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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Gutt, Jan 27, 2021.

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    Hey folks! I have read about a bazillion how to fix "reset device failed" threads etc with no successful change.

    I recently, within the last week just finished my new computer. My older computer had no issues running EQ at all, windowed or fullscreen I have had no issues with it.

    With my new rig I have had nothing but issues. All my drivers, bios, windows 10 etc are all up to date. I downloaded DX9 as suggested by a dev on another forums to a similar post and played with the eqclient.ini with no luck.

    I am playing at 3440x1440 with a RTX 3080 on an ultrawide. The only thing that has really change from previous computer is the AMD Processor and the new video card.

    My game will NOT let me window it and then maximize it again without the reset device failed window popping up. It took a bit of messing around with settings etc to get it to even load up without black screening me then completely closing.

    what is going on?!

    plz help
  2. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Switching modes between windowed & full screen is prone to problems on many gfx cards, the main cause is likely to be the resolutions your game & desktop are set at differs so swapping modes is also swapping resolutions.

    You pretty much have to pick which mode you want & stick to it but you can try making sure both the desktop & game have the same exact resolution & see if that helps.

    You may have downloaded DX9 but you might not have the actual latest version.

    Below is my Collated set of fixes for tech problems that have helped many players, try going through those & maybe one of them will help you out.

    Right Mouse button Click the EQ Icon, select Properties then compatibility then put a check in the box for "disable full screen optimizations" hit apply then run as administrator the first time you log in

    Run a file check from the EQ Launcher
    (HOW? - https://help.daybreakgames.com/hc/e...73-How-do-I-validate-game-files-in-EverQuest-)

    Download & install a fresh copy of Direct X 9c
    (LINK - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109)

    Download & install the latest C++ runtimes
    (LINK - https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads)

    Check what Graphics hardware you are using & uninstall the old drivers & re-install the latest WHQL drivers for it or a new copy of the current drivers if you already have the latest ones.

    Also rarely causes a crash problem but worth doing anyway for better performance is to add eqgame.exe & LaunchPad.exe to your anti-virus & firewall exceptions list, especially if you use Windows Defender.

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