How many Guilds will TL break off into now?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Forum Warrior, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Forum Warrior New Member

    Now with enforced raid rotations coming into play, the quest now remains, how many Guilds will TL break off into? They probably have 50+ mage bots to call in that can forum their own guild, then cut the remaining roster members into 2 guilds. So TL will probably have 3 Guilds on this server all trying to get into the raid rotation.
  2. oleris Elder

    3 ain't enough, I need 5
  3. Roxxanna Augur

    1) Everyone else leave Ragefire.
    2) Rename it The Legacy server.
    3) Launch The Legacy server into space.
    4) Rejoyce.
  4. Slippin'Jimmy Journeyman

    How fat are you IRL? if we had to quantify you as a mage encounter are you a 50 mager or a 75 mager?
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  5. Roxxanna Augur

    Lol, I'm 6 ft 8, hunchbacked, and drag more that 2 appendages behind me.
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  6. Bryant Journeyman

    I hear there are plans of making 6 new guilds so they can have it for a full week straight. The tinfoil!

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