Double Rares

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  1. NeverPayForLag Augur

    And there are still arrogant and ignorant people trolling this forum making useless posts instead of explaining how that work.. oh man.. some are really so sick... Kindergarden... sometimes I ask myself wether there are some non-addicted serious thinking people left here who want to help or provide solutions instead of the usual p... length comparisons for their Ego...

    for the ones asked/complained here another feedback:

    Double rare spawn seem to work quite good compared to the usual pops. To make it a bit more exact:

    HoT pops like hell before the double spawn. So every named should pop after a kill of a PH.

    TBM has about 80-95% probability for spawning named (The Curator had only about 20% drop the last days). Tested that for nearly a week now and about 30 guildies got their crypt-hunters armor with that drop rate.

    EoK is dependent on the mob. While the named wasp in SW needed 54 PHs, I had it nearly 3 times in a row (with a 1-2 PHs). So random has nothing to do with an even propability of spawning.

    TDS is also dependent on mob. While the most popped the last days 1 out of 2, the mission named needed a max of 5 tries (in Temple). In Katta it was between 1:1 and 1:8 to get the whole named of the zone.

    The Classic Zones are partly hell rare. So like somebody said before wait till server repop. To really farm them is really as annoying as bringing Artizan prize up to HP3000 - nothing which is really fun. Nothing I would call a game... this is more like collecting ultra rare stamps... as boring as that...

    The random generator is also more than unreliable - but thats another thing. It seems really random but not statistical adequate for evening out the spawns - the usual problem/handling in IT.

    Compared to without double spawn - I did the Hunter achievement twice now from RoS/EoK/TBM/TDS and some older content - it felt definitely like spawning more often (but I cannot really give exact numbers). This is the third time doing the Hunter for some friends - so if somebody has tried it about 50.000 times then he can do some exact statistical calculation. Have fun ;)
  2. Tiggold Augur

    Actually according to your profile that is all you do. complain and complain about people complaining. Coward.
  3. haaaalp Augur

    hahahahaha. complain? no. All i see is everyone whining on the forums about not getting what they want (like you and your rare spawn complaint because its "not working" although IT IS IN EFFECT) and then comment. Last month you basically threw FV under the bus on "what server to raid on" yet you play on fv. Must be that time of the month for you.
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  4. NeverPayForLag Augur

    ok.. here another data after the double rare spawn and now the lockout timer thingy for yesterday and today with about 5 groups working over a couple of hours:

    RoS/Sky: about 5 PHs and 120 kills later: no single rare spawn
    TDS: all PHs and kills over 1h later: 3 rare spawns

    TDS: about 1:3 to 1:5 chances of named spawns
    TBM: about 1:1 to 1:3 (in bad cases 1:5 to 1:8)

    For statistical relevancy I asked people in general. Depending on zones:
    Hate: 1:50 spawn rate
    RoS/HS: 6 rares in 4 hours

    This is definitely no "double" rare spawn. Feels like something is borked or the double rare spawn was in reality a "multiple double double double rare spawn" in some zones. Never had such a bad rate esp. in RoS/Sky at the golems.