Easy Hero Class to return playing

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Kazser, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. Kazser New Member

    Hello, I am returning to play after 5+ years of afk. I like the idea of hero characters and want to buy one to start playing again.

    What would be some easy classes to get back into the swing of things? I was thinking beastlord or rogue
  2. Bowify New Member

    One of the easier classes to learn and play imo is bard. Although they can do so much and have tools for every situation, learning a bard is pretty easy and they are not too dependent on gear. To be an effective rogue it's a lot of button mashing and knowing what to hit, when to hit it. That being said they're not overwhelmingly difficult either. Bards are also usually in high demand in raid guilds as well.
  3. Kazser New Member

    Maybe a class thats good solo. Is magi still good for that?
  4. Hayzeus Augur

    lol You should roll a tank (or other non-pet class). If you're keeping up with the other forums, most pet classes are getting kicked to the curb as we type. The only bonus to rolling a pet class now would be that the current status quo would be the only status quo you ever knew. From that perspective, it may be fun, but I would caution you to wait to see how it all unfolds.
  5. Crystilla Augur

    Pets are getting some adjustments but it's definitely not the mass nerfs that many are saying. Can read the thread in Sense Heading forum where Aristo lists what's changing.
  6. Khauruk Augur

    Mages will still be quite good at soloing. They may not be able to take down current named mobs like they currently can (esp. not solo w/ mercenary), but they will be far from a bad soloer. No pet class will be a bad soloer after these nerfs, though beastlords will still be further down (since they need to be in melee range most of the time unless they're going to play cleric and use a wiz merc for dps).
  7. Wayylon Augur

    Mages solo power wasn't in speed in gaining xp, other classes are much faster, it was in taking down named mobs molo (with a mercenary healer).

    If you want pure solo xp, no mercenary... it's going to have to be a kiter, headshotter, or charmer.
  8. Kazser New Member

    I have a 90 monk with only 1.5k AAs. I wanted to start something new and the 5k AAs from hero char is nice. Should I just go back to monk? I don't mind pulling and like the dps(/offtank?) abilities.
  9. Kazser New Member

    def going back monk, i figured out the auto-grant feature lol. gonna try to refund hero char and buy more mercs
  10. Khauruk Augur

    Monks are in a pretty good place right now, not a bad choice.
  11. Wayylon Augur

    Ya good call, hopefully you get the sc back from the hc, doubt they'll do it though