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    Not sure where to direct attention to this, but I played everquest 1 on and off since the release of the second expansion, kunark, and was wondering where to direct question about opportunities involving everquest or the daybreakcompany (gaming)0.

    I have been learning comp sci in terms of general study, during parts of the day which as i would be playing everquest, meaning as hobby and not as school or freelance or work.

    I started with c# soem years ago but then started to learn (backtrack in the field) with linux and c++ but more so in terms of making scripts and learning computer logic in general, and a lot of reading with hardware and the concept of topology took my interest but.
    I simply now would enjoy doing something simple to help a gaming community since i normally do things in life in bursts then go back to gaming, yet everquest still feels like home. No i am an awful writer but I can do things with code.

    Things I am not capable of are: artwork other than programmed bitmap stuff, 3d art is not possible, audio is outside my area completely, and writing fiction.

    Things I can do, are program, fix programmatic problematic solutions and though arts not something I enjoy modifying or creating interfaces via code, and design idea development (outside of fictional writing) and general game design or testing and fixing.

    A source of income has been thrown into need so I'm asking here since I've found the freelance world not possible and have never been to school past high school and that was during the early 2000s. Thanks in advance
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    koook, are you good with php and CSS ? The index pages of my website could need other colors to match the main site and I have not found a solution as the files are stored on the host server.