Does too much pet damage eat experience?

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by LukeTimewalker, May 26, 2020.

  1. LukeTimewalker New Member

    Hello, I tried finding the answer via the search function. Does anyone have a definitive up-to-date answer on whether pets soak experience if they do most of the damage?
    For example, will I get the same experience if I charm a tormented dead and let it kill a death beetle from 100 to 0 compared to if I charm a tormented dead and let it kill a death beetle for 49% of it's total hp.
    I've ever heard somewhere along the journey that you get full experience as long as a PC does at least 1 point of damage.
  2. Barton Augur

    People argue about this all the time.

    I personally have not seen any announcements that Dire Charm pets were changed after this announcment but I very well could have missed it.

    If the information in the link is still correct and has not been changed or broken in some way as long as you or your group do 1 point of damage you should be fine, unless you are using a dire charm pet then you will need to do more damage again if this information is correct.

    I think they changed dire charm pet to work with the 1 point damage rule but I have not personally went and checked or seen any dev/team post saying it has, may have missed it if they did.

    Checking would be easy to do so if someone wanted to take the time and verify it in game by comparing doing no damage with a dire charm pet and 1 point of damage with a dire charm pet, and then killing the mob with no pet on the same level mobs and comparing the experience gained.
  3. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    My understanding was you always needed to do 1 point of damage, unless you were in a group then it didn't matter.
  4. Shanarias Augur

    This has always been my experience as well. If anyone/thing in my group kills something, even way above my level, I get experience. And it works the same if I am the one doing the killing, lower level chars get really good exp. This is all predicated on not being out of anyone's "level range".

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