Feedback- Overseer Please remove the 10 quest limit.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, May 25, 2020.

  1. Mazame Augur

    Please remove the 10 quest limit.
    #1 It is very frustrating to have the limit not reset every cycle.This then lock you out of quest for 12 hour+

    #2 the amount of 6 and 12 hour quest are Random and having to stress out trying to click complete before it rotates quest. It takes time to set up quest and when you click complete it delays. This all adds time and when your trying to get you quest in before it change is more stress then fun.

    #3 the 3 hour quest are very limited and make it impossible to stay in cycle

    I do not know the reason the limit was set but there enough built in limits with the need to match agents and the duration of missions that we don't need an added limit of locked quest. The fact it bug and doesn't always reset is horrible. Please remove it ASAP.

    Stop taking something that sounded fun and driving it into the ground.
    Every other game I have played with an "overseer" system has enhanced game play.

    Wow as an example offers current gear even raid gear. My point is no that Overseer should give out current gear. But it should add to the EQ experience. Trade skill drops should be open to current content. Those are the trade skill items most people are using so give them an added way to farm them. 6, 12, 24 hour quest are not going to break eq market on trade skill drops. People can go farm mats and get farm more in the 6 hour window then what over seer offers. By opening trade skills what your telling people is your giving them a bonus on top of what they are already out doing.

    The same with collection drops: you already made them no trade so why not include current content. you can't trade them or sell them and you can farm full sets in less then the 12 hours so why not have it as a reward bonus that people can use to enhance their game play.

    As for the new quest that were added Most of them do not have matching agents to complete them. Having a level 3 job type and then offering 3 bonus that are not on any of the level 3 agents shows that the quest were rushed and no thought was put into them.

    If your trying to kill off over seer then just say so. If you want people to use it then give them a reason to use it. every day I talking to more and more people that have stopped check it because it offer nothing enjoyable.

    There no rewards they want at this point and it not worth the stress and trouble to send agents out. It is quickly becoming another /gem
  2. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Its to remove the ability for someone to pay to finish every single task available, for the experience and use it as the primary method of leveling up.

    Seems like they are just taking money out of their own pocket, if someone wants to do that.

    But I think changing it to 12-15 quest completions would be better, honestly, with all those 3 and 6 hour quests.
  3. Tatanka Augur

    I've literally never seen a 3 hour quest.

    And, since the patch, I've still not seen a 6hr recruitment quest. All 12 hour.
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  4. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    Interesting point! I am glad that team wants to prevent P2W (Pay to Win). But, if someone wants to pay $100 for a level, and it helps the game, be my guest.
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  5. Ranonman Elder

    There are 3 hour quests (mostly for recovery quests).
  6. Wulfhere Augur

    Doing a 3 hour quest almost insures that you will hit the 10 quest cap.

    I heartily recommend NEVER doing 3hr quests while the 10 quest cap remains in effect. Doing so will effectively lock you out for up to 12 hours. Hence the 3 hr quest is punitive and should not be started.
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  7. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    There are no 6 hour recruitment quests. The shortest recruit is Common Recruit at 12 hours, Uncommon Recruit is 24 hours, Rare Recruit is 36 hours, and Elite Recruit is still 48 hours (I think) haven't gotten an Elite Recruit since the changes.
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  8. Febb Augur

    I noticed that if you click Finish Now! and pay to end it early and you are at your cap, it still deducts your daybreak cash but you can't finish the quest. It needs to check if you are at your cap first and then if you aren't capped, then allow to pay.
  9. dreadlord Augur

    Agreed with OP. Yet another rule/constraint imposed without consulting the actual paying players. Don't see the point at all. It's especially galling while overseer is so buggy
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  10. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    They could remove the cap AND remove the "finish now"-button. That would be a much simpler solution.
    Players are (probably) not using the "finish now"-button, if there is a cap anyway.

    Littering the UI with RMT-buttons is kinda tacky imo. :rolleyes:
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  11. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    now that's an actual issue. Finish Now should just be unclickable if you're at the cap.
  12. Windance Augur

    If the limit were getting calculated correctly it wouldn't be a big issue. Given that it seems to be bugged and giving false 10/10 lockouts ... kind of annoying.
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  13. MyShadower Newer Than Newest Member

    Exactly. You can already buy 85 levels for $35, with extra stuff, directly from Darkpaw. So we have already crossed that bridge and it does not seem to be an issue for players.
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  14. MyShadower Newer Than Newest Member

    Exactly. You can already buy 85 levels for $35, with extra stuff, directly from Darkpaw. So we have already crossed that bridge and it does not seem to be an issue for players.
  15. Velisaris_MS Augur

    This quest limit change just doesn't make any sense from any perpspective.

    It punishes players who WANT to spend the money and "pay to win." If people want to level up that newly created Heroic they just made without ever leaving PoK...just f'ing let them. Who gives a flying flip?

    It punishes Daybreak/Darkpaw itself by preventing people from literally giving them money. This company has zero competent marketing ability.

    There simply isn't any logic in it. The only thing I can think of was that this was some lazy coding attempt to try and fix the quests disappearing bug or something? Whatever the reason, the result has gone horribly wrong.
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  16. Baldur Augur

    They never really explained why they added the limit, I'm curious what their thoughts on it are.

    It wouldn't be as bad if they didn't have this huge bug where you get quests added to your max completion count that you didn't complete that cycle.

    But I agree with everything said here, it needs to be higher if they leave it in, but they should just take it out, it's terrible.
  17. Ozadar Journeyman

    I agree the new limit is silly. Grade school math tells you the 6 hour tasks are not worth doing now.
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  18. Wulfhere Augur

    You can complete 10 6hr tasks in the rotation and start 5 more to be completed in the next. You cannot do 3hr quests without hitting the cap and locking out completion of other active tasks. This can stall you for up to 12 hrs. The cap needs to be removed or at least raised to allow for some 3 hr tasks in the mix.
  19. alicard Elder

    This happened to me yesterday. I run three accounts and I do overseer at the same time when I do one of them. One of my accounts finished my first 5 quests for the day and couldn't even collect them because it said I had 10/10. My other two accounts were 0/10 and finished their 5 to be 5/10. It told me I had to wait 8 hours to do another quest but that was the first time I started quests since the last time I logged in 16 hours before that (I am not always there to do them every time they refresh.)
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  20. Zamiam Augur

    I guarantee you cant do 10 6 hour tasks in a 12 hour rotation ...out of those last 5 6 hour tasks some of those will be completed ( you accepting reward) after the rotation which will have you completed a few of those 0/10 tasks for the next 12 hour rotation ..

    there is just no physical way possible unless your able to select and start all quests and collect the rewards for them within like 5 seconds of each other .. at least a few of them or possibly all 5 quests of the last round will finish after it has reset the round ..

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