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  1. Wegluan New Member

    per the email i just got with my codes: "These donations have been taken into account up to October 31, 2022, and there are more to follow if you have donated past that date"

    So i am sure they will be rolling out shortly.

    Also an issue with the codes i havent seen posted yet, and didnt know if this was the proper place to post. I redeemed my codes, but i only received one Royal Antonica Weapon Ornament instead of 2. just wanted to make sure that Daybreak was aware that they may be an issue with the codes they are sending out.
  2. Morrigan Bowjobs

    Darn mine went through on Nov 4th hope that doesnt mean next year for it >_<
    That date was before the "cutoff" tally date they stated.
  3. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I received my codes today :) Keep your eyes peeled to your email!
  4. Morrigan Bowjobs

    when was your donation date?
  5. Comcam New Member

    Crap I donated Nov 7th, probably won't see my code for ages
  6. Slinkus Minkus I'm bad at the game

    Same situation, only got one item from the Royal Antonica Weapon Ornament item.
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  7. NotRumzlug Lorekeeper

    I also only received one item for Ornament pack, in the claim window it said 2 but once I claimed it, only one.
  8. Accendo Guest

    There is a known issue with this ornament so for now, please hold off on claiming until we can apply a fix on December 6. Those of you who have already claimed and are missing the ornament, that will be addressed at a later date.
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  9. Herf Augur

    Unrelated sidenote: why did the word 'bug' or 'problem' get replaced with the word 'issue' over the past few decades? I first noticed it in about 2000.

    Nothing/no-one has problems anymore. Just "issues".

    (This is NOT a snide rap at Accendo. Everyone does this.)
  10. Morrigan Bowjobs

    Do you know if the Duck mounts are continuing to be rolled out or was the Oct 31st cut off date, and anything after will be delivered in the new year? Mine went through on Nov 4th so, not sure if to expect this month or a 1-2 months
  11. Accendo Guest

    Anyone who donated after October 31 and earned any incentives will receive them at a later date. We are currently targeting after 2023 begins.

    (Feels so weird to type 2023 . . . there it goes again!)
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  12. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Not all issues are bugs even though most (all) bugs could be construed as issues. Some issues are viewed as negative by some (internal or external) but are an intentional change by whatever the development management therefore it isn't a bug but could well be an issue that needs to be navigated in some way.

    My day job is software testing. I am rather adept at finding unintended changes and sometimes those are determined to be bugs or an issue that needs a fix/change, other times they're determined to be desirable to someone upline and kept, other times they are deemed to be an issue that no one but me would ever care about and are backlogged until a customer complains (it's amusing to be when that happens within a week of a formal release, exactly as I found it, less amusing when someone asks "why wasn't this tested", at that point I start linking my own issue reports on it *laugh*)
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  13. Accendo Guest

    Pretty much this. I spent many years at another gaming company where I was groomed (not the best choice in words, admittedly) to be PR-friendly in how I responded to things publicly. Many of those habits have carried over. I have no qualms using "bug", I just habitually post "issue" because I go into PR-friendly mode when I need to officially address something.

    (This may also mean I'm bugged . . . best put in a ticket.)

    Anyway, hope all of you who earned a quack-quack mount are enjoying it!
  14. Wyora New Member

    Why was Oct 31 picked as the cutoff date? This seems like an excessively long time to wait for the awards, and a date picked at random. The initial posting said if you donated prior to the actual Extra Life day, you'd receive your incentives in the first round. Anything after that, until Dec 31, would be "later."
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  15. Morrigan Bowjobs

    ^ This!! The initial post said that all donations would be tallied up on Extra Life day and that you could still continue to donate for rewards through the new year, but they would likely be received in 2023. Disappointed that i missed the cutoff that was different than what was stated by 4 days, but now have to wait some time in 2023 for the duck T_T
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  16. Pexar New Member

    I did not get my duck and contacted the person I donated to linked to daybreak, and Denmother told me to contact this thread to claim my duck.
  17. Yendys New Member

    Feels awful to complain about this but how could it possibly take this long? I feel like this is going to be detrimental to both the Extra life brand and future donations. Sad.
  18. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    They have a lot of donations to work through and Daybreak isn't the only company that they are doing this for. These things take time as there is a limit to how fast they can send out these emails and not get blocked by spam filters.
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  19. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    P-R friendly, give customer a pizza and say, we are working on it :D
  20. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    When is the cut off date to donate $50 and get a hat :D?
    • $50 = Blue Quarm Hat Ornament
    EDIT: Thank you Angeliana!