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  1. Dibab Augur

    so why is it we get this holiday bonus crap 2 days after the holiday ends and people are starting to go back to work? Should have been active since the 23rd so people could actually enjoy it over both holiday weekends. Lackluster year all around. Lackluster expansion and now a lackluster "holiday" bonus
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  2. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Because if they had it on the actual holiday, some guy exactly like you but with a different schedule would complain about that too.
  3. Tegila Augur

    It was an afterthought. Last year there were 3 separate events, ending with basically this one. They opted not to, or forgot to, do the first 2. Now the Kronos sale I'd have been all over cause my Xmas gift was $300 to spend on EQ, and I can't very well buy subs that aren't ready to be charged for another month because they all charged in the last 4 days.
  4. Svann2 The Magnificent

    If they did it on christmas people would complain that they had to be with family!
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  5. Nolrog Augur

    Not some guy like him, it would be him complaining he had to spend time with family. Some people just like to complain.
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  6. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I am so sorry the bonus inconvenienced you. Is there anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable?
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  7. Tappin Augur

    Who’s idea was it have Christmas bonus after Christmas? It’s just nonsense. If you’re worried about people working on the holiday then extend it longer and change the multiplier/sale. Such a simple solution.
  8. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I like the Frostfell bonus. Hits my schedule perfectly. Thank you.
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  9. Leigo You come here often?

    It isn't a Christmas bonus. It is an end of the year/frostfell bonus.
    It's just amazing how often people complain about bonuses that are given. Try to keep in mind they are not under contract or obligated in any way to give us bonus anything.
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  10. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    The next time you feel like complaining about Darkpaw giving out a bonus, instead of making a new thread, just pour a bucket of ice cold water on yourself. Seriously, this trend of complaining about bonuses being inconvenient to you because it doesn't cater to your preferred schedule is disgustingly old.
  11. Tappin Augur

    It’s a Christmas bonus - if doesn’t matter if they change the name.
  12. Febb Augur

    Did they change the date of Christmas to December 27th? I always thought it was on December 25th. If so, we opened gifts early this year.
  13. Nennius Curmudgeon

    You too?

    At the risk of stating the obvious, New Year's is a holiday for many of us as well.
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