Getting credit card errors but still showing charges

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Tzash, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Tzash New Member

    Credit Card errors... was trying to add daybreak cash to my account and Kept getting an error message. now my credit cards, 1 is showing 13 charges (11 for $45 and 2 for $85) and the other 1 is showing 2 charges for $45 on them. This needs resolved asap please.
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    So you kept clicking charge after the error? Never went back in and looked to make sure no charges went thru? :( I am sure DB will make this right for you. Maybe a petition would be faster? I would NOT dispute the charges with your bank just yet - that would be an instant permanent ban from DBG. Keep in mind when you start paying your bills online for elec or water etc that this happens a lot - errors during the online payment process - and its always a good idea to double check and log in/out to verify - not just in EQ.
  3. A_ranger_02 New Member

    that sucks, hope you get ti sorted, or you have a lot of DB cash to spend :)
  4. Jezzie Augur

    Had a similar experience years ago with a prepaid card. If the information on the account (such as the billing address) doesn't match then the funds are put in a "holding" state.
    The money is subtracted from the card but the transaction doesn't go through.
    In my case I entered the wrong security number so $400 was subtracted from the card.
    I called the CC company and they informed me that I would need a letter of release from Daybreak or I could just wait till the end of the month when the money would be refunded to the card. As it was only 1 week till the end of the month I waited and sure enough the cash was put back on the card.

    In the case of a banks CC my payment wouldn't go through because it said Daybreak was blocked and my bank rejected the transaction. In that case no money was subtracted from my account but the delay in getting the blocks lifted through the bank resulted in me losing my deal on the 12 month subscription.

    I guess it would help to know if your credit card is a prepaid with all the required registered information needed to complete the transaction.
  5. Risiko Augur

    This happened to many people over the weekend. They had a major issue with the DBC purchasing system, and from the notice I got, they are working on resolving it.

    I tried twice in game and twice on their website. All four times it said there was an error, and to try again later. When I checked my bank account, I got charged all four times. Luckily, I was only purchasing the $5 amounts.
  6. Risiko Augur

    Make sure to petition it though, so they have a record of your particular issue.
  7. Jezzie Augur

    Surprising to me that the bank would put the funds in a charges pending status instead of flat out rejecting the transaction.
    Maybe it is just a delay in authorization from Daybreaks billing dept. but I sure hope the OP doesn't get charged for all those multiple transactions. Surely the bank would treat that many transactions as suspicious and put a hold on the process.
    If that happens then the funds will be returned at the end of the billing month unless the OP obtains a letter directly from Daybreak releasing the funds back to the account. That process will probably take much longer than a month.
    It sucks that those funds are floating around in cyberspace for a month while nobody seems to accept responsibility, but that's how it seems to work.
  8. Derd Augur

    If you get an error, the next error is trying over and over. At least wait to see of it shows up on your card before doing anything else.
  9. CatsPaws Augur

    When it did it to me the error was AFTER it confirmed my charge in the account management site. I thought this odd cause it said it would send me the email so I logged out and then back in and right there was my shiny new expansion purchase. I noticed this about a month ago also when changing credit cards: got an error at the end so figured it didn't work and logged out. Waited a few days and when I went back in the new cc info was there.
  10. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    PLEASE put in a support ticket if you experienced purchasing issues his weekend! Our Customer Support team will be able to help you resolve problems you may have encountered with charges or the like.
  11. Wisperin New Member

    Any new info on this? I put in a ticket yesterday and was told:

    "We have found the original cause of the problems and are currently working on a fix to resolve the issue.

    We want to thank you for your continued patience and we will let you know once the fix has been implemented and the next steps."
    I'm not trying to be impatient I just haven't heard any new info for a little over 24hrs. Thanks
  12. Deillusional Augur

    Roxxlyy one of our guild members have been banned / suspended due to payment issues we think, why do you put them in place when you have had issues for the past month with your payment systems? The member has petitioned using a newly created account.
  13. Deillusional Augur

    The member was suspended/ banned over the weekend too much of a coincidence on this.
  14. Ofearl Augur

    Not sure if it matters or not. My three accounts I pay via auto renew every 3 months on a rotation systen so every month i pay 35 bucks or whatever it is. If I wanna splurge a little and get extra station cash I use paypal via direct withdrawal from my account. I havent had a single issue and always make sure there is enough in the account before I make a transaction.

    Just a heads up for everyone, if you ever encounter an online transaction that dosent go through, stop clicking the damn buttons before you get charged out the azz...
  15. CatsPaws Augur

    Well Said!
  16. kexor New Member

    Since Daybreak is about as trust worthy as the ones offering free lotto wins for visa number thru mail i highly recommend using a virtual credit card service from your bank

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