Help with dru burn please?

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  1. Brohg Augur

    Does Destructive Vortex boost the initial hit of Nature's Burning Wrath?
    Does Nature's Fury? (also?)
    When, in a good startup sequence, do you slot in these things (Nature's Fury multiplying the cost of dots is pretty scary) ?
    Does one hold ITC to refresh dots, if the battle's going to be…whatever, 3 minutes? so raids not just group named
    Path of Destruction appears totally agnostic as regards what spells it boosts, is that accurate?
    Do Casting Fire (or Casting Magic?) type 18/19s warp spell selection?
    2h vs HoHV1h+Tome?
    Obviously keep the enchanter up, but do you heal the wizards, mages, and necros to keep getting their synergies???
  2. Rolaque Elder

    Keeping caster dps alive is your primary job.

    As for your own burns and dps, do parses on a combat dummy. You need to experience and learn how to weave your nukes around your dots. Nothing fades in the guild hall (so use black wolf, Vortex, NF, 1st spire, glyph, and spell twincast) to simulate a full burn of your 3 dots and 4-5 nukes - dis, cyclonic, anabatic, and a remote and/or summer sunflame. This will give you an indication of what to expect during a raid burn. You should get about 300kdps for a 200sec parse (this is without any outside adps). Roughly, your 3 dots will do two thirds of your damage, and the nukes the other third. You should have audio triggers for each dot fading (Natures, Sunflame, Horde). You can also place Natures in your nuke multi-bind order, such as Dis - Cyclo - Anab - Natures - Remote/SS. That way it gets re-casted whenever it refreshes.
  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Haven’t really raided in last 2 or 3 expansions. But yes keep everyone alive.

    Destructive Vortex only works on the ticks. Nature’s Fury works on the initial hit. Yes NF will kill your mana cost on DoTs, however it appears they fixed the Gift of Mana / NF stacking conflict so you could wait for GoM procs to use DoTs. It’s less damage but more efficient if the fight is likely to outlive your mana pool.

    Lead off with spell Twincast and apply DoTs. You should be able to apply all DoTs and get a few nukes in on spell Twincast before going to Improved Twincast. Reason for doing this is burn fights are likely to exceed 5min, exceeding 15min is possible but less likely. In those cases it’s less burn and more sustained damage which may change up your spell selection.

    The BP clicky from VoA onward does impact any casted Nuke with a mana cost. It doesn’t care about resist etc.

    Haven’t played TBL so dunno about the 18/19 Augs

    On base values, 2h appears superior to 1h+Tome. Haven’t really parsed this though.
  4. gotwar Augur

    Sure, but only if it doesn't interfere with your ability to keep your Enchanter alive. We're clearly the most important group member.
  5. menown Augur

    In necro group, when all the adps die, I always rez the bard first. :p
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  6. Derd Augur

    Not really contributing to this but to dream. That one day a druid in our raids would even try to burn..
  7. Cindane New Member

    To add on what was already said above, always keep up the DRU ice aura, Frostreave Aura, and refresh it just as you engage an event. I've gotten 60K per tick procs off it alone, and paired with Dragonmagic Focus potions, it's nice passive added damage.

    If you're supporting others in a raid or group role, I've recently noticed two of our guild wizards getting 120K per strike procs per tick from my aura on raids (from crits + luck stat.) Joked with some of my guildmates that it's "massive" added damage to all casters. :) Even SKs (on the group side) get some decent added dps added to their spear and bite of chaos lines.

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