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  1. Squeecha Senior Guide

    Planned Guide happenings for the server will be posted here.
  2. Zaldan Senior Guide

    Hello Rathe!

    I am Senior Guide Zaldan and I will be using this thread to let you know about upcoming guide happenings and hopefully I can get some feedback from you the community on The Rathe.

    I look forward to seeing more and more new faces attend the activities the guide program holds on The Rathe.

    Thank you and Let the Fun Continue!
  3. Zaldan Senior Guide

    Hear Ye, Her Ye!!

    I hear tell there is an event scheduled for tonight (March 25th) some time around 6pm PST.
    This one is going to be a lot of fun, so bring all your friends and let's make some magic happen.


    Disclaimer: Guides are volunteers who are players just like you. Sometimes activities outside of Norrath interfere and cause events to be delayed or even cancelled without fore warning. We will always do our absolute best to make sure we are on time and in place for all events posted.
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  4. Zaldan Senior Guide

    Thanks everyone who came out for our event tonight! It was a great time and we had three big winners. Grommwell, Rintu and Granos. Player Rintu was awarded the title "the Keg Master" for finding a rare Keg.
    Congratulations to the winners and once again Thank you everyone who came out and enjoyed the fun.

  5. Zaldan Senior Guide

    Good afternoon My Wonderful friends on The Rathe.
    We have a new home for posting upcoming events that will not get lost in the shuffle of new postings that are non-guide event related. This is GREAT news because now you will be able to easily find out what events are happening and when without wading through multiple other forum threads.
    Our new home for posting Guide events can be found here The Rathe Guide Events.
    We look forward to seeing everyone and please spread the word about our new home.

    Your Pastryman
  6. Zaldan Senior Guide

    Good Day friends on The Rathe
    I am bumping this thread to make sure everyone sees we have a new home to post Guide events.
    The guide forums will have a thread where we will be advertising upcoming guide events.
    This is where to find them: The Rathe Guide Events

    We look forward to seeing you all there
  7. Forcer Deathmagi Journeyman

    Guide links are down
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