Fire pet is so very broken

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Kahna, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Kahna Augur

    So, his nuke went down. That part worked...

    He is also now casting <Rend> for 855 dmg. Which is cool.
    He is also buffing himself with Arch Shielding and Diamondskin. Which is cool.
    He is trying (and failing, as far as I can tell) to cast Ice Comet, Elnerick's Entombment of Ice, and Immobilize. Which is not cool, cause he stands there and does nothing while he casts a spell he can't cast.
  2. Machentoo Augur

    Has his dps been reduced? Working as intended. Use a different pet, that's what they wanted you to do.
  3. Kahna Augur

    No, actually he is doing more DPS now. I'm also not sure if the three "not working" spells aren't working or if they are just not landing on the mobs I am fighting. Need to do more testing. Gonna love it if he really does cast Ice Comet.

    I mean, I tell you he is casting an 855 dmg nuke on top of his 467 dmg nuke and you assume he is doing less dmg than when he only had a 600 dmg nuke.
  4. Bobbybick Augur

    Presumably the pet isn't meleeing while it is channeling a 5s cast Wizard nuke which would be a pretty big dps loss compared to instacast firepet nukes + melee?
  5. Kahna Augur

    Yeah, but again, These mobs might just be cold resistant (Kael giants). I imagine on a non-cold resistant mob it will be a nice chunk of dmg. Either way. He is broken.
  6. Kahna Augur

    Confirmed, He is casting Ice Comet. It's landing. LoL.
  7. Jaxarale01 Augur

    Lets make sure we tell so they can nerf the pets again...

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  8. Ryak Augur

    You must not have gotten the memo: Mages can never have anything nice.
  9. Kahna Augur

    Yeeeeah, because they never would have figured it out on their own.
  10. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

    That's not nice to say Prathun.
  11. Darchias Augur

    Yeah the main thing is that they are standing back and casting. The problem before was when the mages have the fire pet walk into melee range with the mob and have it melee AND cast it's 600 damage nuke at the same time with just as much lost attack time as the water pet nuke. This return to the old fire pet (the actual Wizard one) has resulted in slightly higher DPS when it's standing back and flinging spells, but now there's much less DPS if you drag it to the mob.
  12. Adonhiram Augur

    So they reverted 51-60 (Kunark) fire pets to real wizard models ? I was afk because of a RL work stream, need to check if, as they said, this stupid rollback to pre-SoF status didn't affect the PoP and OoW fire pets on LJ/RF and on Phinny, unless someone can post the info.
  13. Darchias Augur

    Supposedly the reversion is undone when PoP unlocks. It's just for pre-PoP era TLPs.
  14. RandomStrategy Augur

    It's Djarn. You described Efreeti Lord Djarn. Much like any othr genie, people wished for something and it all backfired so hard. Also, isn't the spell list all Djarn spells he casts? I wonder if they accidentally copied him somehow.
  15. -wycca Augur

    It's entirely possible that someone fat fingered and it points somewhere wrong. It's also possible that npcs of that level just cast those spells and thats what they pointed it to.
  16. Gio1999 Journeyman

    Did you guys see what happened to low level fire pets?
  17. RandomStrategy Augur

    SHHHH....I have some alts I wanna level using a mage to slaughter.
  18. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    A fix is in place for this. I do not know when it will go live.
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  19. Thorondor Augur

    You break, you buy!

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