Happy Bug-iversary: Armored Battle Cat Mounts!

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    It was on this day, one year ago, that a patch was introduced to EverQuest that changed how we view Armored Battle Cat Mounts. They used to have paws that would leave a colored trail of smoke, their eyes would blaze sparks, and they would exhale smoke from glowing mouths. These were the sort of cool visual effects and higher quality that could be expected of such an expensive mount. Armored Battle Cats could only be only be owned after paying the $50 upgrade fee to unlock the Collector's Edition of The Darkened Sea, and they remain the most expensive mount still available for purchase in the Daybreak Marketplace at the low, low price of 2995 DBC each (no discount for unlocking them via Collector's Edition).

    The patch that occurred on January 21st, 2015 removed these visual effects. It was reported numerous times across a space of many months in an effort to provide reminder without being obnoxious. This is the sort of bug that ought to be low priority, since it doesn't affect functionality or have a negative impact on gameplay, so I understood that I should have patience. With the introduction of JIRA, I submitted a case there (LINK) so that it could be tracked and voted upon. The bug was promptly confirmed, and I waited.

    It won't take much to imagine my disappointment that so many months later the bug remains unresolved, and to my surprise that the players don't seem to mind. I have neither seen nor heard any complaints about the downgraded graphics. Maybe I was only one of a very few that was actually excited about them. For the brief time that the Mounts were working correctly, the Cerulean Cat was my favorite. Now, I cannot bring myself to bother summoning it (outside of patch days to verify it is still broken), since it is a visual announcement of wasted money and reduced quality.

    I just wanted to put out one last reminder that this bug still exists, and see if any of the other owners were similarly disappointed by the downgrade of their mounts to the current lackluster state.

    R.I.P. shiny Armored Battle Cats
    Oct 2014 - Jan 2015
    We hardly knew ye.

  2. Sarcogian Augur

  3. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    You should PM or flag down Prathun.

    He was able to fix Oathbound Hammer pets after several months of summoning Dougs (default bald humans).

    The devs have said they can work on minor fixes on the side.
  4. Mint New Member

    Your char looks awesome on that mount I can see why you are disappointed
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  5. Natal Augur

    Particle effects create lag. What was cool for you is not necessarily cool for the people around you.
  6. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Particle effects are also totally optional. The display options are customizable to the point that you can restrict visible particle effects to self-only or even completely turned off. That way I can enjoy my shiny cat and you can enjoy a lag-free experience on your toaster.
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  7. Benito EQ player since 2001.

    Bump. This cat needs tlc.
  8. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    And this is why you just say no to collector editions!! The past few expansions it seems the collector bonus items are just a cash grab to milk the players for extra money.
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    That time I exposed koryu to so much hate, it rubbed off onto him in a post.
  10. Koryu Professional Roadkill

    Since this got bumped up anyway, an update: the bug report has finally been acknowledged as valid by Daybreak.

    Some people play on potatoes, I won't judge the guy with the toaster.