Give me back my Goranga Spear!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tsolaes, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Tsolaes Elder

    Short version:

    With the 2h Piercing update, Shamans and Bards are no longer able to use the Goranga Spear.

    Long version:

    I'm aware of how pointless this is to complain about, but I'm gonna do it anyway.

    Goranga Spear came out with Shadows of Luclin about 12 years ago. It was one of those rare items that ignored standard class skills and allowed Shamans and Bards to use it. Read the item comments above. Most of the people talking about it are shamans and bards. There are other weapons that Shamans aren't supposed to be able to use, such as Overseer's Lasher (1hSlash) and Pestilence Scythe (2hSlash) and many more. Based on skills, shamans aren't 'eligible' to use the weapons but for some reason the developers let us use them. They are hardly overpowered, and are just neat little tricks that every class in Everquest enjoys finding.

    With the lastest patch, 2h Pierce is now its own skill. Goranga Spear has been changed so that bards and shamans can't equip it, because they aren't 'eligible' classes for the skill. I can understand changing some more recent weapons to prevent overpowering, but changing old items from SoL 12 years ago?

    I've been using the Goranga Spear for most of these 12 years, and recently enjoyed putting cool 2h Pierce only weapon molds/ornaments on it. To prepare for the new SoF addition to the game, I set up a cool shadow costume for my character with the new armor looks, complete with a cool Void ornament on my Goranga Spear. I was using it the night of the patch! Then I log on the next day and its in my inventory, unable to be equipped.

    I can understand the update to 2h Pierce. But there was no reason to go back and change such a useless low level item. I'm sure some developer was just going through all the items, making the changes and assuming no one would even care that a 12 year old item is losing a few usable classes. Well, this one player cares! I had my cool shadow costume all ready for the new update. I had been using the cool Void staff, even though my shaman is 92 and the weapon is weak. I'm from FV, where some still try to keep the tradition of roleplay alive. The GMs have been giving me the "shamans aren't eligible" excuse, but what about all the other items I can use that I dont have a skill for?

    I say change Goranga Spear back to the way it was, or change the many other items that shamans shouldn't be able to use. If all the other items get nerfed, there will be a lot more than just me complaining about it.
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  2. Langya Augur

    TL,DR version:

    In the time it took to write this complaint, I could have sent feedback or a bug report in to the people who can actually address my problem, but for whatever reason decided not to.

    These boards do seem to exist just to be a referendum on every minor grievance or glitch apparently since the devs never make mistakes as opposed to everything being a direct affront to the players on purpose. Try the channels that exist first, wait for some time for a response, a solution, and THEN post your public outcry if it is apparent they devs are not addressing the issue. If this reply to your post seems snarky, it is because it is intended to be. It just seems that complaining is too much of a driving force for change in EQ. It needs to end. Let the people who can help you do their thing first. You will get their attention and sympathy much quicker if you appeal to them first before passing on the torches and pitch forks to the masses.
  3. Tsolaes Elder

    Hey thanks for addressing my issue! Btw I did petition a few times, /feedbacked and everything before I posted here. The last petition reply said I could get some additional help on the forums, so I posted in the bug list and here to get some more attention. No need to be snarky, I did all I could before coming to the soap box here. ^_^ But hey keep posting here so it stays up top. I'm also taking this to internet court, as I feel I have a solid case. My lawyer Mr. Gibson would like to make a statement:

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  4. Jyve Augur

    I'd humbly suggest that it's better to get the community opinion first, filter out the good/bad ideas, then escalate it up to the powers that be. I think it's valid for the post to be made and issue raised here.
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  5. fransisco Augur

    I remember being made when bards couldn't equip 2h slash weapons anymore. But they never changed that back either.
  6. Tsolaes Elder

    A special message from my lawyer to the developers:

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  7. Tsolaes Elder

  8. Iila Augur

    You are my new favorite single issue poster.
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  9. Tsolaes Elder

  10. Mary Poppins Augur

    I support this cause.
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  11. Muji Augur

    Yeah and give me back my treant fists with right click complete heal back too!
  12. Tsolaes Elder

  13. Felicite Augur

    I support Tsolaes' campaign to get his shadow costume spear back!
  14. Piestro Augur

    This is an exceedingly odd request. I do however appreciate the pictures.
  15. AddersK New Member

    This is my favorite thread ever.
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  16. Smokezz The Bane Crew

  17. Mary Poppins Augur

    We're all glad you find our cause amusing, Pie. The real issue is what steps are being taken within SOE to remedy the injustice that was callously imparted upon brother Tso?

    Give the man his spear back.
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  18. Ginormus Journeyman

    I am a fellow shaman and I own a couple 2H piercers too, just for the thrill of dressing like a shadowknight for the costume parties. I support this cause fully and I do not see a reason to deprecate a 12 years old weapon with zero special skill, just for "cleanup" reasons.

    Tso, I vote for you as "shaman of the year", your pictures are just great.

    Please give it back, some people enjoy aspects of the game that have no relation to productivity, power levelling or such.
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  19. Mykaylla Augur

    I, sadly, am unable to use a 2handed piercer as a cleric, other than a pitchfork from a Hallowe'en quest.
    I do, though, possess a collection of 1handed piercers, slashers, handwrap/fist-type weapons, numerous robes, chain and leather armour, and assorted offhand items that make me appear to dual wield, along with appropriate race illusions to match.
    I would be a very sad panda if I lost them.
    I feel for your loss. Who cares if you no longer wield it with a modicum of skill? That hasn't stopped any foolhardy adventurer before!
  20. Straahdx Augur

    Personally, I've never understood why a weapon is unable to be equipped in the first place. If you have arms and hands, one would think you can hold any weapon you can pick up, just make it so attack does not work if your particular class isn't suppose to use the weapon type in question. Just my 2cp.

    P.S. - no one likes a crying shaman, give him his spear back! Lol..
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