How to divide classes for boxing accounts

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by TheDude, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. TheDude New Member

    Just came back to the game and am very much going to dive back into boxing. Haven't played since lvl 85 cap. Was thinking 3 actual accounts and then 1 FTP account for pl/buff bot toons. Something like Magi, War, SK, Pal on account 1. All the dps classes on account 2. Enchanter, Bard, Shaman on account 3. Druid, Cleric on the FTP account. Does that sound like a decent way to divide them up? Tanks, Dps, Support. My box back then was Magi, Ranger and Enchanter. Wasn't the best setup around. But, it got the job done. Any advice from people who box appreciated.

    Edit: I realize I won't get around to leveling every class. Just want to have them separated nicely for the ones I do end up playing.
  2. Belkar_OotS Augur

    I think it will depend on your goals and set up, and what you care about most. Like I want to be able to clear all content. I hate to wipe. I pay for all my accounts to be gold.

    With my set up with 5 accounts.
    1. Warrior. Rarely used enchanted and berserker.
    2. Monk, cleric used sometimes, and rarely used ranger.
    3. Shaman, Mage used sometimes.
    4. Wizard and bard, pretty even split.
    5. Druid, sometimes used ranger.
    6. Always a friend or roommate.

    I generally run around with 2 healers and the tank almost never rotates out. I like having all the priests so I can swap around as needed to get everyone through content.

    Having a second tank when needed is helpful (pet or solid melee). CC is occasionally critical. The only place where I tend to have issues is where a solid burn is the only reasonable way to win.

    With my spread I have a range/caster group, a melee group, dual tanks and double healer options for all. I guess this is my way of saying spread around your healers, support and dps to give you more options and to take advantage of "flavor of the month" easier.
  3. Tucoh Augur

    tank / dps / support / heal is fine.

    1. You'll probably also want to always run with whatever plate tank you pick, because once you get a plate tank geared you'll be gimping yourself by playing anything else. Trying to regear with a pal/sk/mag after gearing your war (or whatever) will be more painful than swapping any other char out.

    2. If you want recommendations for four boxing, I'd recommend starting with: sk / ber / brd / sha and go from there. If you want caster DPS, sk / mag / enc / dru.
  4. TheDude New Member

    Hmm. It seems like the ranger could be a backup tank if needed right? And the magi being on the tank account allows for a caster group. Melee group is possible with the Bard. It seems like I can already do most of those combinations. The only thing I wouldn't have is multiple healers. But, wouldn't a merc fill that purpose?
  5. TheDude New Member

    The first group is covered. But, I would have to switch the magi around to make the second one happen. Thanx for the info.
  6. Tucoh Augur

    Once you get a solid team built up, replacing chars is easy with fellowship XP + rotting loot. The only thing that's tough is switching tanks, because they are so gear dependent.
  7. Nifty Slacker Augur

    I would say don't bother making more than one tank on any account. One character will always be better than the others, so I can't imagine using the others. Tanks take a ton of dedication as well, so I would only make another tank if I had a good 6 months or so with nothing better to do.

    Having a mage on the tanks account isn't a bad idea if you want to play with caster groups now and again.

    It's really hard for me to recommend any characters on a free to play account. I guess you could put your healers there, and grind out all their important aas during a month using a krono or a 1 month sub. Healers aren't super dependent on gear so gearing them up with non prestige is doable, but I'm not sure I would do it.

    Rangers and monks have some tanking capability, but don't expect to tank latest expansion content with them. I was doing progression in the burning lands again last night and the named mobs you encounter during that are very tough. Maybe you could tank them with ranger or monk with raid gear (I wouldn't know) but with group gear it's not an option.
  8. strongbus Augur

    all depends on your play style. I currently 5 box. necro/mage/mage/sham/druid with last spot being a merc healer or dps.

    But I like to push it. I take on 3+ mobs at once with both mages and the necro each taking on a mob each and keep it going till all mobs in the area are dead.
  9. TheDude New Member

    That sounds way to busy for me. I would probably just be killing one mob at a time. Multiple pet classes does sound cool though. I always wanted to try Beast+Mage+Necro box. Never got around to it. Think I might put the Beastie on the support account that way I can mess around with it.
  10. Aurastrider Augur

    I think it really just depends on what your goals are. If you want to race to end game, stay there, and work on knocking out all of your achievements I would focus on your primary team and forget about the mega alt mindset. I find players that just create alt after alt tend to rarely ever find themselves in end game content or anywhere close. There are some that already have a max level team and keep them that way so they can tinker around with different combinations here and there but for your average player this wont be the case especially if they are new or returning.

    If you don't care about mostly playing in what ever content your toons are in even if it means repeating some of the same content over and over again with various setups I would actually try to put a tank on each account. The reasoning is tanks are the foundation of your group. If you have your primary team with a well geared tank and you get an extra tank item to drop it easier to leave them up while you load one of your alt tanks on another account to grab the item for future use. Its also easier from my experience to use tanks to PL toons on other accounts. So if you have a decent tank on multiple accounts it will allow you to PL toons easier on other accounts should you want to try different combinations at later levels without the headache of the leveling process. Just load a tank on what ever account you want to do the PL with and the toons on the accounts you want to receive a PL and you can have max level toons on all your accounts without much effort (although it will take a lot of time).

    As far as the fourth ftp buff account I might suggest more than one of these if your playing time permits. I actually have 3 buff bot accounts and just leave the toons up in my neighborhood while I am out killing or in a safe spot. I have an enchanter on one account, a shaman on another, and a druid/ranger on a third and I started working on a fourth cleric account. I can anchor to my neighborhood and grab buffs on demand from all of them and campfire back to action, or use my stein if my buff bots are in POK, or even origin if needed or if I can bind my toons at a safe spot I can gate or even just camp my buff bots at my camp and load them when needed for buffs. No need to sit in the GL waiting for buffs or asking in general or bugging guildies when they are on. When I need them they are available. You can buy the rank II spell unlocker on them if you want slightly better buffs also. And when there is an expansion with a level increase you are further supporting the game if you buy it on these accounts for the highest level buffs.
  11. Tucoh Augur

    It's good that it works for you, but you pushing it by managing 3 mobs would be a light-duty fight if you replaced your necro or a mage with a plate tank.