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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Boze, Oct 17, 2018.

  1. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Weird bug. I get to server select no problem, but when I click to continue to character select it hangs on a black screen for ~10 minutes. After that I get the Error 1017 disconnected from patch server message. Once I've gotten that message however, I can log in no problem with no other noticeable issues. This only happens on the first time I try to get past server select after starting up EQ. If I close EQ completely and try again, I'll get the same issue however.

    Started Sunday and as far as I can remember I hadn't changed anything significant on my computer/router before.
  2. Boze TLP complaint factory

    Same thing still. Get one serious disconnect then everything works fine. Anyone?
  3. Febb Augur

    Most likely either at your router or at your ISP, the port for that particular server is being blocked, hince the disconnection. Then the next time you try to connect to that server, it gives you a different port to connect which isn't blocked.

    You can either monitor that from your router if it has those tools available or from windows performance monitor on your network card. It'll show you the server it's trying to connect to and the port number.
  4. Cazmac Augur

    I am getting this same problem but predominantly my second, annually-paid, account. My Lifetime and my F2P account log on normally. I have only had this problem today on AB but have not tried other servers. I don't see how it can be a server problem when only one account fails out of three.

    Now, five minutes or so later, having failed to log my character before, suddenly it works. It seems more likely to fail if I camp and then log a different character. /facepalm...
  5. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    Error 1017 is not related to if or how you pay for your EQ account.

    Bottom line it is a connection error.

    Now where that connection failed is anyone guess.

    But wait you say, my other accounts log in just fine. Well, its like standing at the bus stop and when the bus comes by your supposed to jump on it. So in this case the bus is the EQ servers and or your internet connection. The account that didn't make it failed to jump on the server when it went past or it went past to fast for that account.

    The post you responded to is 4 years old. If you use the search bar in the upper right on these forums and type in "1017" then you will get a ton of posts about the error. Many of those posts are on server AB and this year or last year - much more recent