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  1. Muddles New Member

    I was thinking it would be nice to make a dungeon crawl timeline based on favorite dungeons like one available for eq2. So what are everyone's favorite dungeons in eq ?

    Thanks for some suggestions from Mardur and Takk -

    1. Levels 1-15: Blackburrow, Crushbone
    2. Levels 10-25: Warrens
    3. Levels 20-35: Befallen
    4. Levels 30-45: Qeynos Catacombs
    5. Levels 40-55: Acrylia Caverns
    6. Levels 50-65: Lower Guk
    7. Levels 60-65: Velketor's Labyrinth
    8. Level 65+ Charasis
    9. Levels ?: upper Guk
    10. Levels ?: Mistmoore
    11. Levels ?: TOFS
    12. Levels ?: Howling Stones
    13. Levels ?: Cazic-Thule
    14. Levels ?: Solusek
    15. Levels ?: Crystal Caverns
    16. Levels ?: Dalnir
    17. Levels ?: Nurga/Droga
    18. Levels ?: Clan Runnyeye
    19. Levels ?: Najena
    20. Levels ?: The Hole
    21. Levels ?: Kedge Keep
    22. Levels ?: Kaesora
    23. Levels ?: Sebilis.
    24. Levels ?: Dragon Necropolis
    25. Levels ?: The Deep
    26. Levels ?: LDON
  2. Kurayami Augur

    9. Upper Guk is about level 5 to 35-40 depending on where you go.
    10. Mistmoore is about level 25 to 50 also depending on where you go.
    11. ToFS I'd say 35-60.
    19. Najena is about level 20 to 40ish, ruling out a named or two
    21. Kedge Keep is about level 40 to 55

    All the ones I remember anything about not already covered :)

    I would consider breaking Solusek up into Solusek A, B, and C, as all 3 of the zones are QUITE different from each other.
  3. Narishma New Member

    5-10 Blackburrow
    10-15 I don't remember what I do for this level range.
    15-25 Paludel Caverns
    22-30 High Keep
    30-40 Lower Guk
    40-45 Karnor's Castle
    45-60 Sebilis
    60-65 Bastion of Thunder
    65+ DoN

    Thats as far as I have leveled, and I enjoy them more than the Hot zones. Low population and I can pull most of the zones with no company. With exception to Seb. There still seems to be a couple of us roaming around, but the spawn rate and size of the zone allows for us to spread out and not interfer with each other. Same with BoT. My group of characters I have I clear a wing and then move to the towers, and just recently started doing DoN missions.
  4. Darktower Elder

    Do you consider Kurn's Tower/Stronghold to be a dungeon? If so, I like both versions.

    BoT too. AC too. Oh, and Infected Paw, spent a lot of time in there years ago when it was a hot zone.
  5. Orbicus Journeyman

    Both the Warrens and Befallen are more like 8-20. Great little dungeons and Id love to see them "enhanced" like the devs did with Guk and CT (increased mob level, new drops etc).
  6. Sinhika Lorekeeper

    No one has mentioned Veksar? That is a beautiful dungeon!
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  7. Beinshady New Member

    Sol c. The caverns of exile was one of my favorites because of the hidden tunnel in the lava. I very much hated the corpse runs but it sure did teach me to learn to move through tough area's naked:)
  8. Borek-VS Augur

    My favourites are:

    Paludal Caverns 1-25
    Sol A 25-40 (I usually skip the gnomes)
    Crystal Caverns 25-45
    Chardok B 45-60?
    Charasis/Howling Stones 45-60
  9. Sinestra Augur

    By far my favorite dungeons in the entire game after playing for 14 years are...

    Mechamatic Guardian
  10. Annastasya Lorekeeper

    There are so many good dungeons, they are one of the best things about Everquest game design over the years. It would probably be easier to name off the bad ones, but that would probably just be a subjective list. Some dungeons that one person/class hates or cant function in, is a real treasure for someone else.

    The trick is, in the modern game if you spend any amount of time in a dungeon you will level up and be out of range to get any use out of many other dungeons. Back in the early days you could spend weeks or months in a couple dungeons and still not have gained 5 levels so you could explore all the other dungeons appropriate to your level. What i suggest is to roll up new alts and run them thru a different path than youve been before.

    Some of my favorites that i go back to again and again-
    Upper Guk 15-25
    Lower Guk 35-45
    Solusek's Eye 20-40
    Nagafen's Lair 40-50
    Kurn's Tower 10-20
    Mines of Nurga 30-40
    Temple of Droga 45-60
    Cazic Thule 55-65
    Kedge Keep 40-45
    Crypt of Dalnir 25-35
    Old Sebilis 45-60
    etc. etc. id recommend going to Allakhazam on his Everquest site and hit the Zone tab and sort by levels and find a new adventure )

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