Hello? Are you out there? Ancient Jarsath

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Quasii, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Quasii New Member

    Exactly what you're expecting. This mob is entirely too rare. Please adjust spawn rate. Thanks in advance!
  2. Fizon Elder

    How are you not done already. We are halfway through Kunark we can be done with these posts by now.

    They have adjusted vp key spots to be easier. Do it or don't theres crap loot in vp anyway.
  3. Quasii New Member

    I have it done. I'm posting on behalf of people that don't have endless amounts of disposable time. TLP history has shown people want content more accessible not less! But thanks for contributing!
  4. Torqe New Member

    I'd love to see it changed to something more akin to the VT keying process. a % chance to drop off a large amount of mobs. Granted VT Key can still be a pain in the , but at least you feel objectively better about it since it feels like there's a greater chance of getting it. In addition it helps prevent people from "magically" appearing on top of it and killing it before it even registers on track.
  5. Drakkal Elder

    It would be nice if AJ was more common and they would implement a trojan horse invisible AJ that auto-bans anyone that beelines for it.
  6. taliefer Augur

    VP key quest is the poster child for antiquated game design. or for "not knowing any better" game design. i mean, ground spawns. in a static location. how was that ever a good idea.

    i am extremely thankful for the changes they have already made, and more would be just as welcome.
  7. Quill Augur

    I don't know... but I fully expect it to be a thing in Pantheon.
  8. LastManStanding New Member

    I've logged a few hundred hours out in FV. I've seen AJ spawn a total of 16 times where I've gotten to him first (not counting the 2 times I saw him spawn as my guild went out and tried spending a couple hours farming for him). Each time I've run across the same issue. He spawns, I get to him first, I start beating on him (I'm a warrior), enchanter comes up, charms, and is COTH'd somewhere else. Getting exceptionally frustrating.. especially seeing as too many of those times the piece is immediately being auctioned off. .
  9. Scruff Elder

    you could have used those 'hundred hours' to kill something else and buy the auction'd AJ piece, though
  10. Barder-mangler Elder

    I have every piece but AJ on two toons at this point, and have spent maybe 15 hours so far on AJ with similar results. If anything, this post reinforces for me that I should just pay said RMT Coth farmers some krono and be done with it. The above post is entirely accurate at least for me, I can self farm 2 krono worth of goods in a 6-8 hour period- might as well just trade the time.

    I’m torn- on a personal level I can’t stand what they are doing, but if I spent 200-300 hours on this stupid camp with no results I’d probably just call it quits lol, no VP key for me :p
    Our options are pay up and support RMT jerks or don’t go to VP, it’s time to accept it.
  11. Bitzy New Member

    To Devs- Spawn him 50 times over and over and over like you do with the sebilis key froglok and hunter so we can move on to a new hobby and remove the element of ks for krono please.
  12. Nothappening Lorekeeper

    ah to remember .. what two TLPs ago when he was actually more rare and they nerfed him? now you compete against people with S E Q that are coth charming him I read. Thats unfortunate.
  13. Riptide666 Elder

    Its a new kind of 'hardcore' : Players that never buy or sell krono, don't box 3 toons to be able to hold a named/quest camp, prefer to do all questing and hunting on one main toon and thats it... doing X to get Y so you can buy Z is not the way they want to play.

    Call em gluttons for punishment, maybe 'purist'....
  14. Blastoff Elder

    Make sure you're killing every mob in his spawn range (https://eq.magelo.com/npc/1654). The problem people have with AJ is that he has a single random PH in his entire range. If that PH happens to wander off to a spot that isn't being pulled, AJ won't spawn until it is. If you manage to lock down his PH he actually spawns pretty frequently.

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