Efreeti controlled by Automated Bot Armies

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Infinitive, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. snailish Augur

    I wasn't meaning playing each other's accounts as that is against EULA.

    I've played on servers where a guild literally just took turns having single-account members hold down the camp for ages because the guild had the numbers across timezones to sit there.

    Hadn't seen that in years, but did see some "our guild has been in this pick all day" before the # of picks you could have at once was changed. --That read more as "we like having our guild pick away from the crowd" than shenanigans, at least in the situation I was aware of.
  2. Morningwood New Member

    You guys have been playing EQ for 20+ years and you are NOT boxing? Me? I either box an alt with other boxers or I do content that no boxer bothers with. Plenty of other stuff to do than the BiS slot camps. That said, sure would be cool if you could spawn your own instance FOR ANY ZONE once per week. Put the same week long lockout timer as the planes to prevent exploitation and call it effin done already.
  3. Piznut Augur

    Multiple videos like this were submitted about this guild on Coirnav, including this one which was submitted by members of In Virtue II. Not only did this group not get banned, they changed their guild name to In Virtue III just to mock the people who reported them, and kept blatantly obviously using illegal programs and afk botting, still saw them months later.

    I had friends quit because they were sick of seeing afk boxers sitting at every camp spot and never seeing anything done to them.
  4. LittleBrumski Augur

    Needs to be more picks. Lower all pick thresholds, let picks stay open as long as at least 6 people are in it. (I'd actually prefer it to be back to 1 like it used to be).
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  5. phaeril Augur

    GMs don't send tells to people they suspect are AFK botting, they teleport one of them away to common lands or somewhere they can set up to see if they keep doing the same thing. It's annoying as all hell considering there are always so many people assuming anyone boxing must be cheating or afk or whatever the hate-r-aide flavor of the month is.
  6. Machentoo Augur

    They can't do this without wrecking server stability. There is a reason they changed it.
  7. LittleBrumski Augur

    Possibly, I know that's what they told us, but I don't recall this instability they refer to on RF, LJ, or Phinny at the time. Were the servers crashing daily? Were they always slow? In any case, it wasn't horrible enough that I remember it.
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  8. Croak Augur

    There is no need to share account details for someone else to play at least some of your toons these days.
    I know some people use Teamviewer
  9. Domniatric Lorekeeper

    I witnessed bots at the kennels doing the same routine on Selos. I saw them when I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning they were still at it. I killsteal'd them for a while, grew bored of that, then reported them and went about my day. I haven't seen them back since. So, I am hopeful they are gone.
  10. Racci New Member

    it wouldnt take long for a single GM to watch the bot armies in Efreeti, OOT, RM and frenzy and document the single keystroke software that is clearly in use (and against the EULA) and start handing out bans if they had any desire to do so. Hard to prove multi-boxing, hard to prove afk farming, easy to see 1 key stoke makes 5 mag pets all attack at exactly the same time.

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