How does trade-skilling go in future expansions??

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  1. Fallfyres Augur

    Morning! Hope everyone is having a great time -- I know I am over on Mangler! Working one alt and my main and meeting so many fun people in GROUPS -- oooohiee --- GROUPS!!

    I played starting a few months after launch until 2004. What I'd like to know from those of you who played further into other expansions is, does crafting get more, well, just MORE? :) I am not looking for it to be the next step of relevance above the BIS/best loot dropped, but is it rewarding especially for self-sufficiency for our alts? Curious if it begins to be more important to our characters and is it fun along with the grind? I'm trying to gather info/bookmark sites like EQ Traders etc.

    Love to hear *from those of you who also enjoy/make good use of crafting in MMO's* - if you have some time, opinions, the good/the bad of our Everquest tradeskilling. Please share how it shakes out on our Norrath "road ahead." TIA, and have fun in and out of game this weekend!!
  2. Finnster Elder

    from my experience on Phinigel:
    Crafting without bazaar sucks.
    Alchemy is always a thing. Greater Concentration potions are the thing in early xpacs. Later on it's mostly clarity pots, heal pots etc. You'll always have something to do in alchemy.
    Velious is prime time for tailoring. If you're into farming WL and CS or willing to stand in CL buying materials and selling your stuff, then you'll get a lot of customers buying tailored stuff. You can still sell this stuff in the beginning of Luclin when you finally get the bazaar.
    PoP comes with the Aid Grimel quest line. It's a quest line I enjoyed a lot and the reward is great. Maybe I missed it, but I believe there was little market for crafted goods. (maybe bows?)
    OoW comes with the crafted augments. It's a pain to make them and you won't make many during this xpac. So you won't miss out much if you totally skip it.
    DoDH comes with the new cultural armor and raid crafted augs requiring AAAAs. If you're into tinkering and enjoy making stuff that takes 100s of different combines, then you'll enjoy this. Making symbols (type 11 augs) is also a big thing and those items sell well in bazaar.
  3. Arclyte Elder

    When does fletching become better? Luclin?
  4. Aurastrider Augur

    As a player on live and someone who has loved crafting in this game from the start I can tell you that crafting is pretty important in current end game if you want to complete quests and such that provide some pretty good pieces of gear. I think the bigger question is what expansion do you plan to play until and then figure out how valuable crafting is up to that point. Also there are certain items that can sell for a lot both from a crafted perspective and from a raw material standpoint so there is that to consider. Being a master crafter can earn you a lot of love and headaches in a guild due to requests to make items for people. provides a nice list for most tradeskills if you are OCD about completing every combine and of course is the go to tradeskill website for EQ for as long as I can remember. Zam is also nice if you are a paying customer but not so much using it for free in terms of crafting.
  5. Finnster Elder

    when does skill cap increase to 350?
  6. dundada3100 Elder

    yeah I think the crafted Bows are the best Tribute item. been awhile so there could be something new and better, but when I last played they were awesome.
  7. Aurastrider Augur

    Yes but after 300 skill ups work differently. It's about how many recipes you know. You cant skill up doing the same combine over and over. With max trophy someone can be at 395 but not until EOK which has the AAs to go that high.

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