Going from 4 to 6 box.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Cappo, Sep 2, 2020.

  1. Cappo New Member

    Currently running a Warrior Chanter Druid Wizard 4 box.
    I am locked in on the Warrior and Chanter and don't really want to replace the druid.
    Having trouble deciding if i should just go all in on caster dps adding 2 more wiz? 2 mage?
    Or drop the wizard and add a 3 new classes and then what classes?
  2. Tarvas Augur

    It depends on how much work you want to put into it. I am at the less work stage of playing this game given how top heavy stuff is so adding two more wizards is probably what I would do. If you don't care about alliance, adding a mage in for CoH is definitely a QoL pick.
  3. aozs Elder

    Alt tab boxing or using a key broadcaster? What sort of content are you aiming to do?

    I tried out a sk/enc/dru/wiz/wiz/wiz team (live, level 115) and it does pretty nice DPS, but survivability is an issue. A single druid healer with a warrior tank will have a tough time handling some TBL and ToV content. I'd suggest adding a 2nd healer (shm clr pal) if you want to have an easier time tackling all the group content.
  4. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    The group isn't 100% optimal for max dps, but it's more important you enjoy playing it than anything else. Having invested a lot of time into certain characters, I get it. I've been there too. What it led me to though is create even more alts so I actually have two full groups to choose from across my 6 accounts.

    Here are my thoughts to you: Add a bard to be able to keep going indefinitely with your caster team as well as boost the war a bit who do great dps in dual wield mode. Then add a cleric or shaman to use as your main healer for the group. Focus on dps on the druid with a toss of target of target heals to assist and or a group heal here and there if ever needed. If you plan on taking on challenging content (or if your war is behind in any way) I'd opt for a cleric as the sheer output of heals is super. Along with "oops" tools that can save you to a higher degree than using a shaman. Although the shaman can do super well regarding heals too as well as add nice buffs plus of course epic etc. Yum screams your warrior!

    If interested in my groups I've gone with a more melee oriented group and a more caster oriented one. I like not stacking the same classes to learn new classes as well as get any group buffs they might offer across the group. That's why I have; warrior, shaman, bard, ranger, beastlord, monk as my new powerhouse. And also some more I can swap in or out, such as shadow knight, mage, enchanter, druid, wizard, cleric.

    I always log out an alt though if anyone asks for a spot - but it's nice to be able to log in and get anything I want done in a pinch without lfg as I'm super busy lately irl.

    Good luck and have fun with learning some new classes, that's been the most fun for me in all this alt-craziness. :)
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  5. Cappo New Member

    Should have mentioned The Warrior and Enchanter are nearly full ToV raid geared and i am switching from doing 2 characters each on 2 pcs to key broadcaster. I can use the adjustment period as the prefect time do a PL with double exp.

    I have a 110 mage and can roll a cleric easily enough, the main question left is will the druid sustain enough dps without too much micro management to justify the spot in group with a cleric present.
  6. Zamiam Augur

    Thox nailed it on the head .. with a warrior as a tank your gonna need a good healer and I would suggest cleric even though any healer can heal thru most group content a cleric just has more and better heals to deal with any situation .. Including 2 forms of divine arbitration 1 in the form of AA and other is Epic 2.0 .. both very nice .. also cleric has like 4 or 5 AA heals at her disposal few direct heals and few group regens.. also shining bastion and ward .im cleric biased :p and some say cleric doesnt have dps well they do with undead

    my group makeup is War, cleric, Ench,Mage, and druid my 6th spot I leave open for any of my alts i want to interchange or a live person ..

    Ench, mage and druid are my DPSers .. while also providing CC from the ench , DPS and an off tank from the mage also CoTH .. druid is more of oh crap moment in case i need Evac but tracking is nice as well as sow, snare, extra heals if the need arises and debuffs.. my warrior can pull multiples so I use ench for dps mostly on rare occasions I might need her to mez but rarely .. I do have a box shaman I can log in for buffs I was gonna go for a wizzy instead of druid , but the druid just offers more and that extra healer in a pinch incase the cleric got silenced or something is nice..

    with boxing more than 3 toons I find it a QoL to have a mage for CoTH and Group CoTH as well as a porter druid,wizzy for easily being able to move around combine those with dropping a CF and you can get anywhere ...

    However it all comes down to what you like to play .. like thox I have a multitude of toons I can switch in and out .. play what you want to play ..
  7. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    Forgot to mention that having two priests in group. Such as your druid and a shaman or cleric, enables you to buff your tank with the druid healing alliance which means your shaman or cleric heals on your tank will trigger it. Extra ae heals for free!
  8. eqgamer Augur

    I've been boxing since Kunark and started boxing six on six PCs since the shadows of Luclin. I've tried about every combo possible but my favorite, which I still use today is: clr shm enc sk wiz mage. I think great additions for you - but this coming from one who only uses macros - would be clr and mage. Clr is a lot of fun this expansion and they have games best aura, adding even more hp to already your raid geared war. The mage is use to be great when playing war and when needing coth pulls but obviously today's game is different in that you'll tank nearly any pull just fine but the option is there for you. Add in the pet and it's a lock in my mind. Good luck.
  9. Randel Flag Journeyman

    I run a SK, Clr, enchanter, mage mage mage, but I have made a wizard that takes the therd mage spot for ports and for testing synergy.

