider, in this atmosphere that we're in right now, it would be advised if you want to see a raid kill, to get somewhat organized. That's all I'm saying.
  20. Storytimebros Elder

    Who cares about gear? This is about getting the kills just to spite another guild from doing so. They already are doing this so why not get on their level and try the same? Are people really that lazy in these type of games? Are we just here to hold hands and hope for the best? Gear is cool and all but its not needed. Getting those kills now that's the fun part. Why not try something new instead of the same old complain and wait for a GM to call the shots? Lockjaw dead in 2 years very possible once instanced content starts. They will not be able to recruit enough skilled to be able to beat the content and will die out due to content difficulty. You know when instanced content gets hard and you actually have to farm the gear to progress.