Get ready for EverQuest: Rain of Fear on November 28, 2012!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Piestro, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Piestro Augur

    EverQuest: Rain of Fear’s launch is approaching quickly; just a few more short days! Are you ready to journey into the city of Shard’s Landing, and experience all new content? The Pre-Order is drawing to a close, and will only be available until Tuesday, November 27, 2012. Don’t miss your chance to get the best deal on the EverQuest: Rain of Fear Collector’s Edition!

    On November 28, 2012 we will be having a corpse wipe as we prepare for the launch of EverQuest: Rain of Fear. Make sure to get all your corpses resurrected before then, as they will no longer exist when the servers come up that day.

    What will you be doing to get ready for the Rain of Fear?
  2. Cakvala Augur

    Corpse wipe? Ahah thats awesome.
  3. Kucaniz Master

    After I finish off my saved AAs tonight, I'll just be waiting and trying to take the time to do other things outside the game until RoF rolls around next week. How much of my out of game projects I'll get done is always up in the air; can be hard to focus on things.
  4. Tarvas Augur

    It is...cuz corpse stackers suck.
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  5. Doklok New Member

    Will those who have already pre-ordered get early access?
  6. Falos Augur

    Yep they will be able to access Shard's landing 3 minutes earlier than those who wait until servers come up to rush and use their credit card to buy the expansion.
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  7. fuzzykiwi New Member

    does this include corpses in shadowrest ?
  8. Tobynn Augur

    ^^ I hope so. I have two accounts with corpses in Shadowrest. Every time I log on either account, I get the system message about having corpses there. I head into Shadowrest, and I can summon the corpses endlessly, literally creating a mountain of the same corpse over and over and over again. However, I cannot loot any of the corpses, so they never decay. So presently, I have permanent unlootable corpses. Been that way for a year maybe?
  9. RekMMO Lorekeeper

    I bought my first legitimate gaming rig the other day. I will be enjoying RoF without the crazy amounts of lag I used to get in newer expansions. I'm also having an affair with Planetside 2 right now. =P
  10. Qbert Augur

    I guess I haven't tested it in Shadowrest, as I haven't gone there in years, but does not the decay command work on corpses there like it does everywhere else? I usually just decay my corpses so I have some more experience to work towards rather than rezzing them.
  11. Tobynn Augur

    I haven't tried to intentionally decay the Shadowrest corpses because I assume there must be some sort of item(s) on them -- otherwise they would have decayed long ago on their own.

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