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  1. EQ Dev Developer

    September 20, 2017

    *** Highlights ***

    - Added the Find Item Window which allows you to search your inventory. See UI section for details.
    - Pick Zone Improvement: The ability to /pick as a group has been added. See Miscellaneous section for details.
    - Illusion Benefit buffs now persist through death.

    *** Items ***

    - Stats granted by food and drink will now obey required and recommended levels.
    - Modified the focus effects on all versions of Brell's Shawl items and augments so that their benefits will no longer be activated by triggered spells.
    - - Ex: Previously, casting Unity of the Doomscale would attempt to trigger Brell's Sacred Soothing Wave 5 times, now it will only attempt to trigger once.
    - The kick skill damage modifier has been added to appropriate bard usable items.
    - The Relife Adornment augment usable by Warriors, Rangers, and Beastlords can now be used by Bards. The Relife Adornment augment currently usable by Bards can now be converted to the version with the kick skill damage modifier.
    - Bards can now use Struck Quartzite augments.
    - Corrected an issue that allowed the teleport spells on Zueria Slide to be cast without standing or while moving.
    - Corrected an issue that prevented the recast timer on Gyrospire Relocation Device from being set as expected.
    - Nimbuses that had 'aura' in the name have had their names changed, since the word 'aura' implies that the spell would behave as an aura.
    - Fixed a bug with the Bridle of the Ursus Antonicus that allowed it to be used indoors.
    - Reverted the names and icons of the items used to create the Hand of Glory.
    - Horse Bridles that can be sold back to Galic Amondson in The Bazaar will now have description text indicating this fact:
    - - Creatures that previously dropped Silken Bridles will now instead drop Ornate Silken Bridles.
    - - Ornate Silken Bridles are equivalent to Silken Bridles with the exception that they cannot be sold back to Galic Amondson, are lore, and cannot be used in Roboboar, Worg, or Ornate Barding combines.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - A spell research table is now available in the Plane of Knowledge near the Rasumus clan.

    *** Quests And Events ***

    - Hunter of The Plane of Valor - The rare creature previously named 'a Lumbering Beast' is now named 'an Ungainly Beast' to better differentiate it from the non-rare creatures that were also named 'a Lumbering Beast'.
    - Lost Dungeons of Norrath hostages will no longer warp to the person they're following if the leader gets too far away. Instead, they will stop moving and wait for their leader to get closer.
    - Access to Asylum of Anguish (Quest) - A Shrewd Dragorn no longer has a placeholder and is now guaranteed to spawn (in new locations) in all versions of the Dranik's Hollows instances. He now carries six signets but will not respawn in the same instance.
    - Celestial Fists (Quest) - Gwan should more reliably leave a corpse when slain.
    - The Rescue (Quest) - Hailing Agilica will now properly cause the two Darkvine guard NPCs to spawn.
    - Key to Veeshan's Peak (Quest) - Quest hand-ins can no longer be multiquested.
    - Fatestealer (Quest) - Moved a few of the potential spawn points for the Shapely Vegetation in Fungus Grove. The bad spawn points were inaccessible when the vegetation appeared underneath a fern.
    - Access to Anguish (Quest) - The achievement Seal: Mastery of All will now complete reliably when all six Muramite Proving Grounds trials have been completed. It is no longer necessary to get a hidden 7th flag in order to get Anguish access.
    - Key to Charasis (Quest) - Chancellor of Di`Zok now has a small chance to spawn anywhere in the Sarnak Fort in the Lake of Ill Omen. The throne spawn location for the Chancellor now spawns much more frequently, but is no longer guaranteed to be the Chancellor of Di`Zok.
    - Relm M`Loch's Delivery Service (Quest) - Relm M`Loch now casts Alter Plane: Sky instead of Alter Plane: Hate when teleporting an adventurer to the Plane of Sky.
    - Mastery of Hatred Trial (Raid) - Voracious Ferans will not respawn during and after the event.
    - Mastery of Endurance Trial (Raid) - The Ancients will not respawn during and after the event.
    - Queen Velazul Di`Zok (Raid) - The warcasters once again cast Enveloping Smoke simultaneously. They now cast Electric Blast at staggered intervals.
    - Kor-Sha Laboratory (Raid) - Fixed an issue that caused Aura of Kor-Sha to be applied (and then resisted) every minute on characters who had completed the Essence of the Dragon II achievement.
    - The Summoning of Droga (Raid & Mission) - Droga will no longer count down towards consuming one of his priests unless there are actually priests up. This should make it easier and more reliable to earn the No Priests for You achievement.

