Fade/Escape/Feign death doesn't seem to work anymore

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dewey, Apr 18, 2020.

  1. Dewey Augur

    So I'm making this post here instead of the bug forum. So that we can discuss the issue first and submit a proper bug. Here's what I have observed.

    The other day I was messing around in VT. I ran up one side with the rogue. I then escaped and dropped all aggro, didn't feel like killing the mobs. It worked all aggro was dropped. I then cothed the rogue(after I escaped) to the mage. I still had no aggro. I then put on hide/sneak and ran to go up the other path. As soon as I hit the first locked door on the left every mob on the right side aggroed and came after me. I was invis. I did not hit a trap, and the mobs that came after me where from far far away. They were the mobs that I had escaped prior to the coth.

    Escape for the rogue seems to be not working for strange reasons. When I pop escape I get blessed with Evader's Shroud of Stealth. The mobs see through this and reaggro. This has happened in zones like VP. Train with the cleric hit fade, loose all aggro, then even 30 seconds later the train "remembers" and charges the cleric.

    I mainly play a warrior, rogue, druid, and cleric. Even the druid's evac doesn't clear aggro. Now this is happening even when dots are not applied to the mobs. This is happening when escape says that it works and we get the out of combat symbols.

    I am convinced that everyone's escape/fade/FD/etc is broken. The wife plays a necro. Today feign death failed, and the mobs all stopped attacking and went away. 3 other times when feign death was successful the mobs killed her necro.

    I am convinced that the fade abilities are not working correctly, and that mobs are "remembering aggro" even thou aggro was wiped. So with no cross bars, and no aggro one can get trained by their own mobs, because these mobs "remembered" the person on aggro. Not even evac or zoning removes this aggro sometimes. The only fail safe way to remove all the aggro seems to be camping out and back in.
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  2. Zenn New Member

    I too have experienced the same poltergeist agro a handful of times in the last year with either my Bard, BST and Necro where they have faded/flopped and lost all agro, and then the next time anything else was agro'd, and not necessarily the previously agro'd mobs, the mobs that had been faded/flopped decide to come running for a party (even from across the zone if I moved the crew to a new camp).

    When this happens, the ways I have found to reset the lingering ghost agro is to either kill all the offending mobs or camp the entire group out to character select. Weird thing is, the ghost agro does not reset on death or a trip to the GL followed by a rez . For me, it has happened in multiple zones during both TBL and ToV .

    The fundamental problem for the coders is that if it can't be replicated, it is almost impossible to find. So go ahead and bug it, but I am not going to hold my breath that it will be resolved soon. For now, I just treat it as extra random excitement to keep me on my toes ;) .
  3. Ofearl Slayer of all things Stupid

    Sounds like a TLP issue... if it is an issue. Did you try a FD potion in VT?
  4. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    If you're using the Rogue DoT's... then nope, you'll get agro again. You've posted this before. Escape works perfectly fine, as long as you don't DoT the mob.
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  5. Dewey Augur

    no dots used. Just ran threw and aggro'd mobs. Then faded them when the name wasn't up. Had no aggro. Cothed back to the mage. Then ran up the second side. Everything reaggro'd when I got close enough to 1 mob. Zero dots used. I didn't even have attack on and didn't even repoist one. Was going to kill them all at once.

    The cleric the other day trained through VP(ROS one) and then when nothing was arround fadded all aggro. After about 15 seconds and no resist or hit message from a NPC's spell everything reaggro'd. It was totally weird and no dot was used.

    Also how do you explain the wife's necro and FD. 3 times it was successful and the mobs aggro'd anyways, and 1 time that it failed and all the mobs acted like FD was successful. At the bare minimum an unsuccessful FD should keep aggro.

    Nope this was on live. Was running through VT for fabels.
  6. Dazzler Twodirks Lorekeeper

    Worked fine for me yesterday.
    Fabled Dresolik tried to maul me and I used it just fine.