Greater Lightstones, Mrysila, Erollisi Marr, and Half Elves.

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Magneress, May 18, 2020.

  1. Magneress Elder

    To my surprise on Mangler North Karana is almost devoid of wisps and Myrsila does not like my half elf rogue who worships Erollisi. This is very strange. My mind is somewhat...

    What evil has befallen Norrath and the sweet gypsies who were my friends for so long?

    Ok, when I sneak and disguise myself she will discuss the Concordance of Research and Research Aid quest lines with me. I am hopeful... Am I forgetful that the gypsies where distrustful of rogues? Or Half Elves... what could I possibly have done in my young adventure of just 12 seasons to have earned her ire?
  2. Magneress Elder

    So it turns out all this stuff is still working pretty good, I just needed a random stellar bard of 65 planar cycles to roll in and wipe out the zone.

    Suddenly there were wisps and stuff everywhere and I had too many pelts to move. One thing of note though is that I got 4p per research book and the exp was only around 0.2% at lvl 13, so not a fast way to lvl 25 like I thought. No problems, because I still can easily kill even cons solo. Probably best for the health of the community over all that GLS aren't an easy ding to 30.
  3. ibc93 Journeyman

    Yeah it seems like Quest reward exp is nowhere as good as what it used to be or what it currently is on P99. Another spot you can farm GLS is in Erud's crossing. That was one of my dad's fav zones back in the day. Nobody goes there.
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  4. Magneress Elder

    still a great jumping off point i will probalby do this once my character can handle multiple greens to keep the island clear and just farm up 1-2k in stone money :D grab a slightly better dagger and move to bigger and better things, its kinda how i like to progress my rogue, i have amazing weapons right now that will take me to 30 if i am patient

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