    I like the sk over warrior coz he is his own back up healer and clr is great healer that barely ever goes lower then 75% mana even out of group healing.

    I run the mages coz i have been a mage Main since 1999 and love everything about the class.

    Enchanter is self explanatory great great CC with just a mez wave swap and IOG IOG IOG.
  10. Zamiam Augur

    I love my warrior .. hands down best tank and when fighting 1 on 1 best agro and dont have to worry about it i can click a button or 2 and forget him and go to my other toons even 2 mobs is fine when 3 or more I have to pay attention a bit more with my agro but for most part he is still my favorite ..

    sure SK's have some awesome tools but you have alot more button smashing on SK vs warrior jmho .. and my warrior isnt bad dps .. not great but not bad either
  11. aozs Elder

    With a broadcaster it should be easy to handle most classes, since it's just a matter of setting up a multi-bind or two. The hardest classes to manage will be DoT classes since they don't lend themselves well to multi-binding (I haven't tried to figure out how to set one up yet in a box group).

    I looked back at logs from when I just hit 115 and was doing lessons in ToFS for AAs.

    My druid operated as a nuker (group gear, most essential AAs) and was set up with the following:
    1a) Nature's Bolt
    1) Remote Sunshock
    2) Typhonic Roar
    3) Cyclonic Roar

    His personal DPS was 120-140k over 30 minute grind sessions. That includes aDPS from synergies, Enc aura, and close to 100pct uptime on Stormjolt Vortex with basically no individual attention. That number can increase with micromanagement or a more aggressive bind (more AA nukes, Nature's Wrath DoT), but mana will quickly become a big issue.

    His frost aura added about 30-35k across the group (including from himself). I don't know how to measure the contribution of the debuffs or crit buffs. Keeping in mind that the entire group is spamming spells, while a warrior wouldn't be able to benefit from druid aDPS.

    Overall he probably adds less than 200k worth to the group. A good DPS can add upwards of 400-500k with aDPS and synergies. 200k is not bad for a support role so the question will be how much you value the utility and having a backup healer. I'd generally be in favor of having a 2nd healing source because 1 healer is vulnerable to silence/mez/cc mechanics, but I don't think a druid would be too optimal unless the group is very caster-heavy.
  12. Zamiam Augur

    a druid is perfect for a caster heavy group .. also although the druid is no wizard or mage in terms of DPS they can put out some nice dps if not having to focus on heals .. also you have to remember the other benefits the druid offers Evac , Pinch heals, Snare, and Portability ..

    It was a toss up for me between shaman and druid and I went with druid due to a few factors .. Tracking, Snare, ports .. they both heal .. wizy and druid both port , but wizzy doesnt heal .. so thats why I chose druid..
  13. Kelset Elder

    Using a key broadcaster I 5-box with Pal, Enc, Cleric, Wiz, Wiz and will have the caster as a merc. If I were to add a 6th class it would be wizard just for the ease of play and dps increase for little effort. With this setup I'm almost 100% on the paladin unless I'm doing crowd control. I do rotate which multi-bind set I'm running through by alternating hotkeys for every other mob. This allows me to rotate dps aa's and spells between the ench, wiz and wiz. If I added an extra wizard, all I would need is another hotkey rotation to take full advantage of cool downs.
    Group geared and with this setup I've done all of the current content except for the Velks and Kael hero missions as a casual player. Adding the extra wizard would only make it easier without any added boxing overhead.
  14. Duality Augur

    I'd add a bard and zerker. Mages are nice easy addons, but the zerker will out dps them especially if you're already bringing toons in to melee. I usually run either ench/dru/bard/mag/zerk or bard/dru/3mag +merc in each.
  15. Zamiam Augur

    just curious for you guys who use a mage as your sole tank . how do you get through a named or a task with a certain named that seems to avoid pets and bee lines it directly for whoever has Agro usually the mage..

    I tried the mage tank thing and it usually works out till i ran across a few named that seemed to bee line it for mage and ignored my pet .. thats when i switched to having a real tank .. I use mage now for an off tank or back up , but I dont rely on it ..
  16. Duality Augur

    Some nameds I have to use a charm to tank, but 95% of them air pets can handle just fine with merc and supplemental heals. They just need to be current on their pet AA's.

    actually the charm pets usually die first =p
  17. Zamiam Augur

    do you find the ench/bard counter productive having them in same group ? also I've never played a bard past lvl 95 .. are they decent dps at high lvls and how's their mez and or charm like ..

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