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  1. Donroy Elder

    I've seen a lot of out-of-the-box ideas for TLPs recently and thought of one myself that could also mean some revenue for DBG. Heroic Character purchase options for TLPs modified by era of course. Maybe starting at Luclin or PoP, a level 50 character with Kunark/Velious era equipment and full spell set? As expansions unlock, up the level/gear scale etc.- maybe not every expansion but periodically or not all/just have the level 50 HC until the era that the 85s unlock? I'd probably toss a few more dollars away for that. Any thoughts?
  2. Critt Augur

    this was kind of already done, Quarm server and it was fun while the event lasted... If they decided to do another event server similar but in a different era i think it would be a success as well
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  3. Potawatomi Augur

    They also did this with a 51/50 Server awhile back. Start at level 51 with 50AA to spend at launch.
  4. Elskidor Augur

    Yeah, this could make bank. TLPs are already extremely popular, but I fear XP will only get hit harder after offering something like this. What would be offered though and with what expansion? Level 40 with Velious, level 51 with a few basic AA for PoP era, level 65 with a decent chunk of AA for TSS?
  5. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Right now they appear to have two template characters in their database.

    51/50 with Intricate Defiant Gear
    85/MaxAutoGrant with what amounts to probably HoT T1-2 Group gear

    For them to add these to TLPs they’d likely need to modify or create new templates. For example I think a 51/50 option on a server with PoP is a good idea. However intricate defiant gear obsoletes all group gear until maybe OoW MPG/RSS. You’d need to have another set of armor for these templates to have. Maybe Thurgadin quest armor or PoHate/PoGrowth dropped armor sets and some random non-visibles?

    I also think a 65/250 template would be good in DoN/DoDH era. Again you’d need to figure out some gear for them to have. Maybe PoP Ornate and some random non-visibles.

    Around TBS a 70/500 template with maybe OoW Group T1 quest gear or DoN armor?

    And one final one in SoF or SoD with 75/750 with some TSS Group Armor and some non visible.

    These sorts of heroics would allow players who came to a server late to jump into the server with not too much leveling and AAing time, basic gear to be able to fight content around their level, without completely obsoleting the current content at the time.

    Of course the major issue is time. Each of these templates requires you make one for each class and have them with the correct spells and skills etc.

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