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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Kalel, May 14, 2018.

  1. Kalel New Member

    I'm looking for a way to bind "move forward" to the mouse look button so I can steer and move forward at the same time. I can't do this through the UI, but I might be able to edit the key bind file and force it to do this. Does anyone know where the file is and what the command is to use the right mouse button?

    I don't have a mouse wheel or a programmable mouse, and could not use them if I did. I basically had to quit playing 10 years ago when I lost the ability to use my hands. I'd like to play again, I just need to figure out a way to move forward and use mouse look at the same time with the mouse.
  2. Khat_Nip Augur

    As opposed to depressing and holding the right mouse button followed with depressing and holding the left mouse button at the same time all the while controlling direction via mouse movements?
    (Your question is a bit all over the place on what you need and what you can/can't do, at least as far as I can parse it)
  3. phattoni Augur

    cant tell what you are looking for by what you typed, whats the disability?
  4. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    I'm not totally certain this is what you want, but: Hit alt+O for options, go to Keys tab, then click on the key bind for Move forward, and hit your mouse wheel button. Maybe I misunderstand, but if you can use mouse look you can click a mouse wheel button also?

    Mine assigned it to 'MOUS MID' which has me run forward when I hit the center mouse button. Then be sure mouse control is activated using F12, and you can both steer/run forward with the mouse only.

  5. Kalel New Member

    I have pretty advanced muscular dystrophy and have a specialized control system with left and right click only. I only have very little use of my middle finger on my right hand. There is no mouse wheel. If I try to change the key in game using the options, it won't let me set the mouse to any of the functions.

    In warcraft, Star Trek online, and a few other games, I can play by setting "move forward" to the mouse so when I hold the mouse button down it moves me forward and I can steer my moving the mouse around.

    I check every few years to see and find a way to play EverQuest again. It's definitely my favorite game.
  6. Kalel New Member

    I forgot to mention that I have to manually edit the key bind files in those games in order to set "move forward" to also work with the mouse. I was hoping I could do the same with this game, but I don't know the name of the file to edit, and I don't know the command to use when editing the file
  7. Sarkaukar Augur

    For the specialized control system, how do you use it if you are not able to use your hands? If you could post a pic of your controller. Also besides that controller do you utilize other devices or keyboard itself? How do you trigger other items?

    By default - [Num Lock]- Auto-run
  8. moogs Augur

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned X-mouse. It's free and it might help you extend the functionality of your mouse.


    I'm not sure that I understand the exact end result you're looking to achieve (only because I've not tried anything similar), but you can use some combination of EQ's social/macro system, an assigned keyboard shortcut to that social, and then an assigned mouse function (such as Hold RMB) in X-mouse mapped to that keyboard shortcut.

    If you're just looking to use AutoRun, you can bind the default hotkey (NumLock as Sarkaukar says) to Hold RMB using X-Mouse. It should allow you to perform both AutoRun and MouseLook functions at the same time.

    Another thing that you can do is use a 'gaming' mouse with 4th and 5th buttons where your thumb rests. You can easily assign functionality to those buttons. You're looking at maybe a $20 expense.

    I use X-Mouse together with a $5 application for a horde shooter game. Being able to press one button to spray automatic fire (my weapon has infinite ammo) is amazing. Another button toggles weapon fire off. It helps with my arthritis; if I didn't take the time to set it up, I wouldn't play at all.

  9. Niskin Augur

    Can you press the left and right mouse buttons at the same time using your control system? If so, then EQ already has the option you need built in without any need for configuration. Khat_Nip covered this in the second post in the thread.

    Click and hold the right mouse button (mouse look). While holding that, click and hold the left mouse button. You will move forward as long as you hold both. You can release and press the left mouse button as often as you would like while the right button is held down, doing so will move you forward each time. If you release the right button you will need to press and hold it again before pressing the let button to initiate movement again. This option has existed for the entire time that EQ has been around.
  10. Blackburrow23 Lorekeeper

    Have you considered getting a $20 USB joystick and use that for movement. I apologise that I am unfamiliar with the condition you have. Can you use joystick for movement in left hand and mouse foot targeting in right hand? Also add for pedals for additional options if one foot works well.

    Thrustmaster USB Joystick https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002EAA36/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_aZZ-Ab06A79GQ

    iKKEGOL USB Foot Control Action Switch Pedal Free Driver HID for Keyboard Mouse Game PC Laptop https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CK1BKZQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ZZZ-AbW4P7XP5
  11. Kalel New Member

    Sorry, I had to go to the doctors today… I'm not ignoring your questions. Unfortunately, I'm seriously disabled. I use what's called a head mouse which tracks my head movements to move the cursor. I have two fiber optic beams near my right middle finger. Breaking the left beam is left click and the right beam is the right-click. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to type, which is a dictation program.

    I can cast spells and use powers by clicking the appropriate mouse button on the UI. If I really have to, I have the built-in Windows 10 on-screen keyboard to hit certain keys. You'd be surprised how many games I can play, and play fairly well, with my setup. However, I can't move in EverQuest.

    In answer to Niskin, it seems to be a limitation of the hardware that I can't hold both buttons down at the same time.

    I've tried X mouse in the past, but I can't seem to get it to work. It probably doesn't function with my equipment either.

    I would like to try to force the key bind file to let me use the mouse. Does anyone know what it is? And what the command might be for mouse right or left click?
  12. Qbert Augur

    Some of the key mappings appear in the eqclient.ini file; I'm not sure why they aren't all there (perhaps if they are left as the default option they don't get written?).

    That said, whether or not you can manual alter the file to add additional key mappings, I haven't the foggiest clue what the numbers mean. Here is the key mapping portion of my eqclient.ini file, for example:


    Edit: I think that is it; this only reflects the non-default key mappings. I added one in game that I would never use, and it was instantly saved to that file as a new line (ctrl+shift+alt+v = 1879048239, apparently):

  13. Diptera Augur

    The numbers appear to correspond to the list found at https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Key_codes , although I'm not sure what standard that is, or whether it accomodates mouse codes...

  14. Kalel New Member

    Thank you very much. At least I know what the right file is. I just have no idea what the command would be for a mouse button.
  15. Owl56 New Member

  16. Kalel New Member

    I don't know the rules about bumping a post but I still need a solution ! Anybody know any of the developers? I bet one of the programmers could help me out!
  17. Sarkaukar Augur

    I have not seen a way to change the actions of the mouse buttons and since you are likely using software with the beam breaks, that may be why X-mouse will not work, or at at least with the settings that may have been setup with.

    Other thing to consider would be, what actions are actually tied to the left/right mouse buttons? So remapping a mouse button may disable its original functions. And have to remember, EQ coding is from the previous century. :)

    Have you used Autohotkey? Below would be the command to remap the Right Mouse button to press the Up Arrow (move forward), a quick way to see if another 3rd party program would work at all.


    Of course, if your setup itself could be modified to add a third mouse fiber optic beam...
  18. Kalel New Member

    I can give auto hotkey a try! Thank you.

    Not trying to put down your ideas, but sadly I actually can't move my finger enough to have another beam. I have very little movement left. Honestly, I'm incredibly lucky to be able to play any games at all.

    I'll let you know how your suggestion works out!

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