EQResource Haunted Player Housing Contest, October 10-31

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  1. Rorce Augur


    EQResource.com will be hosting a Haunted Player Housing contest through the month of October! The rules are very simple - you just need to decorate your player / yard around a Halloween or Fall theme. This is a great chance to show off your creativity, and win great rewards! For full contest details, as well as all the possible rewards, visit our contest thread:


    Good luck! We look forward to seeing the amazing player houses you guys design!
  2. Rorce Augur

    There is still time to enter this! Don't miss out on your chance to win some cool EQ prizes!
  3. Rorce Augur

    Today is the last day to enter!
  4. Rorce Augur

    Congrats to our winners, and thanks to the many participants!


    [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG]


    [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG]


    [IMG] [IMG]
    [IMG] [IMG]
  5. Mary Poppins Augur

    Very cool. Grats to the winners.

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