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  1. LDEffectsMe Elder

    All the announcement said was this...

    I take the last bit to mean that the details are still being ironed out. However, I have two things to contribute on this topic.

    1.) I don't care what the trade rules are going to be on this server, but if free trade means that this server is going to be "condemned" like Quarm to where all of the characters are going to be locked there (or eventually on Brekt) forever, please do not make this server free trade. Please design this server in a way that it does not become a graveyard of characters that can't go anywhere else... Even if that means you have to charge the same price as a level 85 character boost for a transfer token to leave, just please don't design it where you're locked in forever.

    2.) Since this server is going to celebrate EQ2's anniversary, let's go outside this box this time and give it a name that reflects EQ2 a little more than EQ1... Like Anashti Sul. She was still technically in EQ1, so it's lore appropriate, but she had a much bigger role in EQ2.

    That's my feedback... Just wanted to get it in while this is still in the planning stages. Thanks for reading. :)
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  2. Jalen007 New Member

    If I were you, I'd focus a little less on the possibility of Free Trade and more on the fact that you get to start out with unlimited free level 85 heroic characters on every single account you make.

    The server ruleset starts at House of Thule + level 85 (heroic character). This isn't just one heroic toon per account, but an instant level 85 on any character you make there. They are not going to allow people to make unlimited level 85 heroic toons, then allow them to transfer to any server.

    I realize you added in the bit about making something new to charge people the heroic upgrade fee if they want to move to a new server, but this mechanic is not in place. The chances of them adding it in is slim. I mean they could make a fortune on account to account transfers, but that feature has been disabled for years now because they have not updated the code to do it.

    Chances of ever being able to transfer a character off this server will probably be ZERO and it has nothing to do with a Free Trade server ruleset =)

    I'm still wondering how they are going to limit the 15k pp that comes with a heroic toon. It would probably be easy to limit it once per account, but then you will have the farmers chain creating accounts for the instant 15k pp.
  3. code-zero Augur

    you only get the 15k for the first character, if you delete and recreate then you get no more plat
  4. Jalen007 New Member

    Correct, but the server ruleset is start at 85 (heroic character). So If I create, and have 8 heroic characters at the same time on the account do I get 15kpp x 8. I understand if I delete those 8 heroic toons and crate more, I won't get more PP. However, If I create 10 different accounts and create 8 heroic toons on each account, do I get 15kpp x 80 (1.2 million plat). I mean I have 12 accounts right now, so I wouldn't even need to create new accounts.

    I don't see them limiting anyone to one heroic toon per account, if everyone starts at 85.

    I'm guessing they will turn off the 15k pp, if that is even possible.
  5. Machen Augur

    15kpp is a pretty irrelevant amount of money at 85+. It really doesn't matter at all if they leave it or get rid of it.

    1.2 million plat on a live server won't get you but a fraction of a krono.
  6. Jalen007 New Member

    A live server has a developed economy with lots of plat on it already. Prices of krono are directly related to supply and demand of plat on the server. Krono will not be selling for a few million plat on this new server for a long time.

    You are right, 15k pp isn't a big deal with all the sinks for plat that are live at level 85, but an instant 1.2 million on day one of the server is a pretty big deal.

    Anyway, we are getting a little off topic ; )

    The ability to transfer toons off this server will probably be disabled.
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  7. code-zero Augur

    If you have the full 13 character slots which is the max that you can get I believe then the total combined 13 x 15k is 195k. That's not going to break anything
  8. Jalen007 New Member

    195k per account, or 120k per account at 8 slots. I guess it's a nice starting boost for someone with a bunch of subbed accounts. I guess people aren't going to chain create accounts for infinite plat, as each account would need to be gold subbed.
  9. Machen Augur

    Everyone on the server will either have it or not have it. It will not break anything, it's a level playing field.
  10. Aegir Augur

    I doubt that server will have a very large Krono Market to start off with anyway.
  11. Nolrog Augur

