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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Gosan Kai, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Gosan Kai New Member

    As the title says general chat on Erollisi Marr has been moderated. No one can speak. Can we please get this resolved?
  2. Shalmeck New Member

    I came here to post about this same issue. I just came back as of several years to Erollosi. I went to POK and asked on /ooc thinking someone there might know what was going on, and a nice player said the General chat was hacked. They couldn't tell me for how long. Hopefully Daybreak can resolve it and soon.
  3. CatsPaws Augur

    Is it all chats or just general? Because all players can also get into newplayers chat . That is the only chat channel that free accounts can use so maybe use that one and make some new friends till the general is restored:)
  4. The Bagman New Member

    Started early morning yesterday. I petitioned yesterday and of course never got any reply.
  5. Aaedias Autumnwood New Member

    Its just general chat. All the class channels and zone channels are working fine for me and the ones ive asked. Ive also petitioned, but im not holding my breath on a response.
  6. kreonin New Member

    So it seems there is continuing to be an issue with /1 General being moderated and requiring a pass word to use. There shows over 200 toons in the channel. Dev's please respond to this issue, so we know what is going on and how its to be fixed.
  7. The Bagman New Member

    Seriously why is this not fixed yet? This is day two of moderated general chat. There is no excuse why this has not been remedied yet!
  8. Shavin Journeyman

    Seriously, how long time do you need for fixed this general chat ?......o_O
  9. Gosan Kai New Member

  10. The Bagman New Member

    /sigh, day three of this and still cant get anyone from DBG to fix this simple issue.
  11. eqgamer Elder

    For the love of Innoruuk! Even just acknowledging that you all (Devs) are aware would be much appreciated.
  12. Shavin Journeyman

    They are all in vaccation ? ........
  13. Karhar Augur

    Well for the past month my guilds app channel has been giving me the owner of it incorrect passwords so yeah..
  14. Shavin Journeyman

    4th days and always the same thing ....Trump's tactic ? ....o_O

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