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Discussion in 'Casters' started by Wikichant, Jan 16, 2021.

  1. Wikichant New Member

    I have accumulated 15+ special / legendary illusion spells (by turning in clickies to the guy in PoK) - is there any way to get the list to alphabetize when choosing illusion spells for the spell bar? It looks very disorganized and it bothers me.

    If not, I suppose I can just use the first couple pages of my spell book.. so it's not the end of the world if I there is not. However, I thought I'd ask since it seems like it should be simple thing to do. Is there maybe a custom UI that will do this?

    Anyway, thanks in advance!
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  2. Verily Tjark Augur

    It would be nice if all those level 1 special illusions would be in alphabetical order
  3. Vizier Augur

    Mind listing the ones you have turned in so far?
  4. Rondor Augur

  5. Vumad Augur

    What would be really nice is if we could quest them, and bards could quest a mask. There was once a time when this was something special about our class. Now it's just a work around a keyring.

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