[Druid] Is this high on any Druid's "Would like" List?

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Siwin Nonesuch, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    Running two auras at the same time. Would this be high on any Druid's I want list?
    What even got me thinking of this is I noticed this item http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=111037

    I was thinking to myself "Oh, finnaly a Circle Of Power Rank III clicky that druid's can use now, cool"
    Of course there is the Circle Of Life Rank III http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=111019 and the Circle Of Mana Rank III http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=111048 But Druids have had those available for awhile now.

    Now with Druids Fire and Cold aura's http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/spell.html?spell=34904 , http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/spell.html?spell=34919 that would kind of redundant to run those both at the same time. But I was thinking being able to have either one of those auras going while I was able to click one of my Circle of..... Clickies.
    Now of course there is our really old Aura Of Life http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/spell.html?spell=8500 which its regen effect is so low now its unnoticable. But the Cure Disease part of it could still be useful. Of course i'm not sure if the cure disease part of it still works or not. For giggles I tried running it during the Raid Expedition: Grelleth, Her Majesty the Queen to see if it would tick off counters off these two spells Rotting Flesh , Touch of Decay
    but didn't seem to do so. But either I just wasn't paying close enough attention or that aura just doesn't work past mobs level 70. Either way, Seems to be a pretty useless spell now and has been for awhile.
    BUT, I would like to be able to run a Circle of.... Aura's while running one of my fire of cold auras. Especially if I'm in a caster group during raiding. I could help the casters with thier casting damage with Group black wolf and a fire, cold aura running while I help the healers (Including myself) if I need to be spaming heals on main tanks, Off tanks, or group heals from AE's. With clicking my Circle of Life III
    Plus now with the Circle of Power III avaliable to Druid's if an all out burn is needed (Either in a group or raid setting) I can click that too while running one of my fire or cold auras.

    Anyways, back to my question. How many of you who play a druid out there would like to have the ablity to run two auras at the same time?
    I think it would be certainly more useful then Hastened Wall of Wind. LOL!

    P.S. Yeah I know someone should already have certain Circle of....Clickies active at certain times but you would be surprised how many forget to click it LOL! Plus sometimes there are range issues and cool down timers involved too.
  2. Perplexed Augur

  3. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Double Aura AA, meh.

    Not until we have two useful auras. Circle clicky + Proc aura doesn't count.

    If Aura of Life were acting like it did for the 1-2 years during Underfoot where cure counters were bugged (1 cure counter would remove something with 900 counters)... then it would be marginally useful.

    Or if we get a new aura... An Aura of Life 2.0 with removal of Poison + Disease + Curse + Corruption would be super cool, not many counters each pulse but a few. An Aura of Heal Procs, works the same as our fire/ice nuke proc auras except it procs a small heal each time a player nearby casts a healing spell.
  4. Perplexed Augur

    It would be at the bottom of any want / wish list, primarily because our 2 dps auras have too many things that over write them.

    Not sure why this is in 2 posts, couldn't see a way to delete the other.
  5. Elenwyyi Augur

    Yeah this is the mistake we made last time around. We came up with mountain loads of little ideas instead of just two really important ones.

    Only things I think we should ask for:

    I. DoT burn disc (b/c we have no way to boost our dots for a burn)
    II. More spell slots (b/c the spell dev makes us spells with the assumption we have about 36 spell slots).
    III. Maybe a post-rez mana recov trick (although I kinda like the increased survivability track we're on. I would take big dmg mitigation for spells and what not in lieu of this).
  6. malibu66 Elder

    This ...

    Although not a huge deal, it is frustrating that most curable detrimental effects "seem" to have 50 counters and Bosquetender Rk3 only cures 48. So you have to cast twice no matter what rank of cure you have.

    Or maybe have an "Abundant Cure" effect that cures 5-10 counters per tick after a cure spell is cast (analogous to Abundant Healing).
  7. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    How doesn't it count? Aura Of..... clickies are an Aura. I can't click it if I have one of my damage proc Auras going. Seems like it would count to me. :)
    Here is the strange thing about the senerio though, Circle Of.... Clicky Auras work for people outside the group your in while Druids Damage auras only work for people in range and in the group your in.

    I suppose it would be worth having the ablity to run two auras if Druids actually had two Aura spells that they got that were worth casting. An upgrade to our Aura of Life would be a fantastic idea. But with Aristo still as the spell DEV he would never give us a useful aura like that. He would give us an Aura that probably would be An aura that would help our Mushroom pet Sporali Assault Rk. III do like 2% more Damage on its poison cast DD. LOL!

    But I would like it be able to run two Auras so I could click my Circle Of...... Clicky while also having one of my Damage Auras running at the same time.
  8. Qwestwic Augur

    This would be more of a quality of life improvement than anything. Not just druids, but every class should be able to use Circle of X clicks no matter the aura(s) they currently have running. This is just another piece of incredibly outdated code this game has. It's pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole as far as my wish list in concerned, but if it was changed, I would like to see it changed for all classes as a quality of life improvement.
  9. Crystilla Augur

    The devs have pretty much not only said no more classes will get a 2nd aura (they somewhat regret letting clerics have it), they're not super invested in giving new auras to existing classes who get auras - outside of chanters who are about the only class who they make new aura ideas for.
  10. Mykaylla Augur

    ... which is also problematic, because no more ranks of Auroria Mastery, yet another new aura.
  11. Fanra Augur

    Nothing aura based is high on my list until they fix auras. They need a timer displayed ("Permanent" is a baldfaced lie) and the ability to refresh the aura timer without having to remove the aura first.

    And they need to last much longer, having to recast it so often is a ridiculous PITA. Too many things have a really low duration, I'm constantly clicking my clickies and checking my buffs. And you know that they always wear off just when you need them.
  12. Sebbina Augur

    I'm looking for Dual Wield and a serious AC improvement since my nukes and heals are near useless, that or Backstab (which should be a native skill for Halflings).
  13. Iila Augur

    Can't get Dual Wield with AAs. :(
  14. Obiwon Elder

    Some double / triple attack would be nice with the primary !!!

    However, while I think its silly we can do SO little melee damage even with skills maxed, I would really like to see :
    1) Dots upped 50-100% total damage and per tick
    2) more dot improvement aa's - note, most druids don't even seem to put dots into their line ups anymore which is a bit sad, even for raid burns ?
    3) not be the lowest crit caster. our max is what 129k for the top top tier druid? I see chanters even doing more now, not to mention what mages with their built in top tier tank can do, pretty much every other caster, but maybe clerics have a bigger nuke although roar is getting there.
  15. Minadin Journeyman

    I'm not a top tier druid, but I crit for more than that. Top of the line druids are hitting at around 200k in some raid burns.
  16. Iila Augur

    Yeah, I replied to him with log snips of a 198k nuke crit and a 113k dot crit tick in another thread and tips on how to compete with top tier dps classes in group settings, and was apparently completely ignored in favor of continued whining. So I'm giving up on this one.
  17. moogs Augur

    I'd be happy with an AA to extend my Aura's counters / timer by up to, say, 10, 25 and 50% duration. Or just more spell slots.
  18. moogs Augur

    I'm modestly geared - don't have a level 100 focus for anything yet (except heals) because I don't attend enough raids (I have level 95 cultural augs for fire, magic, cold nukes) - with about 4800 AAs. In a group setting, just my boxed enchanter and I, I have hit upwards of 142k. (No pocket bard.)

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