Druid or Bard?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Wakeup, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Wakeup Journeyman

    Im going to use some of these heroic characters Ive been accumulating. I want to make a 4box. My heart is set on Mag, Nec, Bst, Dru/Bard. Which would help more at end game grouping and nameds?
  2. Thraine Augur

    Druid > all
  3. Tucoh Augur

    Easily a druid, whose healing will be able to offset the difficulty in taking on tough named without a player tank.

    Additionally, druids are one of the more powerful classes overall right now.
  4. ZenMaster Augur

    Bards make excellent pullers and good crowd control. Twisting songs will also boost your DPS. Not mention to the utility of Selos.

    A Bard would be great if you want a box you don't want to invest in or actively play (auto follow with /melody).
  5. fransisco Augur

    the transportation and healing of the druid would be invaluable.

    Bard will help alot while in camp (druid isn't a slouch), but druid will also alot while not in camp
  6. matouoli Journeyman

    so easy to COH pull , once you are used to it, can snare what you want ( or don't want ) be COH 'ed not far from group ( need to be away from agro range tho ). and pick the one you want, ( can be from a root as well or stun ect ).

    you can also make an hotkey if you are boxing and having to do a hard pull, to get your COH to be 10 sec cast, or 15 or even 20 sec.

    something like :
    /g inc COH on %t 15 sec cast .
    /pause 100
    /alt activate COH # of coh aa..
  7. Sissruukk Augur

    Rogue, hands down. We can mez-bomb pull, run pretty much anywhere we want, bind wounds, escape, rogue-drag corpses to camp spots, sit around hide/sneaking and watch while others die, poke butts, and numerous other neato things that druids and bards can't do. We even have our own succor (stealthy getaway), so while the group gets the beatdown, we can safely get out of there and save our own skin. Yep, my friend, a rogue is the way to go.
  8. Reval Augur

    If you utilize the necro more than the mag maaaybe bard? Fierce eye will help with dots, and so will the epic. Also, it will have a more levelled adps instead of having this one insane stack wolf and iog burn and then long pauses. But if you like the waits then druid would be better in that way.
  9. Ryanxp Augur

    With a pet class combo, the answer is plain as day: Bard.

    Bard will add to energy, pet proc, spell damage, damage shield, overhaste, and can be played very sparingly. Plus track.

    Druid can port (And heal ..... sometimes)
  10. menown Augur

    Necros bring very little to a group. In combat rez, root-punt, and summon corpse. You are better off with dropping the necro and adding a different, more substantial dps class. Or just add both druid and bard in place of the necro. this takes care of CC, rez, and more DPS than necro.
  11. Ryanxp Augur

    If you think know you can successfully utilize a Healer box in a 4-box combo, patch healing, Go for a Druid. You'll be able to take on raid missions where mercs aren't usable. But you'll be severely short-sided if you plan to just buff, port, and cast a couple DoTs.

    In my case, I box a Berserker / Shaman combo. I'd do "okay" with 2 Gold subs with a Tank Healer merc combo. Shaman is easily a viable end-game healer, but without playing him 100%, it gets too rough. 90+ when the Deadhills HAs scaled, monster damage output was too much to handle when boxing.
    If I boxed a Berserker / Tank combo, I'd be surpringly more able. That, or a pulling clsss
  12. IblisTheMage Augur

    This. Other ideas: mage/brd/ench+ X, where X is not a melee toon, nor a toon that requires a lot of attention. Mage, wiz, comes to mind, a shaman is really good, but it would probably need to be the ˋprimaryˋ toon in your box, because of attention.
    Kill speeds need to be more or less aligned, and you benefit toons that are easy to manage. If you get to the point where kill time is 20-30 sec, positioning melee toons will become a bother, especially if melee dps is as low as brd.
    Having both brd and enchanter might seem like an overlap, but there are so many upsides, and you will be able to do all group content.
  13. Ryanxp Augur

    ...Depends on what poster is aiming for. I have a feeling he wants to play all 3 pet classes.
    True, a necro takes high priority, but can easily be put to the back-burner if you add 2 macros.

    I also play a Bst / Mag combo, with the mage on the back-burner and do a very well. They're only 95, but a great combo and compliment each other well (pet toys, mage pet spell, mod rods and spiritual enlightenment, haste).
  14. ptah Augur

    Will try not to derail this but turning it into self driven post.

    Intended playstyle? Like 5 line hotkey and focus on bst? Wondering if the Nec is super passive in this set (3 of 4) or is the bst just hotkey and auto?

    Now for the main question of the 4th.. I feel the druid can do more if you invest more to that box. And as often noted the bard can do 80? percent of his affects with a passive role. Well noted the faster you are killing that more repeats.. possible leading to boxing burnout. Imho less can mean more.

    Now from my pov, when adding more and more box to set up. OP Druid can do many things, Adps nuke heal track.. but will that attention slow the others? Same can be said for Nec.. good lord tons of options.. if you want that..pretty active imo. Or do you have more fun meele?

    From my playing pov, I do Enc, bard, Clr. Only because those are the classes I choice to raid with and im so far behind(returning player) Its a time vs return thing in my head. And I feel if im running mercs.. I want control. Sure a tank or clear cut dps could speed 2 of the 3 up.. but I dont want to repeat that task if pushed. I do use sub sets as I get ahead and attempt to assist others in their adventures. I enjoy the option of active healer both for content options..and if lazy..my clr can be a leech /back up to merc that never sleeps too deep.

    Bard- get solid return on nearly a passive level; can add more with smaller invested attention.
    Druid - Mix of ACTIVE attention. Heals, Adps, debuffs, Nukes, Travel. Spell driven if that matters to you.

    In the end, good problem to have, both offer plus plus, Druid class appears to be in a great spot all round. For the boxers types.. ton of bang for you buck with bards.

    Now if I was playing this set.. I think I would focus on Bst (active), Hotkey magi to the agro limits, Feels like im only getting 4 or 5 dots out of the nec.. again hotkey. And I would hotkey the druid in steps.. HEAL NUKES SOL maybe a plan B dots with adps. Tons of Alt tab or is that software in the mix?!?

    Which mercs are going to use if any? Suppose you could use a little of everything as needed. Am I the only one that thinks about the Shaman as a possible replacement.. woof.

    Coinflip I pick ?? heads; Not magi or bst with several wizzy could kill faster.. boring is boring. Do what is fun.

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