    *** Spells ***

    - Illusion Benefit buffs now persist through death.
    - Fixed a bug that caused the healing effects of lifetap spells to expend counters on buffs that fade after being hit by detrimental spells.
    - Berserker - Corrected an issue that prevented several abilities (the Volley line and Dichotomic Rage) from properly checking for the reagent they were flagged to require.
    - Paladin - Increased the cost of Harmonious Blessing and reduced the number of counters to 40. Reduced the hate added by Harmonious Illumination. Reduced the heal granted by Harmonious Light.
    - Ranger - Reduced the amount of ATK added by Strength of Tunare to 60 to account for the innate amount of ATK that is granted by AA at level 62.
    - Shadowknight - Increased the cost of Harmonious Disruption and reduced the number of counters to 40. Reduced the damage dealt by Precise Disruption. Reduced the range and healing amount of Disruptive Recourse. Reduced the hate added by Precise Disruption and Expansive Distraction.
    - Warrior - Converted Flash of Anger so that it no longer has to buff you with a second 'Flash of Anger Effect' spell. Because two-handed stance negates the parry buff from this ability, you are now prevented from activating Flash of Anger while you are in that stance.
    - Warrior - Increased the cost of Harmonious Expanse. Reduced the number of counters on Harmonious Expanse Effect to 40. Greatly reduced the hate added by Expansive Disharmony.
    - Warrior - Increased the cost of Harmonious Precision. Reduced the number of counters on Harmonious Precision Effect to 40. Greatly reduced the hate added and damage done by Precise Disharmony. Greatly reduced the healing done by Harmonious Vigor.
    - Warrior - Wade In to Battle will now fade after triggering 24 shouts, and the shouts will now incite less hatred in your foes.

