Fumbling in standard Ports

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  1. Bigstomp Augur

    It is a bit annoying when a group member gets left behind.
    On the other hand it is absolutely hilarious when the caster gets left behind.
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  2. Hegsheoshed Augur

    I get party members left behind all the time when I use the regular group portals with my druid. Same with my wizard. I have had the mage cauldron portals get interrupted along with the drunkards stein. Interrupted to the point that the cooldown is triggered on the stein and the charge gone on the bulwark of many portals. The last I checked there is no evac for PoK so no, I didn't get the spell wrong. This thread just proves that things are different for me and it's all a great big conspiracy. Curses the GM aka Genius Malignus. I hate that guy.

    Actually It may have been an AA gate on my cleric that failed and not the PoK portal. Going to leave what I said previously because honest.
  3. smash Augur

    Sorry, do not believe you.
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  4. Willowtree Journeyman

    The problem in such posts is that people answering instantly without really reading it. The "melt down guy" - I give you a big thumb - has said exactly like it is. It was a bug post and it said:

    Has anybody except a very small percentage read that before posting useless things?

    Since "Exodus" or succorlike spells no longer clears aggro and can pull a whole zone, I can definitely see why it has a failure rate. But normal portspells with eternally long casting times make no sense purely from a play-technical point of view. And they do fail too.

    Proven by all the posts and the shift into the veteran section....
  5. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Non-succor druid group or self ports do not fail.
  6. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    The original post is so poorly written that I think we can be forgiven for not understanding that it is supposed? to be a bug report?

    Why is it in the Veterans' Lounge instead of the Bug Reports if it is reporting a bug?

    Reading it again, it still seems like it is a complaint about how normal ports are "designed" to "fumble", whatever "fumble" means.

    So, yes, you can say the people "answering instantly without really reading it" got it wrong. But the way it is written, I don't see how anyone can get it right.
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  7. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Which portal spells do you see leave group members behind?

    Bulwark of Many Portals is a gate so it is expected that it can fail and your update says it may not have been a teleport spell that failed. More details about an actual port spell that left people that isn't a gate/evac/succor would help.
  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It was moved here by Dreamweaver so that the thread would not get closed as "not a bug" and discussion could continue. At least that is what he posted earlier in the thread.
  9. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    It appears that you are actually the one who didn't read the original post. See the underlined part.

    They said it's bad enough that succor/exodus do this, but worse that the "normal standard simple port" does it too. This thread, at this point, is just people arguing over whether the normal ports do this or not. I've never seen it happen, but I haven't used a port spell in a long time either.
  10. kizant Augur

    While they did say that they also used the level 32 port to Butcherblock as an example. That spell is a Succor. They should be casting the level 25 Circle of Butcher spell. Circle/Port spells never leave people behind. It's just not a thing.
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  11. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Righto, you win the thread. Please give this man his trophy and lock the thread.
  12. kizant Augur

    Thank you. I graciously accept the award and I'd like to thank all my fellow druids and wizards for helping make it possible.
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  13. Rolaque Ancient

    This port/evac discussion, whatever, is basically a smokescreen. This is an attack on the fundamental way the game determines outcomes for all actions, be it combat, tradeskill, transport, anything, etc. (Meaning dice rolls or random number generators).
    It's the thin edge of the wedge. You let this in, and no telling what will be the next target.
  14. Ezbro Elder

    I think all port spells, evac, succor or whichever, should clear aggro. Is the great game design idea, that we should evac and then all zone out and back in? What is the gain of that? Zoning times too add negativity to this horrendous decision.

    Also, some spells being an evacs and some being ports is a mega brainfart of a long gone game designer. You left the poor design choices in!
    Nowadays you add one measly portal to an entire expansion!! That is just lazy! As a wizard I'd like to port myself to ANY zone in any expansion as long as I have visited it. I'm a wizard, not an elevator/portal operator!

    Go over the cast times too, make us an aa line to get them down or something. Out of combat, nothing to do but wait for a meaningless long cast time that helps nothing. The spell will still be cast no matter what. Now you are just annoying the spell casters. AE TL too, dont just give us long cast times because - ehh NO GOOD REASON AT ALL! People are waiting!
  15. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    If people have suggestions on how to change current port spells, I think it needs a new thread. This thread is poisoned by a terrible first post that is complaining about bugs that don't exist and just goes from there.
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  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I disagree with this. As an example all invis used to be random in duration but they later added fixed duration invis spells and even improved on that with the addition of permanent duration invis spells. Asking for something to change doesn't mean it will open up a can of worms with more changes.
  17. Accipiter Old Timer

    That used to be an insult.
  18. Accipiter Old Timer

    If you make them insta-cast then you also have restrict them to out of combat. I don't think they'll ever be insta-cast but a line of AAs that reduce them to 20% of the current cast time would be nice.
  19. Accipiter Old Timer

    Either you aren't casting the spells you think you are or you are mistaken. Succor Butcher can leave someone behind. Ring of Butcher never will.

    Edit: Bah, should have read ahead.
  20. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Not really, it would just make them more in line with nexus-gate.