Gone for almost 12 years. Heroic Paladin - Help please.

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by bellabulldog, May 10, 2014.

  1. bellabulldog New Member

    So I came back and on a whim purchased a heroic paladin. Boy things have changed and I have no idea what I'm doing or what spells to use. Started into the quest line and almost died to the mercenaries because I have no idea spells do.

    Can someone link a guide to paladin-ing or give me some advice on how to begin?
  2. Norathorr Augur

    Heroic toons IMO are quite problematic if you are not familiar with a classes abilities. I used to play paladin as my main through pop and early god. I would not have a clue what to do with a heroic one. My advice would be to play a baby paladin and reaffirm your base knowledge of the class and try and translate that to the heroic one. Check you aa class abilities for any activated aa through the activated filter search take note of what they do and hot key them. Crushes and stuns look like decent aggro. Withstand could be multi bound to your aggro setup as I guess you want as many uses of that as possible. Trial spells are nice hate over time with an ac buff. You also get a defensive self heal proc buff. It has been so long since I played a paladin to offer sound advice as level 85 is normally a massive leap in abilities particularly aa. I have a non heroic Sk I am now playing as main at 85 and I feel I have gained a lot from playing it since level 1. Keep your heroic pally and play a non heroic one till near the heroic level then switch and you will feel a lot more in control of what you are doing. Unless you get some familiarity with a class a heroic toon can be very confusing.
  3. Ayoheee Augur

    Aggro spells: Crush of Compunction, Force of the Crying Seas (or Crush of the Crying Seas, not both), Devout Force, Charge for Honor

    Healing spells: Glorious Vindication (nuke that procs a twincast for your next heal), Burst of Dawnlight, Shining Light, Aurora of Dawnlight, Wave of Remitment

    Other: Preservation of Tunare (defensive healing proc and +AC buff), Steely Stance (+hitpoint buff that lasts for 5 minutes), Protective Confession (short term melee vie).

    Long-term buffs: Brells line, Sworn Keeper (if you dont have cleric Aego line), Armor of Unwavering Faith, Silent Piety, Remorse for the Fallen, Devout Fury, Blessed Aura.

    Discs: Withstand (hit it every time its up while youre tanking), Honorific Mantle (DI reduction, used on nameds or bad pulls), Holyforge (for burning an undead mob), Sanctification (resist all resistable spells).

    AAs: Armor of the Inquisitor (+healing effectiveness and AC buff), Force of Disruption (aggro spell, basically), Third Spire (+AC and avoidance buff), Lay on Hands, Hand of Piety (Group LoH), Projection of piety (pet that builds aggro for you), Purification (instant cast remove all detremental spells), Shackles of Tunare (root!), Beacon of the Righteous (AE hate).
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  4. Ravengloome Augur

    ^ thats pretty much the last word on Heroic Paladins

    Get your Epic 2.0 ASAP as well.

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