    *** AA ***

    - All - Corrected a bug that caused the achievement Call of the Forsaken Master Scavenger to not grant ranks 3 or 4 of Trophy Collector. Any affected characters should be fixed the next time they log in.
    - All - Increased the base mitigation AC soft cap by 6% at level 85 up to 26% at level 105 for all classes.
    - All - The following ability lines have been consolidated or modified which may result in the need for some classes to repurchase some abilities. Enabling auto-grant should correct the majority of these issues:
    - - Bard - Removed ranks 2-11 of Lure of the Siren's Song and consolidated Hastened Lure of the Siren's Song to be ranks 2-7.
    - - Berserker - Removed ranks 2-15 and 17-21 of Self Preservation and consolidated Hastened Self Preservation to be ranks 2-6 and 8-11.
    - - Cleric - Removed ranks 2-15 of Divine Peace.
    - - Druid - Removed ranks 2-11 of Veil of the Underbrush.
    - - Enchanter - Removed ranks 2-31 of Friendly Stasis.
    - - Enchanter - Removed ranks 3-33 of Self Stasis and consolidated Hastened Self Stasis to be ranks 3-11.
    - - Magician - Removed ranks 2-21 of Drape of Shadows and consolidated Hastened Drape of Shadows to be ranks 2-14.
    - - Monk - Removed ranks 2-35 of Imitate Death and consolidated ranks 1-7 of Hastened Imitate Death to be ranks 2-8.
    - - Monk - Removed ranks 2-11 of Moving Mountains.
    - - Necromancer - Removed ranks 2-21 of Death's Effigy and consolidated Hastened Death's Effigy to be ranks 2-4.
    - - Paladin - Removed ranks 2-20 of Balefire Burst.
    - - Paladin - Removed ranks 2-10 of Divine Call, consolidated Hastened Divine Call to be ranks 2-4 and 6-9, and consolidated Extended Divine Call to be rank 5.
    - - Ranger - Removed ranks 4-23 of Cover Tracks and consolidated Hastened Cover Tracks to be ranks 4-15.
    - - Rogue - Removed ranks 4-36 of Escape and consolidated Hastened Escape to be ranks 3-7 and 9-12.
    - - Pet Classes - Removed ranks 3, 5, and 7-22 of Summon Companion. Extended the summoning range of ranks 2+ of Summon Companion to 10,000.
    - - Shadowknight - Removed ranks 2-21 of Death's Effigy.
    - - Shadowknight - Removed ranks 4-8, 10, 12, and 14-23 of Hate's Attraction and consolidated Hastened Hate's Attraction to be ranks 4-6 and 10-13.
    - - Shaman - Removed ranks 2-5 and 7-21 of Inconspicuous Totem and consolidated Hastened Inconspicuous Totem to be ranks 2-4 and 6-13. Totemic Form now fades when Inconspicuous Totem fades or is removed.
    - - Warrior - Removed ranks 2-15 of Howl of the Warlord and consolidated Quickened Howl of the Warlord to be ranks 2-4.
    - - Warrior - Removed ranks 2-5 of Warlord's Grasp.
    - - Wizard - Removed ranks 2-11 of A Hole in Space.
    - Multiple - Consolidated Group Perfected Levitation to be rank 2 of Perfected Levitation.
    - Mana Users - Spell Casting Mastery no longer reduces the mana cost of AA abilities that have a mana cost.
    - Magician, Shaman - Slightly reduced the effectiveness of ranks 19-25 of Malosinete and ranks 4-10 of Wind of Malosinete so that the appropriate level Malo spells will overwrite the AA ability debuff.
    - Necromancer, Shadowknight - Consolidated Bony Grasp of Death to be ranks 11 and 15 of Encroaching Darkness. These additional ranks are now available to Necromancers. Starting at rank 11, Encroaching Darkness will now be nearly unresistable against undead targets.
    - Paladin, Shadowknight - Changed Helix from an activated ability to a passive ability that is triggered when casting hate over time spells. Ranks 1-7 of Helix of the Undying have been consolidated into Improved Demand For Honor for Paladins and Improved Demand for Power for Shadowknights.
    - Paladin, Shadowknight, Warrior - Made the following adjustments to Weapon Stances:
    - - Defensive Proficiency: Reduced the defensive percentage on this stance from 20% to 12% and the shield block percentage from 15% to 10%.
    - - Dual-Wielding Proficiency: Reduced the defensive percentage on this stance from 15% to 6% and added the 20% proc chance bonus (equivalent to Defensive Proficiency).
    - - Two-Handed Proficiency: This stance now suppresses the effects of Combat Stability, reducing your effective armor class.
    - Bard - Bards now gain the kick skill at level 17:
    - - Changed Selo's Kick to be a passive ability that will add an additional Kick attack to your Kick skill button presses.
    - - Changed Frenzied Kicks to reduce the reuse timer of the Kick skill.
    - - Changed the skill of the extra attack granted by Furious Refrain from Frenzy to Kick.
    - Bard - Consolidated Sionachie's Crescendo to be rank 7 of Reaching Notes and made all ranks of Reaching Notes into a toggled passive ability.
    - Bard - Moved the attack enhancement component of Quick Time to prevent stacking conflicts with several other buffs.
    - Bard - Rallying Call now consumes 75% of the mana and endurance restored by this ability. The reuse time for this ability has been increased to 10 minutes. The target requirements have been adjusted so that melee classes must be below 30% endurance and classes that use mana must be below 30% mana rather than any class being below 30% of either.
    - Bard - Added a new self-targeted ability, Rallying Solo, which shares a timer with Rallying Call, but allows the bard to restore their own mana/endurance if they are below 30% mana.
    - Bard - Fixed an issue that prevented Lure of the Siren's Song from activating if your current target was immune to its effects.
    - Beastlord - Corrected an issue that caused Group Bestial Alignment to be blocked if Group Bestial Alignment Form was blocked.
    - Berserker - Removed the restrictions that prevented Blood Sustenance and Furious Rampage/Focused Furious Rampage from coexisting.
    - Cleric - Consolidated Smite the Wicked to be ranks 30 and 34 of Turn Undead.
    - Cleric - Quiet Miracle has been renamed Quiet Prayer and now consumes mana equal to the health/mana restored to the target. The ability now shares a timer with Veturika's Perseverance. The amount of health/mana restored by Veturika's Perseverance has been increased to 30,000. The reuse time of these abilities has been increased to 20 minutes.
