EW Mercenary Quests: Items Stopped Dropping Early

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Bardie, Nov 12, 2020.

  1. Bardie New Member


    I am a 109 bard and I was in a group with another 109, and 4 others who range from 110-112. Each of us received the 3 quests.

    While we are going about collecting items, everyone but myself and the other 109 received all their dropped items and received the update to tell them to turn them in.

    Myself and the other 109, we both had a few of the items, but were not done. After the 110-112 folks had their (6 coldain and 4 banshee) items, the items no longer dropped. We tried for 1.5 hours and yet banshees and coldains stopped dropping them.

    We relogged, zoned, etc and nothing helped.

    On another side note, we noticed that once the last of the 110-112 folks, needed only 1 coldain item left, even though I needed 2 and the other 109 needed all 6, the mobs ONLY dropped 1, as if no one else needed them...

    Once the MT took his last one... they just stopped... period

    Today we regrouped and had a different 110 with us, who had zero of each quest item type. And the MT retook the quests, as we thought.. somehow because we are 109, even though we got the quest it wasn't letting us get the items for some reason.

    We killed 1 Banshee and it dropped 1 item (just 1 and 4 of us needed it, 110/112/109(x2), which was much different behavior than when we started yesterday.

    Next we ran over to the Coldains and again, they just WONT drop any of their items.
    We killed 6 of them and zero drops even though all 4 of us need them.

    I will note that the MT from yesterday and today have the Partisan all done, and we 109/109/110 have none of them done.

    Oh, 1 last point apologies. Yesterday when they stopped dropping both the Banshee (for me) and the Coldain for (me and the 109), we realized the other 109 didn't grab the Banshee quest, so we thought lets go get it.. it will be fresh.. and see if they drop the items. Nope still didn't.

    Any thoughts? please and thanks
  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    The drop rate is really rather low if you only have one character working on the quest. The drop rate increases as more people in the group have the quest active with the loot step incomplete. The trick is of course to loot them evenly as they drop (with no one finishing the loot step until enough are ready for everyone to finish at the same time).

    When I play my solo character doing this quest, the drop rate is around 1 in 20 or so. When I have three people with the step active/incomplete, I tend to get about 2 per mob on average. The math is certainly funky, but it isn't new/unique to ToV. This has been happening for many expansions.

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