    What happens if you create a toon, put the money into the shared bank, delete the toon, create another toon? Do you get another 15K? If that's the case, then it's not 195K per account, it's theoretically unlimited.
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  12. Nolrog Augur

    Where did you see free trade? I don't see that mentioned anywhere.
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  13. Nolrog Augur

    Of course that's possible. Even very likely that is what they would do.
  14. LDEffectsMe Elder

    I could be wrong, but I'm under the assumption that they're spending a little bit of time coding this server, since it's an anniversary celebration for EQ2. If my assumption is correct, it should be possible for them to copy/paste the existing Character Transfer Token into a new item with the same effect, charge a different amount of Daybreak Cash for it (same cost as a level 85 boost) and sell that item only on that server. If you compare the Marketplace on a Live server versus a Progression server, it's already different, so they have the ability to limit items per server in place. Additionally, since this is a brand new server and people will be 85 at creation, there is no reason to start people with any platinum. They'll have all of their spells, etc. up to that level and they can go out and make platinum naturally.

    I didn't see it mentioned either, but I was trying to address it, just in case. They said the details will be announced later, so I think they're still in the planning stages. I really don't want to see another Quarm situation where those characters end up in a prison graveyard server to rot when the progression experience is over.

    I don't disagree with your concerns/points, but that's why I'm trying to get my feedback in as soon as possible, so hopefully they can tweak some stuff to make it work well. ;)
  15. code-zero Augur

    It's also possible that deleting an Heroic character on this server will result in the loss of that heroic slot and you'll have to buy your way on or restart as a level 1. I have been told that with some of the free heroics any deletion is permanent
  16. KermittheFroglok Augur

    So let me clear up a few things on this thread for new/returning players. First, this isn’t a new server format, it’s was done about a decade ago but with a different starting level (51) and gear template (sets of flawed gear). The server was named after Mayong Mistmoore:


    In all likelihood DBG’s Devs are going to repurpose the Mayong code for the upcoming TLP and just use the heroic specs for the character’s starting stats, abilities, gear, etc. They don’t need to do anything with heroic flags, in practice it’s just a toon being created with heroic specs, so heroic in spec only, not account flag.

    With regards to the free heroic characters from 2014 and 2018. You don’t get a heroic flag back from deleting a free 2014 heroic, but you do get a heroeic flag from deleting an 18th anniversary heroics, I’ve done it and many others on the forum have confirmed. People get into trouble or frustrated when they forget which heroic toon is from 2014 and delete it by mistake.

    I think it’s obvious they won’t allow transfers until a merge occurs. If they do, they’re more likely to increase the server transfer token cost or make one specific to this server at the $35 cost if they do.
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  17. Jalen007 New Member

    I'm going to take a few guesses here. Yes, I could be wrong =)

    The server is not an event server.

    It is a required gold sub TLP that starts in HoT.

    Once the TLP catches up to live, it will be a live server with required gold sub that you can start out at level 85.

    They will not merge the server with another server and it is doubtful they will allow transfer off this server. It is doubtful they will create a special transfer token specifically for this server.

    While I personally would never play on a server with No-Trade items, there is apparently someone at DBGs that is against Free Trade, so your worries about this being a Free Trade server are probably unfounded. However, weather this server is No-Trade or Free Trade, it is probably irrelevant in relation to allowing transfers off the server. It is doubtful they will create special tokens and they are not going to allow people to create unlimited level 85s and then transfer them to other servers, for less $$ than buying a heroic token.

    Again, I've made some assumptions here and I could be wrong.
  18. Yinla Augur

    If you currently do this on live, with a Heroic toon, the next toon you make in that slot gets no Plat.

    So the max as someone else pointed out would be correct, and not a game breaker.
  19. Gherig Augur

    Just a word on the 15k pp, that wont even get you all your spells from 86 to 90 as most of those are 500+ - 1200+pp each, Shaman 86 Unity is 599pp. So a one time 15kpp is pretty much a tiny speed bump in the money you will need in the next 10 levels.
  20. Gana Augur

    Why even start with the 15k? Remove the plat from the starting characters altogether. Make em earn it.
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