EoK & RoS required progression for raiding

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  1. Mintalie Augur

    I have heard repeatedly that I must finish my EoK progression in order to raid. Can someone please very kindly give me a link to exactly which tasks / missions / whathaveyou I need to do?

    To be clear, I _only_ want to know the minimal requirements for progression. The stuff for achievements or whatever I can do later--I need to know solely what is required for raiding.

    Thank you. :)
  2. Fian Augur

    You need to complete the task Methods of Sarnak Destruction which has a lot of pre-reqs. You can see the task and its pre-reqs here:


    This will give you the ability "Essence of the Dragon 1" which prevents you from taking damage/mana loss from green sarnak found in EOK and RoS zones/raids.
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  3. Sancus Augur

    The main achievement you need for raiding is Essence of the Dragon I (Empires of Kunark -> Progression). It requires the completion of the second Partisan quest in Kor-Sha Laboratory. That's the last EoK zone, and the prerequisites for requesting it are Partisan of Lceanium, Scorched Woods, Frontier Mountains, Temple of Droga, and Chardok. Additionally, you need to complete Mercenary of Gates of Kor-Sha and the first Partisan quest in Kor-Sha Laboratory, Investigating the Mysterious Sarnak.

    The reason you need the above achievement is that it grants you immunity to a number of abilities cast by Kar`Zok sarnaks. Those are present in Kor-Sha Laboratory's raids, as well as End of Empire, Skyfire's raid. You'll be effectively useless in the latter raid especially without it. It is also a prerequisite for Essence of the Dragon II. That gives you immunity to Aura of Kor-Sha, which is a zone wide effect in the Kor-Sha Lab raid instance. That aura inhibits critical damage, so you'll do very little damage with it on. It isn't as important now given most guilds aren't raiding Kor-Sha (much).

    Doing RoS progression gets you keyed for Veeshan's Peak, and that key is also part of the raid flag for the VP raids. It honestly isn't that important since you can be 85'ed in, but I'm sure some guilds require it, as you need at least 85% of your raid force to have it. To complete the key, you need to complete Partisan of The Overthere, The Skyfire Mountains, The Howling Stones, Sathir's Tomb, and Gorowyn. You also need all nine key pieces, which are a guaranteed drop from specific semi-named mobs (same spawn mechanics as named, but easier to kill), and they can also drop from the RoS missions. EQResource's writeup is pretty helpful. It's worth noting they're all called "Piece of a Medallion"; you need to identify them to figure out which piece it is. They are lore, so you can't loot one if you already have it.

    All of the above is probably going to be somewhat obsolete come next expansion as far as raiding goes. Guilds will probably still raid VP a bit, but they can 85 you in. There are some nice items in the group version of VP that might not be obsolete next expansion, though. RoS also has very nice Type 5 augs that might not be obsolete either that come from running missions, one of which is Skyfire. Point being there will probably be some utility in having both of these done for non-raid reasons, but in terms of raiding they'll be unnecessary pretty soon.
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  4. Mintalie Augur

    You are both awesome. Thanks for the incredibly helpful info. Time to get progressing!
  5. Fanra Augur

    I've created a write up of just what you need for Essence of the Dragon I. Unlike the other write ups I've seen, it has just what you need and nothing else. I've also tried to explain some of the more complicated steps. Whenever someone asks questions, I usually go back and clarify the text that was unclear to them.


    So check it out and if you find any confusion, let me know. And everyone be sure to edit it if you can improve it.
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  6. Mintalie Augur

    I absolutely will, thank you. :)
  7. Daedly Augur

    Fanra, the part about having to be in the zone to recive the update on the tradeskill items isn't true. I was able to parcel them around while in GGH and got all those updates.
  8. Fanra Augur

    I assume you are referring to this part (bold added):

    Now, it may be you have found that you do not need to be in the zone listed to get the update.

    However, the quote in the part above is from Ngreth, EQ Developer, in the thread where he outright says that you have to go to the zone because it only checks while in the zone for server performance reasons.

    So, if you have found you don't need to be in the zone, I'm not sure if Daybreak made a change or what is going on. At this time, I'm going to leave it as it is except I will change the wording to be, "Note that to get the update, you may have to be in the zone listed for each item".