    - Cleric, Necromancer, Paladin - Refunded Sense the Dead.
    - Druid - Consolidated Flight of Eagles to be rank 2 of Spirit of Eagle.
    - Enchanter - Changed Project Illusion into a toggled passive ability.
    - Enchanter - Rune of Banishment can no longer be focused for duration. Banishing Force, the defensive proc from Rune of Banishment, will now only push targets that are lower level than the caster.
    - Enchanter - Scintillating Beam has been removed and its ranks consolidated into Beam of Slumber. These ranks will now cause Beam of Slumber to trigger increasing ranks of Somnolence and Scintillating Beam Root on each of the targets hit by Beam of Slumber.
    - Enchanter - Removed the snare component from all ranks of Waking Nightmare, the recourse component of Noctambulate.
    - Magician - Increased the HP:Mana return of Giant Modulation Shard from 30,000:10,000 to 37,500:12,500.
    - Magician - Improved Reclaim Energy will now cause Reclaim Energy to return a percentage of the pet spell's base mana cost rather than a percentage of the amount of mana used to summon the pet, which accounts for mana preservation.
    - Magician - Extended the range of the pet fade component of Drape of Shadows from 350 to 10,000.
    - Magician - Consolidated Virulent Talon to be ranks 23, 29-32, and 38-41 of Frenzied Burnout. Activating Frenzied Burnout now triggers the additional Virulent Talon buff. Adjusted the number of strikes triggered by Virulent Talon to account for the reduced reuse time.
    - Monk - Made a number of significant changes to the following AA lines: Crippling Strike, Eye Gouge, Gouging Claws of the Jade Tiger, Master's Hastened Combination, and Stunning Kick:
    - - Eye Gouge has been changed into a passive ability named Resonant Strikes that will add an additional Tiger Claw attack to your Tiger Claw, Eagle Strike, or Dragon Punch (or Tail Rake) skill button presses.
    - - Stunning Kick has been changed into a passive ability named Resonant Kicks that will add an additional Flying Kick attack to your Kick, Round Kick, or Flying Kick skill button presses.
    - - Crippling Strike has been changed into a passive ability named Sweeping Kick that allows your Kick skill button presses to snare your target for 6 seconds.
    - - Gouging Claws of the Jade Tiger has had additional ranks added to it and will now allow your Tiger Claw skill button presses to trigger an attack debuff equivalent to Eye Gouge.
    - - Master's Hastened Combination has had additional ranks added and has been renamed to Stunning Round Kick. It will now allow your Round Kick skill button presses to stun your target for up to 1.5 seconds.
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Death's Malaise to be ranks 8-9 and 12-13 of Scent of Terris. Undead targets will now be slowed in addition to having their resistances debuffed.
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Perfected Dead Men Floating to be rank 3 of Dead Man Floating.
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Lingering Nightmares to be ranks 3-7 of Frenzy of the Dead. Activating Frenzy of the Dead now triggers the additional Lingering Nightmares buff. Increased the duration of Frenzy of the Dead by 6 seconds. Increased the reuse time by 100 seconds. Increased the damage and number of the lifetaps triggered by Lingering Nightmares.
    - Necromancer - Consolidated Smoldering Fury, Inner Fire, and Soul Fire into a single buff named Funeral Pyre.
    - Necromancer - Added a 100 hit limit to both ranks of Embalmer's Carapace and increased the damage dealt by rank 2 of Embalmer's Curse from 1,500 every 6 seconds to 4,500 every 6 seconds.
    - Necromancer - Made the following adjustments to Reluctant Benevolence:
    - - All ranks of Reluctant Benevolence are now toggled passive.
    - - The amount of healing offered by each rank of Reluctant Lifeshare has been adjusted to account for the change to a permanent duration, scaling from 28% at rank 1 to 116% at rank 12.
    - - The focus limits on the ability have been adjusted so that only lifetap spells that cost 100 or more mana that are within approximately 10 levels of the AA ability level will trigger Reluctant Lifeshare.
    - Ranger - Scout's Mastery of the Elements, Scout's Mastery of Fire, and Scout's Mastery of Ice will no longer increase the damage of weapon procs.
    - Ranger - Improved the resist rate of Ferocious Kicks.
    - Shadowknight - Moved the melee damage enhancement component of Visage of Death to prevent stacking conflicts with Unholy Guardian Discipline. Note: The melee damage reduction of Unholy Guardian Discipline will still preclude the effects of Visage of Death's enhancement.
    - Shadowknight - Thought Leech is now exempt from the twincast chance granted by Twintap.
    - Shadowknight - Made the following adjustments to Soul Flay:
    - - All ranks of Soul Flay are now toggled passive.
    - - The amount of mana restored by each rank of Soul Flay has been adjusted to account for the change to a permanent duration, scaling from 51% at rank 1 to 60% at rank 9.
    - - The focus limits on the ability have been adjusted so that only lifetap spells that cost 100 or more mana that are within approximately 6 levels of the AA ability level will trigger Soul Flay.
    - Shaman - Fleeting Spirit has been changed to now double the effectiveness of 5 at rank 1 to 10 at max rank. Reduced the duration of the ability for damage over time spells to 2 minutes and heal over time spells to 4 minutes.
    - Shaman - Extended Spirit of the Puma will no longer extend the duration of Roar of the Lion.
    - Shaman - Refunded Paralytic Spores and Paralytic Spray. Changed Spiritual Rebuke to be a knock back that triggers a root effect (similar to Paralytic Spray) and added additional ranks.
    - Warrior - Refunded War Stomp as it is less effective than Battle Leap.
    - Wizard - Consolidated Druzzil's, E'ci's, Improved, Kerafyrm's, and Ro's Familiar abilities to be a single line.
    - Wizard - Reduced the fire debuff of Pyromantic Ignition for ranks 13-24 of Pyromancy to 50 to match Cryomancy and Arcomancy.
  2. EQ Dev Developer

