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  1. Darktide Lorekeeper

    Huge population!
  2. drew0987654 Augur

    ftp? no. pvp perma death?! round 2 pls!
  3. Darktide Lorekeeper

    A PvP server which is Free to Play would attract far more players, which is wanted.
  4. CorazonoDellaNoche Journeyman

    How will they ever get a free TLP past the investors? You know, the people they are currently developing EQ for.
  5. Tarrin Augur

    You mean, people will play a game if its free?


    Amazing business model revealed. More on this break through at 11pm.
  6. Darktide Lorekeeper

    Massive problem with what you're saying... they have more FTP servers than All Access Servers. For the most part, you need to be an all-access member anyways on FTP servers to enjoy everything.

    They decided to make TLP all-access only as a means to generate a steady source of income.

    IF they feel PVP TLP would have too low a population to even bother, it would need to be FTP to attract anyone who doesn't want to pay all-access for EQ. No, it won't mess up the current TLP servers because they are filled by a majority of PvE only fans.

    Furthermore, how do you think FTP makes money??!?!
  7. BulletCatcher Journeyman

    PvP is EQ only brings toxic people looking to pound their ePeen and tell their bluebie guildies they have a PvP toon. People usually roll the flavor of the month class and proclaim their greatness. It's disgusting really.
  8. Angered Augur

    a place to hunt Aos / TL I could only dream
  9. Poydras Augur

    FTP servers make money via expansions for one thing. TLP players never need to buy em.
  10. Nickatropolis Augur

    FTP but still have a DBG store. The new clarity potions, and other potions available on Phinny are pretty sweet.
  11. Darktide Lorekeeper

    Are you bad at PvP or something?
  12. Darktide Lorekeeper

    Definitely would be what people purchase, especially if they are out PvPing solo

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