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  1. snailish Augur

    Focus effects are not in effect until Luclin on the announced (at this time) Mangler ruleset.


    Selos starts in Luclin... so is the Focus Effect change a global thing moving forward for all progression and just happens to not hit Selos due to it opening in Luclin?

    Or is it a server-specific toggle?

    Note that the difference means nothing for these two servers, but could for any future.

    Curious because I have advocated era-setting the effects to Luclin for a while, and think it should just be a "tuning tweak" applied forevermore. I love focus effects (spents a lot of time making lists over at Zam years ago) but the early eras weren't tuned for them and we are so powerful in that content already. So this is a slight creep back in the right direction (even if just for Mangler).
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  2. snailish Augur

    Forget to mention... asking this question because Allakhazam (Zam... err... I guess fanbyte now) would need to update the items accordingly.

    Would also likely be of interest to Fanra's, EQresource, Almar for the guides (would change gear prioritization for some players) among others.
  3. Doze Augur

    Where exactly are you getting this from? I don't see any mention in the server descriptions about Focus Effects not being available at launch on either Mangler or Selos.
  4. Mad_Mikey Elder

    Q: How is this server different from other Progression Servers?

    Mangler is what we refer to as a Challenge Server and is tuned to be closer to the original launch experience of EverQuest. The XP rate is lower than other progression servers, more XP is lost on death, there are no focus effects until The Shadows of Luclin unlocks.
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  5. Doze Augur

    Ok, strange that this part is not included in the Mangler overview thread in this forum though.
  6. Yonson Lorekeeper

    Yeah they split the information over an initial post and two Mangler faq's (that conveniently don't mention nor link to it's counterpart)