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    And the devs have stated on multiple occasions why they disagree with a size increase. If the goal is just to make it easier to get people to a group other ideas should be looked at instead of keep asking for what the devs say they don't want to do.
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    My reply was acknowledging I didn't think about shenanigans like campfire ferries if there were no restrictions. I think the difference in opinion on the topic is quite clear, and I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that.
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    #bump.. So to the people who have said "most people use fellowships for alts, not really 12 real people" i do have alts in my fellowship, 2. i have many more alts than just 2, but my fellowship is.still.full. yes imagine having more than just your alts to play EQ with, i know hard for a lot of people to comprehend. But, if 3 of my friends have 3 toons, plus my main and 2 alts, fellowship is full, and thats only supporting 3 people. Why should we "MaKe A GuiLD" if we want more people to play with for an hour or two on any given day, versus the guilds we've been in for however long, and dont necessarily want to lose playing with them also? Again, comprehension of being more than just your box army. To revisit the idea of 2 people, and not to stretch the limit of people joining, but remove the ~24hr join/rejoin time and let 2 characters set the fire. I often see a group of 2(+2 mercs) which makes 4, and they cant drop a fire, so they spent all that time getting deep into KC for them to get a few adds and die, now they have to rerun that gauntlet, doesnt make much sense. So as they do for expeditions and grp quests, let mercs count if thats the case. I dont want to spend my whole time ghetto CoHing my group around and losing exp while doing so because i dont have a mage. Make it purchaseable like Rez tokens, ill buy. Anyway to all the pessimists on the posts and nay-sayers you're entitled to your opinion, and im entitled to disagree with it., and still attempt to make mine(and from some others posts here) gameplay more enjoyable. Thanks-
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    I'm on the fence . I could go either way doesn't really matter .. I have pro's for having more fellowship spots and pro's for not having anymore.. :p

    I would really like them to add more Merc slots in the merc window 11? isnt enough for all the mercs we get now .. they should bump it to 15 - 18 ..
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    *sighs* all the dead horses are being brought out to be beaten again.
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    Well, my fellowship would love it if all of the characters on the same account were considered as "one" character toward the fellowship limit. Like "Heirloom".
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    Biggest reason, I have alts in my fellowship, is to go somewhere with our main fellowship members, drops a campfire somewhere safe, switch to alts, port over and camp, then switch back to mains.

    If we have to end our session for whatever reason, we can pop the alts on if the main crew isn't there and campfire back to start again.

    Another chunk of the fellowship "alts" consists mostly of mages, to put one mage in a place to CoTH us back if we have to leave and come back later etc..

    The whole vitality sharing aspect of a fellowship is a distant thought... the ease of casual group mobility to non-GH/Class port locations is the biggest factor even more now as places to bind have been diminished, limiting the port to bind.
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    It was answered in a decisive manner that left no room for interpretation. This dead horse has being revived so many times that not a single bone is left anymore.

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    Nothing the devs say hold any weight. The amount of things they said they would never do, but end up doing is numerous. The most notable example is that they would never ever do another Free-Trade server, and then 1 year later free-trade TLPs launch.
  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Fellowship Features
    • Fellowship Channel
    • Fellowship XP/Vitality Sharing
    • Fellowship Campfire (standard or empowered)

    I would go a slightly different direction so that no functionality is lost, which in the above suggestion we would lose the fellowship channel and the XP/Vitality sharing outside of when we are playing or sending it to a player that we are not playing with directly. I would do the following instead:
    1. Separate the Campfire features into a group feature rather than a fellowship feature. I say leave it at 3 in a group to do it. Having 3 random people to put down a campfire is not asking that much honestly.
    2. Change the Fellowship XP/Vitality sharing to allow people to set their sharing to only give, give & receive (how it works now), or only receive.
    3. Remove or at least increase the number of people who can be in a Fellowship. With the Campfire feature spun off into its own thing, pretty much removes the exploitability of it, and the existing limits on how much Vitality can be banked makes the XP sharing in the fellowship already managed. This also allows for larger groups of friends to have a dedicated way to talk to each other without having to use one of the limited number of chat channels without requiring that everyone be in the same guild.
    So The fellowship would just be XP sharing and communication, with the teleporting to where the group is gathering would be tied to the actual group mechanics rather than the fellowship.
  11. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Increasing fellowships is 100% motivated by Alt-fanatics, and they want to be lazy & not have to swap characters in & out of their fellowship they just want to have all of them in it & max out the convenience of XP sharing.
    There might be a tiny number of folks who actually want to use it as it was intended who have more mains between them than current fellowship limit but they can just as easily create 2 fellowships.
    Most of the reasons for upping the limit are nothing more than that, and the devs are not interested in "guilds within guild" that larger fellowships would end up being.
    The limits were increased once already, they are fine where they are.
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  13. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    These later generations are too spoiled to know it.

    The original Fellowship had 9 members, no fast travel, no experience sharing. They saved Middle-earth.

    P.S. They walked up hills...some in the snow!
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    They had Gandalf, who was so ridiculously OP it's no wonder that wizards in Everquest were nerfed and only do average DPS now.
  15. Zunnoab Augur

    You're responding to a necro'd thread.

    But in any case, they said no to being able to hide helmets too.
  16. Flatchy Court Jester

    People need more space because they have like 3-4 mages in fellowship that are just left camped all over hard to reach places for coth bots heh. Best use for those heroic characters I have found.
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    Instead of making fellowships bigger , perhaps we could have something like WoW has for its recruit a friend program. If i read it correctly , you can do this with up to 10 people on your friends list.

    Friend to Friend Summoning which works on a 30 min cooldown.

    As pointed out , asking for bigger fellowship features seems something that DPG seems not likely to do , we as a community need to think up something new and stop asking over and over for the same things.

    Friend to Friend Summoning could have a cap on it , work on a CD and give us another means to move people to groups that ties into the friend window and lists in game.
    you can teleport to each other with Friend-to-Friend Summoning (which works on a 30 minute cooldown).
  18. FYAD Augur

    Surely, the all caps title will make all the difference this time.
  19. Dre. Augur

    Good idea, but how about instead of a short list of friends, it's whoever is in your group?
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    Caerlyna approves of this post


    and for the record, the most notable change was-

    We can never increase inventory space, the system will not allow it, once was a similar dead horse.

    (Until we can sell you bags.)