    *** NPCs ***

    - Beast Domain - Slightly raised the default location of Yahnoa due to reports of him being under the ground. NOTE: He is up on a branch, so make sure to look up.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Assist Silverwing (Quest) - The Inscribable Words that are ground spawns in Plane of Valor and Karnor's Castle are now restricted to the unlocking of Gates of Discord.
    - Rellix in Rivervale is now available when Gates of Discord unlocks.
    - Clan RunnyEye drops that were added mid-2001 are now restricted to the unlocking of Velious. NPCs that drop Blackened Alloy items will drop Blackened Iron until Velious has unlocked.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Pick Zone Improvement: The ability to /pick as a group has been added.
    - - The Multiple Instance Choice window now has the option to pick as a group that the group leader can toggle.
    - - You must be in the same pick instance as the group leader, be out of combat, and have no pick timer to pick as a group.
    - Fixed a graphics bug that could cause the game to lock up and become non-responsive. This bug was most commonly encountered during the mission 'A Rotten Heart' in the Tower of Rot.
    - Added a message at character select if characters are taking a long time to load.
    - Players can now correctly invite others to password protected chat channels again.
    - Secalna Galnor in the Plane of Knowledge will again send low level adventurers to the Mines of Gloomingdeep.
    - Arias in the Mines of Gloomingdeep now has a dialogue that helps explain how to use /pick.

    *** UI ***

    - Added the Find Item Window which allows you to search your inventory:
    - - The window can be toggled with /finditem as well as through buttons found in the inventory window, bank window, and EQ menu.
    - - You can search for specific item names with /finditem Itemname.
    - - The window allows you to search for any item or augment in your immediate possession, bank, shared bank, mercenary slot, key ring, or in a real estate that you own.
    - - The window allows you to directly grab items from your inventory (hold left-click) or offers the ability to highlight the location/bag where the item is located (right-click).
    - Fixed the display of drop down lists in multiple UI windows so the text in the list will no longer be cut off.
    - Added a new chat filter to show/hide 'begin casting' messages for proc spells. By default these messages will now be hidden.
    - The achievement category icons for recent expansions are now a bit brighter.
    - The /pickzone window now displays the number of group members in each instance of your current zone.
    - Addressed an issue that caused some events to not properly appear in the calendar.
    - Added the ability to export data, one month at a time, from the in-game calendar to an iCal format file which can then be imported to most calendars, including Google and Outlook.
    - Removed the veteran reward reminder when logging in on servers that do not allow veteran rewards to be claimed.
    - Added PrependText and AppendText fields to the label UI type:
    - - This will allow for UI modders to define the prepend text and / or the append text to a label with the dynamic text controlled by the game team.
    - - This is currently demonstrated with the parcel tab in the merchant window.
    - - Leading and trailing whitespace in UI text fields will now be correctly displayed.
    - Added a chat message and corresponding chat filter for when items are destroyed.

    - Added -

    - Changed -

    *** Previously Updated ***

    - Fixed an issue preventing players from being able to join more than one password protected chat channel at a time.
    - The Agent of Change in Feerrott now gives out the pre-revamp version of Plane of Fear if Velious has not yet launched.
    - Added the Alternate Ability Cap Increase, Spell Rank Cap Increase, and Task Cap Increase to the Marketplace.
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