    Thanks for letting me know.
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  9. Daedly Augur

    Yeah, that is the part i was referring to. I was surprised when i got the updates, as i had read his comment about it too, pleasantly though.
  10. segap Augur

    I thought they undid that requirement one or two patches after the patch that made the restriction Ngreth commented on.
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  11. Cannikin Journeyman

    I did EotD about a month ago. I pre-looted most of the items beforehand, and as soon as I got the task from the NPC in FM, I instantly got task updates for all the items.
  12. Fanra Augur

    It might be this line from the March 14, 2018 patch:
    I guess it is that, although I would have worded it differently, since it wasn't exactly an "issue" but "working as intended" according to Ngreth. It appears they just changed "intended" to be different. I guess they found out the performance hit was not really an issue or another way to code it that did not cause a hit.

    I'll go change my write up and assume that it is the new "working as intended" for it to update regardless of what zone you are in.

    Thanks for the reports.
  13. Mintalie Augur

    Your guide has already been exceptionally helpful, along with the EQResource write ups. :)

    Managed to get the first and start on the second quest last night. Yay, progress. I am dying to raid again, it's my true passion!
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  14. Gialana Augur

    Thank you for taking the time to write these great walk throughs. I see you listed the trivial for the mana of the sarnak combine as 178. I also see that number on EQResource. However, I just did the combine on two alts a few days ago. They both had a smithing skill of 115 and received the message that they can no longer increase their skill through that combine. Perhaps DBG made an unannouced change. It probably doesn't matter, but I wanted to point it out just in case.
  15. bigpapa Augur

    ""Methods of Sarnak Destruction tradeskill needed:: smiting 202,,brewing and baking at 125 ,lower than that increase failure risk.""
    easy combines ( all vendor items ):
    brewing can be : ALE {trivial, 68}-->> Barley, Cask, Malt, Water Flask, all vendor ...
    ***Fetid essence (122) combine water flask and fishing grubs ( from caden Zharik parcel npc ).
    ***Minotaur Hero's Brew (trivial 248 ) all from Brewmaster Berina behind small bank:: Cask(1)~~Malt (3)~~ Short Beer (2)~~ Yeast (1) ~~ Water Flask (2).
    baking can be :
    fish filet ( 82) combine fresh fish and jug of sauce ( pok vendor = Chef Denrun )
    ****fish roll;baking (135) combine Bat wings and fresh fish(bat wings = Parija Kalamir in plane of tranquility pos 700 neg 1888.East Building)
    smithing can be :
    smithing:{92} Banded Gorget {Gorget Mold, Sheet Metal, Water Flask }
    smithing: {132} Bile Spine : Embroidering Needle, Fetid Essence
    smithing: {122} Embroidering Needle: {celestial essence,Metal Bits,Needle Mold,Water Flask}
    {**for celestial essence --->> celestial essence:baking ( trivial 15 no fail in a mixing bowl ): the scent of mar from vendor Toxicologist Huey .and Celestial Solvent from Darius Gandril...}.
    Smithing:{162} Small Ornate Platinum Mail { High Quality Metal Rings(3), Platinum Bar, Small Chainmail Tunic Pattern, Smithy Hammer, Water Flask}.

    ps: for the high quality metal ring , you will need some large brick of high quality ore ( info says : This item can be Vendor Purchased:
    Note: They have 150 bricks upon zone reset. ,,, but Smith Yahya in crescent reach {beside smith wamukota} on find window, got unlimited .
    for smithing trivial higher than 162 you will need some ores {Smithing BARBS (combine ORE + File ) rhenium(184)~~Cobalt(222)~~Titanium(242)~~Tantalum(255)~~Vanadium(268)~~Osmium(282)~~Paladium(282)
    ( but the combine can be done as well at 162 , just higher risk to fail )
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  16. Kolani Augur

    As you're looking to raid, I wouldn't ignore the mercenary tasks just for the Hero AA boosts you get.
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  17. Mintalie Augur

    I don't plan to ignore, I just want to know how to prioritize so I can get to raiding.
  18. segap Augur

    Many of the merc tasks can be completed while doing the required partisans. I'd recommend at least requesting them and potentially getting them done at the same time with very little extra effort.
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  19. Bigstomp Augur

    Many of the later mercenary/partisan tasks are also group tasks. Don't be afraid of grabbing taskadds for checkmarks if someone else is doing them and offers. It can save you some time later.
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  20. Kolani Augur

    Yeah, and in certain zones (Scorched Woods), you'll complete the mercenaries long before you can complete the partisans just in the path of doing them.
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